Online Custom Tank Top Business Creates a Niche in Neon Tank Tops

There's an interesting story behind the Dallas-based business, The Neon South. The custom tank top company began to carve a unique niche in the arena of neon tank tops after its founders returned inspired from a festival in New Orleans.

Since then, the company has stood firm in its objective to deliver quality custom neon tank tops and creative American made products alongside personalized customer service.

Since its inception, the company behind The Neon South goal has been to "Create designs that capture a moment in time with the best possible buying experience for the customer." To this day the online custom tank top business has thrived as an authority in the neon tank top niche, both online and offline.

An Inside Look at The Neon South

Their production floor allows them to not only provide customers with customized screen-printed neon tank tops, but so many other apparel services and products. Those products include: t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, fanny packs and more (which are all customizable). Their apparel services include: screen-printing, embroidery, direct to garment printing and professional quality designs.

Their four automatic and one manual press allows them to produce more than 5,000 shirts per day; which translates into swift turnabouts on orders. The production floor is staffed around the clock, permitting all items to be hand inspected before being shipped to the customers. The Neon South prides itself on the high quality that they deliver to their customers.

 The attention to detail combined with their effectiveness with putting the customer first has them in a class all their own. No matter how state of the art technology becomes in their industry, the staff of The Neon South recognize that the customer must always come first through every step of the process. They take great care to ensure that the customer experience via their company is impeccable and worth more than what they charge.

Impeccable Customer Service. Relentless Creativity.

Whether one decides to purchase a product that has been pre-crafted by the design team or one that they design themselves or even one that is requested to be designed by the team; you will be handled with precision and care. Along each step, you will never be left completely alone in your process.

Customer service agents and more are available to you as needed and without lengthy wait times. Even if you begin with a template of your making (or choosing) as you utilize the online design tools, you can at any time request assistance from a member of the design team, for no additional charge.

The Neon South also offers price matching for quotes received from their competitors. Simply present the quote that another company generated for you and they will match the price while increasing the quality and the delivery time. There are no penalties or access of fees for shopping around in order to determine that you are getting the best price. This company encourages it.

Furthering their unique niche in ecommerce, The Neon South remains steadfast and true to the American dream. Employing Americans to service Americans and from the American economy. Who knew that the idea of two friends that happen to be Greek members and avid festival goers would lead to a company that has become the bar in the custom neon tank top industry?

So whether you're looking to design custom tank tops as recruiting giveaways for college students or for a vacation group this Spring Break, what better way to showcase the American dream than being it yourself, while passing along traditional work ethics and morals to customers working to achieve their own American dream.


Load Scanner for Precise Payload Valuation & Data Management

Measuring the weight and volume of construction supplies, crops, minerals, natural resources, and other elements that require accurate measurement is critical for many industries. The new and advanced load scanner systems on today's market can cater to this need for your businesses that require load valuation for daily operation.

Not all load scanner systems are created equal, but most share underlying capabilities and commonalities worth mentioning. In short, a truck load scanner can be the ideal solution for precise payload valuation and accurate data management.

What is a "Load Scanner"

Do you hire people to check loads on your trucks and analyze if they are using all of the available spaces in your trucks and if your trucks can take heavier load? If you do then you already know that this can take for an hour or so.

Now, what if you can just let a simple piece of equipment do this for you in just a few minutes or even a few seconds? It can be done by using a load scanner. This easy-to-setup load scanner scans 3D images of your truck loads and track and manage scanned data for faster analysis. Load scanner supplier like LoadScanner.com offer advanced load scanner systems with all of the software and solutions users need to make calculated decisions.

Tracking Scanned Truck Load Data 

Monitoring which load goes to which truck can not only crowd your recording sheets but it can make overall management of business operations more difficult.

With a load scanner, you won’t have to worry about this. It can store load scan data on a computer, laptop or mobile device and keep track of data through its software. This can make sure you can fully work on more important aspects of your operations.

Visual Load Scan Analysis

Traditionally, the best way to accurately describe your truck load and decide whether you are maximizing your trucks’ space capacity is by looking at it directly. However, physical tasks like these can be very tiring.  Even if you have personnel who can do this for you, you may either have to spend more money or sacrifice productivity. Load scanners can make detailed 3D scans of your load so you can describe and analyze truck loads on a computer monitor.

Automatic Calculations

If you don’t want to be bothered with valuation and load calculation tasks, you can always leave it to your load scanner. Also, load scanners can make accurate measurement that you can use during your business’ day-to-day operations.

If you are struggling to make your operations more productive and cost-efficient then using load scanners is worth considering. In case you want concrete evidences that prove using load scanners can help you, you can take a look at other businesses that are already using them.


Organic & Natural Children's Toys: Righteous Retailer Hazelnut Kids

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and one righteous company is bringing greater awareness about the benefits of organic and natural toys for developing children. The company is Hazelnut Kids. But what really makes this small, Traverse City boutique an authority for organic and natural toys?

Hazelnut Kids is actually a dominating force in the natural toys ecommerce scene via it's website that showcases one of the greatest selection of natural children's toys at HazelnutKids.com. But more than just an online retailer of organic toys for babies, toddlers, and young children, HazelnutKids.com is an advocate of the organic movement in a context that goes beyond food and farming practices.

Could Organic Toys Be Healthier Than Organic Food for Babies?

One of the biggest proponents of change that Hazelnut Kids advocates is the importance of organic toys for babies and growing children. Unlike organic foods, which are also very important for children's health, organic toys are equally significant for babies.

There's no doubt that young babies put toys in there mouths. But when these toys contain toxic substances, such as BPA and PVC, they can leach. In other words, these toxic chemicals can make their way into the mouth's of growing baby. And many of these toxins can not only inhibit proper growth, but they can also cause certain defects and abnormalities.

So although you may not be able to afford organic food for the family, the cost of buying organic children's toys is priceless. Whether you opt for natural wooden toys or organic cotton dolls and stuffed animals, choosing toys that are made from organic materials is a must for conscious parents.

A Proponent of Change Beyond Children's Health

Beyond just organic and natural toys for children, the value in opting for these product from Hazelnut Kids extends into many aspects. For one, most manufacturers of organic and natural toys are small and sustainable. Supporting these providers contributes to local economies, as well as sustainable harvesting practices. Compare these practices to mass-manufactured plastic toys that contain toxins, and the decision is a no-brainer.

Also consider how toys are passed down from generation to generation. Natural toys, especially wooden toys never lose their fashion. Natural wooden toys are timeless and have the same positive cognitive growth capabilities year after year. Compare these natural toys to conventional toys that quickly go out of style, or lose their educational benefit with the next innovation, and yet again we have another no-brainer for consumers.


The Marketing Value of Local SEO for Medical Professionals

The past few years have seen an increase in the number of internet users researching on medical practices or seeking to identify different medical practitioners in the world. Local SEO has become an incredible tool for medical professionals marketing their services locally and many have been able to connect with many new clients by simply posting their information online and optimizing the same.

Local health and medical professionals, including chiropractors, dentists, physicians, surgeons, and doctors, are just but a few examples that have greatly benefited by simply embracing local SEO and digital marketing to expand their client reach.

The Value in Targeted SEO for Marketing

Medical professionals are starting to realize the value of using SEO to improve their chances of being found by people searching for the services they offer. The use of keywords for marketing is particularly important as it helps to optimize websites thus improving the probability of being found by clients seeking for medical services.

However, it is important to medical practitioners to narrow down their search engine optimization if they are to achieve an increased ROI. For example, if you specialize in breast augmentation in Boston, it will pay more dividends if only you optimize your keyword in relation to your location.

Rather than using “breast augmentation” alone as your keyword, it is good to know that people in your locality are searching for such services and can only find you with ease if you use, “breast augmentation Boston.” This serves you well considering that search engines have embraced this to help improve internet marketers’ SEO rankings locally.

Understanding the Local SEO Search Market

It is always easier for people searching for medical information to narrow down their search to places that are easily accessible to them. This makes it easy for searchers to contact a doctor whose details have a higher SEO ranking, have authoritative information on the kind of health issue they are dealing with and also one whose previous customer reviews are impressive.

As a medical business, it will be sensible to fine-tune your keywords to the local audience to help ensure that your marketing efforts are effective. This is like a fish dealer who wants people to capture his fish easily. Instead of putting the fish in an ocean, he will put them in a pond thus making it easier for fishermen to capture them with ease.

By using local SEO, surgeons and medical practitioners are able to target only those interested in their services thus eliminating generalities which can hamper effectiveness. Local SEO for surgeons in particular is growing in popularity as digital marketers seek to take advantage of search engines’ ranking techniques.

Start Leveraging Local SEO for Your Medical Practice

As a medical practitioner, you can take advantage of local SEO to target new customers and with professional and satisfying services; you will be guaranteed of client retention and growing influence. Working with a professional digital marketing company will enable medical practitioners to grow their customer base and thus keep them busy service those who come their way.

Local SEO for surgeons and medical specialists is cost effective and rewarding when done professionally. It will allow you as a service provider to lower your marketing expenses, increase your customer base thus increasing your Return on Investment by a huge margin. You only need to work with a professional to help in the selection of the right keywords to be used in the local SEO campaign and the rest will fall into place. Once everything is done professionally, you can rest assured that your site will rank top in the first page and this simply means that people will visit your site in search of solutions to their health problems.


Walz Scale Taps into Truck Scale Rental Business

Walz Scale, the well known manufacturer of truck scales and advanced weighing equipment, has expanded into the truck scale rental business as a result of increased demand for short-term solutions. 

With this move, the company has increased the types of rental truck scales that it offers its clients for limited use. Walz Scale has seen a strong growth in demand as a result of many transporters opting to measure the loads on their vehicles to enhance safety.

A recent crackdown on trucks exceeding the legal limits has also contributed to the increased business. Transport companies have turned to truck scale rental solutions to comply with the regulations.

Walz Scale has assured its customers that the can now take advantage of numerous benefits of leasing and renting truck scales for temporary use. The truck scale rentals are also fully tested to ensure that they provide certified accuracy levels. In addition, clients now have a wide range of rental scales that include floor scales, bench scales, axle scales, weighbridges and portable rental truck scales.

The Value in Truck Scale Rentals

Transporters, industrial manufacturers, farmers and construction companies now appreciate the important role of measuring their trucks plays in their businesses. In certain industries such as mining, the operators have to ensure that they use highly accurate measuring scales due to the high-value nature of their products.

The investment in truck scale rentals for short term use comes with many advantages. Companies that need to measure their products do not have to spend a substantial amount of money purchasing their own units. Walz Scale has taken the initiative to rent out all types of truck weighing scales to meet the demand.

Portable Truck Scales for Rent

According to the company, many customers have been going for portable truck scales for rent due to their ease of use. Being light, they can be carried around and have the ability to measure all types of vehicles. For companies looking for a highly portable unit, wheel weighers are a good option because they are light enough to be moved from place to place.

Portable truck scales are also known for their high accuracy levels and in remote areas some types can be operated using batteries. Although the portable truck axle scales are light, clients have been assured that the units have the capacity to handle heavy weights.

Walz Scale is a market leader in the provision of weight measuring scales. The company has a wide range of weighing solutions that are suitable for all market segments.


The Authority for Machine Embroidery Designs: Windstar Embroidery

Windstar Embroidery has earned a notable online reputation for providing an incredible selection of machine embroidery designs in various categories. Through Windstar Embroidery's website, these sewing machine embroidery designs can be purchased and used immediately noting that downloads are instant. 

There is no doubting that Windstar Embroidery is an authority but as you might wonder, what is so special about the company and their machine embroidery designs?

Windstar Embroidery's "A+" Rating at BBB.org

To begin with, the company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. It might seem so obvious that companies should be rated A+ by BBB but on the contrary, only the very best reach these heights of achievement.

Normally, an A+ rate means that there have been very few complaints about both products and other aspects of the business including customer care services. It also implies that the designs developed by Windstar Embroidery are of top notch quality. If you have not heard about the Better Business Bureau before, it is an organization which provides unbiased information about a business’s credibility to potential customers.

Incredible Offering of Embroidery Designs for Machines

Another of the reasons why Windstar Embroidery gains so much favor with enthusiasts is its infinite list of designs which are put in categories for easy searching. As they put it, the professionals at Windstar have a soft spot for Christian designs and enjoy developing and researching about them.

However, they also have extensive product listings on categories like Redwork machine embroidery designs, Christmas designs and Celtic designs. Other popular categories are inclusive of wedding and bridal designs, sayings and phrases and fantasy designs. Actually, anything you want will be readily available here.

Impeccable Customer Service & Support

One of the things a potential customer should always have in mind is that the professionals at Windstar Embroidery are passionate and highly motivated. It then follows that apart from the designs, you will find useful bits of information on the topic. Just to touch on some topics of interest, you will find out how each design was developed and the inspiration behind it.

On Windstar Embroidery's website, a customer will never be restricted to minimum purchase. Apparently, this policy is used by majority of developers and is aimed at making the companies substantial proceeds by setting the minimum amount a customer has to part with each time they need to make a purchase. Windstar Embroidery allows you to make a purchase for just one design which is favorable to many a customer with tight budgets and those who feel that they shouldn’t be forced into spending.

In addition, they do not demand membership fees and will enroll you in their customers reward program after your first order which is designed to help you save some of your cash especially if you will make several repeat orders.

With data security breaches on the high, it is important to ensure that a website is secure before shopping on it. Windstar Embroidery assures you of 100% secure shopping and not to forget that your purchase will be ready for an instant download immediately after completing the checkout process. Alternatively, you can choose to have the designs emailed to you. For inspiration, the website also has a gallery of pictures which highlight how customers have used the designs they purchased in their projects.

New Search Marketing Company Specializes in SEO for Surgeons

Successful implementation of SEO for surgeons is a must. If your surgical practice is not there on the first page of big search engines, then competitor plastic surgeons will be getting all the new patients from searches carried out for procedures you offer.

Attract More Patients With Higher Visibility

Over 78 percent of people use the Internet when they’re searching for local businesses or services. That’s really a huge amount of people that you would want for your practice to get in front of when they’re searching for a specific procedure. Surgeon SEO, if done in a proper way, can get in right in the front of this group of highly interested potential patients.

With SEO for surgeons and securing the covenanted top spot on the page one of Google or Bing, you can garner 65-75 percent of the clicks for each and every search that’s being done for procedures you offer.

Surgeon SEO for Both Organic & the Local Maps Section Of Google

You must aim for two spots in order to rank high on the search engines. They are organic and the maps section. If you’re not there in any one of these prominent sections, then you won’t attract any traffic and would lose huge potential revenue from new patients that use the Internet to find surgeons.

Unique Content Marketing Strategies

Today's standard of SEO for surgeons is all about high quality content that answers all specific questions your prospective patient wants answered before they a surgeon.

When you can answer these questions in detail using unique content marketing strategies, you’ll instantly gain more authority in Google, and equally important trust and credibility in the searchers perceptions.

Proven SEO Strategies and Resources for Surgeons

The specialized strategies for SEO for surgeons are implemented by Optimized Surgeons experienced team that has years of hands on experience in this field, so rest assured, we can easily get your practice on the top of the first page for most of your niche keywords.

Are You Struggling With Your Website Rankings?

In the past, we’ve spoken to dozens of surgeons who’ve hired best SEO firms but have failed to achieve promised rankings, traffic, and new patient volume.

At Optimized Surgeons, we’re confident that our SEO methods and strategies will definiteily help you attain and RETAIN your high rankings for all your procedures in your locale.

Optimized Surgeons hands on approach is definitely a pleasant surprise for many surgeons, as they are not used to this kind of personalized and result oriented service with previous firms.

Optimizing Surgeons Locally

Optimized Surgeons helps to ensure your practice appears right at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). They offer the understanding and experience on how to successfully get your practice on important local business directories, such as Yahoo Local and Google+ Local.

When to comes to plastic surgeon SEO, Optimized Surgeons team will create informative and complete business profiles for your practice. They will help you increase your online visibility. The pictures and images of your website can be ranked as well, thus further allowing patients to easily find your website over your competition.

Overall, a comprehensive SEO for surgeons strategy will achieve the following results for your practice:
  • Drive more traffic to your site
  • Improved brand identity and online reputation
  • Increased patient referrals
  • Establish your practice as a leader in its market
  • Increased local market share
To learn more about the plastic surgeon SEO services at Optimized Surgeon, click here and educate yourself about the types and approaches of SEO for surgeons.


Find a Chiropractor in Bloomington, IL for Advanced Chiropractic Care

If you're looking for chiropractor in Bloomington, IL for advanced chiropractic care, then you shouldn't have a problem searching among the many professional chiropractors in Bloomington and throughout central Illinois. However, the problem is taking the time to search for ideal Bloomington chiropractor who can offer the advanced level of services you need.

In this article, we intend to make your search a little bit easier by sharing some insights on what to look for in pinpointing top-rated chiropractors in the Bloomington/Normal area of Illinois.

Bloomington Chiropractors Who Leverage Advanced Chiropractic Technology

It is far too common scenario: the old school chiropractor who stays stuck providing the same chiropractic spinal adjustments year after year. Don't fall under the stagnant program offered by this type of chiropractor.

Become a high-level Bloomington chiropractor takes an approach of innovation and adaptation. In essence, professional chiropractors who are willing and able to adapt their practice to use effective and cutting-edge treatment options are the chiropractic specialists who thrive in their local area.

Ask the Bloomington chiropractors that your prospecting about the types of techniques, technologies, and therapies that they offer. If chiropractic spinal adjustments are the only treatment that the chiropractor offers, then you may want to consider the quality of treatment and cost of care before undertaking such services.

Conversely, if one of the chiropractors in Bloomington, IL that you're interested in provides a variety of advanced treatment protocols and technology-based program, you can know that this particular professional can provide more advanced options for healing restoration. Look for chiropractors who make use of technology like disc decompression, X-rays, and laser therapy. These tools can offer profound benefits to patients of all walks of life.

Level of Experience Practicing as an Illinois Chiropractor

The level or years of experience practicing as an Bloomington, Illinois chiropractor is also a consideration to keep in mind when scouting for professional chiropractics in the area. In short, there are countless chiropractors in the state of Illinois who do not offer the years and level of hands-on experience compared to other more seasoned veterans in the Bloomington chiropractic community. For instance, the duo of chiropractors in Bloomington at BlyChiropractic.com offer a practice backed by decades of experience.

In many cases with new chiropractors, these specialists will provide more routine and affordable options. On the other end of the spectrum, experienced chiropractors in Bloomington, IL tailor their treatment programs to be more comprehensive and long-term; however, these are the types of programs that create progressive changes that lead to sustainable, pain-free outcomes.

There are a wide range of choices when seeking professional chiropractic offices in Bloomington. For some patients, finding Bloomington chiropractors who are mindful, passionate, and respectful is the most important consideration of all. Putting experience, technologies, and proficient to the side, a truly great chiropractor will be mindful of their patient's comfort and overall peace of mind.


On-Board Truck Scales Advance Large-Scale Weighing Technology

Accurately measuring load weight is imperative for mining trucks that carry massive loads, and base these loads on their revenue. In short order, a dependable scales system specifically for mining trucks is key. The advent of on-board scale technology has revolutionized the way in which truck scale systems are designed.

Since its introduction in 2005, on-board truck scales has advanced the engineering weighing system for various types of load bearing vehicles. Unlike the in-ground scales that require trucks to drive over them to check the weight, on-board scales have no such requirements. As items are loaded in the truck, the scale gives reading instantaneously. This is just one of the major reasons for which on-board scales have become so popular.

Companies like Walz Onboard (the on-board truck scale branch of Walz Scale) has been progressing the technology behind these advanced scale systems. Learn more below about how these scales have revolutionized the market and design of mining truck scales.

About On-board Truck Scale Technology

Although the components that come with such scales are of different types, the functionality of a scale is either of the two types: Load cell and Air suspension. It means that an on-board scale uses one of these methods to calculate weight correctly.

Load cell method is more “contemporary” compared to air suspension. Basically it is a transducer which means it converts a force, like pressure, to electrical signal and thus measures the carrying weight of the vehicle. On the other hand an air suspension based scale uses a flexible bellows to measure the weight. This bellows are pumped by an electric compressor or air pump.

It is difficult to pinpoint the components that are used in modern on-board scales. However they usually have the three items that need to be installed in the system: Air Suspension Sensor, Mechanical Sensor and Indicator. The sensors are placed on the axle groups and their number depends on them as well. These sensors measure temperature, pressure, axle deflection as well as per axle weights.

Modern sensors can give reading that is accurate within .3% - 1% of gross vehicle weight or GVW. The indicator or reader can be fixed on the vehicle or kept as handheld. Wireless handhelds provide extra convenience in situations when the loading, checking and driving is done by a single person. Although it differs based on brands, they usually range between 300 and 500 ft.

Read-out Types for On-board Scales

There are several types of on-board truck scales available and each offer different methods for weight reading and overall calculation. Based on the method of functionality, these on-board scale systems can be of the following types:

1. Load cell: As mentioned earlier, load cells are kind of transducer that converts pressure into electric output. These can be either strain gauge or mechanical. Trucks or cargo that have spring suspension usually use this kind of scale.
2. Air suspension PSI reader: This type of scale is not usually used in vehicles that require precise measurements, like trucks that are used in mining operations, because they do not provide very accurate measurements. They are better used in semi-trailers.
3. Air suspension load indicators: These scales show “on the ground” weight in kilograms or pounds. These are analogue and non-electric gauges. They can also calibrate according to frequency.
4. Electronic scales: These scales come with PSI sensors and measure the changes (temperature along with pressure) in a truck’s air suspension. The data acquired is then sent to the receiver which then converts it to understandable approximations. These are the most frequently used on-board scales.

In addition to common mining trucks, alternative weighing systems also include on-board rail scales that offer in-motion weighing capabilities while a train car is moving. Besides the technical facts, a professional in the trucking or mining industry should know the conveniences that an on-board scale provides compared to traditional truck scales.

Advantages of On-board Truck Scales

Anyone who is a part of this industry knows how crucial it is to measure the carrying weight of the truck accurately, especially if they are involved in the mining or similar operations. Other than the obvious conveniences like ease of use, their accuracy level helps to ensure maximum usage of capacity without risking the possibility of violating legal carrying limits. The advantages of these scales are like the followings:

1. The possibility of over-loading can be almost entirely eliminated.
2. Drastically reduces maintaining cost related to over-loading vehicle.
3. Time efficient since the driver does not need to measure the weight every time the amount of load is changed because the indicator updates information immediately as pressure changes.
4. By reducing the repetitive motions for measuring weights multiple time on a truck scale (railroad scale), the vehicle’s fuel efficiency can be increased.
5. Potential accidents can be avoided that can happen due to over-loading.
6. The overall lifespan of the vehicle can be increased with the successful implementation of the overall advantages.

Other than these, on-board mining truck scales also help in avoiding legal complexities, increasing operating efficiency, and increasing return on investments and profit. Logically it is the better option compared to traditional truck scales.

College Recruiting Giveaways from BookWear®

When it comes to college recruiting giveaways, there are few companies that are doing it right. One of them is BookWear®.

Recruiting effectiveness can be greatly enhanced by a surprise gift that is married to your message. Harvard Business Review states “Surprise is the most powerful marketing tool.”

Recruiting is all about marketing, communications and having a magic sparkle that shows off the shine of your school. Eligible students get flooded with marketing materials, most of it bound for the trash (hopefully, the recycling). One parent stated his daughter received so much recruiting promotion that he decided to keep it all. All gathered, he weighed 43 pounds of materials.

How BookWear® Can Empower College Recruiting Efforts

In a pile of mail BookWear® will get read and opened. Hundreds of recruiters agree with that statement, and it is key to campaign effectiveness. Unlike other college recruiting giveaways, this “book” mails like a thick postcard and has your message and graphics on the cover. It can be a “Welcome” or a “Congratulations on Your Admission” statement to the student. They are compelled to open it because of the surprise. It’s a book, but not really, and what is inside? Your story has never been so intriguing!

When it comes to creating your college recruiting giveaways, choose from 30 gifts to go inside BookWear®. Anything from a compressed T-shirt to a USB drive, a puzzle or a school flag. All with your logo on the gift. Every time the gift gets used your message is remembered. Imagine sending out 1,000 with a T-shirt in them to accepted students. They put them on and there is a psychological conversion to having your logo on their chest. The best advertisement for your recruiting efforts is to have 1,000 accepted students out walking among their peers promoting your brand.

Tell a good story on a surprising package and you will get results. You can design the “book” or we’ll do it for you. The testimonials page has photos of others’ book covers that may help in brainstorming ideas for your own design and message. We can mail the books to your list for you or ship them direct to you.

Recruiting effectiveness is more important than ever in this era of tight budgets. 650 colleges use BookWear® for recruiting, orientation and other communications. Many order it repeatedly like University of Georgia (16,000 to 21,000 a year for 8 years) or USC (4,500 per year for 8 years) or Oberlin (4,500 per year for 14 years). It works and it’s fun!! Make that the spirit of your campaign and you will be remembered!


The Neon South Carves Niche in Custom Printed Neon Tank Tops

The Neon South has become an extremely popular (and righteous) online brand over the years, mostly due to its approach in carving a niche in custom printed neon tank tops and other stylish apparel. The Neon South’s tank tops are geared to particular audiences, especially that of today's younger, more creative generations.

What makes the online company successful centers on it's finely-tuned market - The Neon South is devoted to providing customizable tank tops and apparel, especially neon tank tops. Customers can design and customize their finished product, and The Neon South will print the concept on a wide range of outfit options, including t-shirts, neon tank tops, sunglasses, hats, and more.

A Focus on Individuality and Customization

The Neon South company has become so popular because they focus on creating items that express individuality rather than making regular products. The company’s audience of potential clients is formed especially from groups that need to create customizable and unique outfits and tank tops that are not available in any store.

The company stands out by using neon colors on their custom printed tank tops and clothing items. These colors can create bright, unique and exciting accents. This meets the need of today’s youth to emphasis the individuality and originality.

Many spring break groups or college groups like sororities and fraternities, sororities have already benefited from Neon South’s products. These youth groups are particularly interested in experiences at Greek member events, or Spring Break events, where their members wear custom neon tank tops that cater to these special events.

Limitless Creativity & Design Possibilities

Visitors who want to implement their own custom design can use the Design Studio on the website. The Neon South’s website provides an integrated Design Studio where users can select from a variety of design styles and logos to serve as the foundation of their finished product.

More importantly, the Design Studio makes it easy for users to integrate their own pre-made designs on any piece of clothing available. There are many features the make it simple to get creative designing a custom tank top, such as a layer manager, text editor, and clip art collection. Customers can also use many designed listed on the company’s website and make subtle tweaks to call their own.

Additional Options for Custom Tank Tops

Customers can also select from a range of clip art collection including music, comic, hunting clip art images, fishing images, tattoos, religion, and western image collection. Users can also create their own art in addition to using the existing clip art collection. This is available by using the "My Art" option. In addition to neon tank tops, customers of the Neon South can also create their custom hats and tees by using the design studio.

The Neon South company is based in Dallas, where they have a factory employing one manual press and four automatic presses. Their factory is able to printing up to five thousand shirts or tank tops daily. The Neon South has defined its niche in the fashion industry to provide top-of-the-line custom tank tops.

Schema for Small Business SEO & Website Optimization

Small businesses are usually local businesses. They face challenges in marketing and optimizing their websites for better exposure in the search engines. Fortunately, with Schema and website optimization, you get your business on “the map” and encourage the search engines to rank your business higher in the results.

In order to take advantage of this website optimization technique, you need to make sure when you implement schema onto a website that your contact information and business’ geographic are correctly listed in your website.

Schema.org provides under the section Local Business a wide range of business categories that you can implement as part of the contact page or the footer on your website. The information you can fill in includes accepted payment types, phone and fax, address, and opening hours.

How Schema Works

Schema markup uses div tags that are not displayed on the live website but they rather have the role to inform the search engines with specific information that applies to the chosen schema markup. Listing your business is the most important step. That will inform the search engines about your business’ physical location. A search engine cannot discover on its own that you have a physical location but by creating your local business listing you can inform your potential clients about.
  • your contact information
  • your hours
  • your location
  • distinguishing features of you brand
  • services you offer
In order to achieve this goal for website optimization, you need to create a listing with both Bing Places for Business and with Google Places. There are also general listing services such as Yellow Pages and industry specific directories and search engines that are worth registering with.

Improved SEO & Website Optimization

A small business is also targeting a local market. For this reason all your SEO and website optimization efforts should be focused on location. Local small business SEO can be improved by using LocalBusiness Schema Markup in order to help the search engines find you and display information relevant to local searchers, your prospective clients.

This is important because people use the internet more and more in order to find local business information. Data such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, business names, and logos are what the prospective clients are expecting to find online. Search engines can easily display all these data if you use the schema markup code to signal them.

Search engines support several marking up formats such as Microdata format, RDFa, and Microformats. In order to work with schema markup you need some basic knowledge of HTML. Depending on your setup, you have to insert some code on your website. Schema markup can be inserted on in line with the existing HTML code on your web pages by using span and div tags. This way you can markup your content like firm name, address and phone number.

Whether you handle your web marketing in-house or work with a website optimization company, schema markup will not be visible to your website visitors but search engines will use it in order to index, retrieve, and display this information to users that make relevant queries. This way you will improve your local small business SEO and website optimization efforts.

For better SERP results it is also important to use location specific keywords and title tags that are location specific. This will improve your search engines results page and will increase the probability that your prospective clients find your small business online.


Peoria Hair Salon Ranks Among Top 200 Salons in the U.S.

Five Senses Spa and Salon in Peoria, Illinois has been ranked by Salon Today magazine as one of the top 200 salons in North America. The Peoria hair salon has been celebrating this honor by providing its clients with many features and services that showcase just why the salon is ranked as highly as it is.

Five Senses Spa and Salon has been open since 2006 and has been providing Peoria, IL with a number of fine spa and salon treatments. However, the exceptional quality services that spa and hair salon has to offer makes it feel as though Five Senses Spa and Salon has been around for much longer than this.

Several Hair Treatments Available

Peoria residents and visitors can take advantage to a number of different hair salon treatments while at Five Senses Spa and Salon. Traditional, cut, shampoo and style treatments are available as well as some up-do treatments. A majority of the treatments that are available go for around $25 to $40 each although it does cost extra for longer or thicker hair.

Aveda Products & Hair Coloring

Aveda hair color is a natural type of color that is used by Five Senses Spa and Salon. It uses plant oils to help enhance the shine and look of one's hair. It is used in many highlights, lowlights, foil treatments and more.

Additional Services for All Walks of Life

Some of the extra services from this top-rated hair salon in Peoria include the scalp massage, botanical therapy and gloss treatments. All are provided by trained experts who understand every aspect of hair in a relaxing environment. People can even order hair extensions from this place.

All treatments are offered while the client sits down on a fine chair and relaxes for the time being. This can really be easy for the body to manage thanks to how effective many treatments might be and for how the body will simply have a chance to rest for a bit while a good treatment is going along.

More Than Just a Peoria Hair Salon & Spa

Five Senses Spa and Salon has more different types of treatments outside of hair solutions that prove just how popular and useful the place is. Manicures and pedicures are available in relaxed and well-lit environments that feature relaxing chairs. Body waxing treatments to help remove unwanted hair in different parts of the body are available as well. There are even some makeup products for sale throughout the salon.

There are also various massage treatments at Five Senses Spa and Salon as well. The spa caters to all sorts of massage solutions. Traditional hot stone massages are popular as are maternity massages and even oil treatments. The focus on natural fruit acids and plant-based oils in the process of managing different treatments is always something worth exploring when seeing just how different solutions may be of use to anyone.

Even Men Can Benefit

There are some services for men to use as well. Five Senses has men's hair care and skin care services of all kinds as well as some massage services.

Overall, it is clear as to why Five Senses Spa and Salon in Peoria is such a popular place to get in touch with when it comes to hair treatments and more. It is a place that offers a good environment and a large variety of services that cater to all the requirements that one might have.

Visit or Contact Five Senses Spa and Salon:
7719 N Grand Prairie Dr
Peoria, IL 61615
(309) 693-7719


How to Become a Massage Therapist in Bloomington, IL

Interested in a career as a massage therapist in Bloomington, IL? The Bloomington, Illinois massage scene is booming, and professionals who can tap into the growing demand for massage services in Bloomington and jump-start a great career in the field.

For anyone who wishes to become a massage therapist in Bloomington, IL, there are various ways on how to become a successful practitioner. Here are some of the best ways to begin.

Assess Your Passion for Massage Therapy

For those people who love to help others, they can effectively do this through massage. One of the very first steps, therefore, is to determine whether they have the passion to become a massage therapist.

A massage therapist is a people-person and he or she loves handling delicate people and encouraging them towards their goal of becoming healthy or attaining full recovery. Some say that massage therapy is an intimate affair which involves, not only the hands, but also emotions. If one is confident that they have what it takes to offer massage in Bloomington, IL, then they should get some long-term experience working or interning before opening their own practice.

Find Opportunities to Gain Experience

A massage therapist needs to gain experience in certain areas of massage before they can be able to handle people with varying massage needs. People need massages for varying reasons. Some just want to relax after a long day at work, while others need a massage help them recover from sports or perhaps an accident.

This is why one massage technique cannot work for everyone. It's best that the individual earns a good deal of experience before they can take on challenging techniques. This way can they can learn which massage techniques and therapies are suitable for them

There are various ways of learning the art of massage. One may be required to read a lot of literature on the area because it is extensive. There are also Bloomington, IL massage centers (like N8 Touch Massage) who offer apprenticeship opportunities for individuals who express interest in the art.

The books one reads and the information which they derive from professionals can help them find the right channels of specialization and become better at certain massage techniques. There are massage therapists, for instance, who only specialize in injury cases. This not only sets one apart from the pool of professionals but it helps them perfect the art and help more people.

Get Certified as Professional Massage Therapist

For anyone who wishes to be a professional massage therapist, there is a need to seek certification and licensing. Before one begins their private practice, they need to seek the certification of the relevant licensing body in their jurisdiction.

There are also educational bodies which offer certifications for massage professionals who train under their programs. The advantage of getting certified and licensed is that one gains credibility among his or her clients. This will be good for the business because when one client spreads the news to their friends, they can increase one's clientele in no time.

Once one gets certified, they need to start thinking of their massage business premises. While most clients would love to conduct their sessions within their own premises, some may feel more comfortable visiting a common place. With these basic steps, one can kick-start their massage therapy career.

Massage therapy is very beneficial to people suffering from various aliments. Its benefits can only be realized if it is performed by a therapist who is well-trained. This is primarily because there are various techniques employed in the massage process and they address different problem areas.


Berkeley Chiropractor Redefines California's Chiropractic Scene

As a pioneering Berkeley chiropractor for over 40 years, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic in north Berkeley, CA is redefining California's standards for chiropractic care. By adopting the latest techniques and technologies in chiropractic care, Dr. Hamilton has become the authoritative chiropractor in Berkeley.

In addition to helping over 10,000 patients in his career, Dr. Hamilton has also educated countless other chiropractors in Berkeley and abroad. But what truly makes this Berkeley chiropractor so reputable in the Bay Area of California?

A Holistic & Effective Chiropractic System

Patients of Hamilton Chiropractic in Berkeley are involved in a more holistic and effective chiropractic system. Unlike other chiropractors in Berkeley, Dr. Hamilton is centers his practice on the Pettibon System.

The Pettibon System is a unique approach to chiropractic care as it involves more long-term focus of restoring the spines natural curvature, eliminating pain and health concerns associated with subluxation and bulging discs. The unique system utilizes the science of bio-mechanics, and includes a combination of chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, patient exercises and home care programs, as well as postural correction body weights designed to bring balance to musculature responsible for proper movement and bio-mechanics.

The targeted outcome of the Pettibon System's approach is completely restore the spine so that pain and health issues relieve themselves naturally over time. Unlike neighboring Berkeley chiropractors who use reactionary methods of spinal adjustment to temporarily help mitigate pain in patients, the Pettibon System used by Dr. Hamilton is preventive and progressive approach that delivers lasting results.

Effective Chiropractic Technology

One of the most respected reasons why Hamilton Chiropractic has distinguished itself among other chiropractic office in Berkeley is Dr. Hamilton's ambition to progress his practice and adopt the latest, most effective chiropractic technologies. Below we go into detail about some of these technologies and how they help patients.

Spinal Decompression
Most patients who visit Berkeley chiropractor Dr. Hamilton use the spinal decompression machine, or spinal decompressor. This motorized device is used to stretch the spine from the neck and hips, all while generating a vibration to help facilitate separation and expansion of compressed discs. In fact, the spinal decompression machine is a perfect solution for bulging, herniated, or degenerating discs, which are often a culprit for lower back pain.

Chiropractor Administered K-Laser Treatment
Only used by the most advanced chiropractors in Berkeley, the K-laser (a safe, low-level (or "cold") laser treatment) is immensely effective at promoting blood circulation and cellular growth at dormant areas throughout the body. The K-laser, when used in conjunction with other chiropractic treatments, and provide an incredible means for spinal restoration, as most musculature that connects to the spine requires long-term healing. Additionally, the K-laser can help restore tendons and ligaments found all throughout the body.

Experience Beyond Other Berkeley Chiropractors

Having started his career as Berkeley chiropractor since the 1970's, Dr. Hamilton has been a role model in the chiropractic profession. By utilizing the powerful technologies mentioned above, as well as adopting the unique and highly effective Pettibon System, Hamilton Chiropractic of Berkeley, California has become a go-to destination for individuals looking to overcome their physical issues (not those looking for a quick fix.)

To learn more, you contact Dr. Mik Hamilton directly at:

Hamilton Chiropractic Offices
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362
Contact Hamilton Chiropractic


Web Presence Management: A New Approach to Online Brand Building

There is search engine optimization (SEO) and social media but what is "web presence management?"

Web presence management is a more strategic and holistic approach to internet marketing and online brand building. How so?

Consumers interact with businesses online via different methods. Consumers are searching, socializing and generally browsing about the web through many different portals. These activities are being done on thousands of sites, social media and search engines. Web presence management helps to ensure that potential customers are exposed to a given brand through various means during their online exploration.

The Evolution of Web Presence Management

The practice of web management has evolved significantly over the years due to the power of search engines and web optimization. This practice culminates all digital marketing channels and online touch points and how they merge to influence visibility and brand awareness.

A strong perception of diligent research, market empathy, thorough execution and creative planning are the fundamental characteristics that result to a powerful web presence. Currently, there are thousands of internet marketing services soliciting small enterprises each trying to sell a piece of the digital landscape and claiming their method is the superior one. These methods go by various names but they have a factor in common, they are paid placement on a site, search engine or directory.

Elements of Web Presence Management

Some of elements that can an online brand can take advantage of when pursuing web presence management include the follow.

Paid Search Advertising (PPC)
Paid search advertising is also referred as pay per click or PPC advertising. This is an internet advertising platform used to drive traffic to sites where advertisers pay the owner of the site (publisher) or a search engine when the ad is clicked.

In other terms, it is the amount spent to get an ad clicked. Advertisers bid on keywords (with search engines) relevant to their target niche while content sites charge a fixed price instead of bidding on keyword phrases. The advantage of PPC is that it clearly shows how effective advertising is, clicks measure interest and attention of people.

Social Media Marketing
At least two billion people are on social media with the leading sites being Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and so forth. According to statics, social media has penetrated to an estimate of 71% in all regions, 1 out of every 4 people log onto their social accounts at least once daily, according to Worldwide Social Network 2014 report by eMarketer.

Looking at these figures, the amount of visibility a business can get using these kind of media is immense. A key factor to note is that brands that regularly use social media and respond to customers queries get a higher consumer confidence thus converting traffic to sales.

Content Marketing & Blogging
Content marketing is one of the ways to achieve web presence management hence the phrase, Content is king. A business should create a blog and generate content relevant to the business’s objective. This method won’t work unless the content is genuine and grabs the reader’s attention thus bloggers should take time to sit and write quality articles that users would find useful.

In conclusion, the objective of web presence management services is to build and sustain a trustworthy, credible and nicely-promoted online presence visible in both search and social media. The success of a business’s web presence will depend on how dedicated they are in utilizing the above named aspects to realize their full potential.


Best Ideas for Meeting Places & Venues for Business

It takes skill and discipline to carry out an effective business meeting. Meeting places is one of the determinants of a successful business meeting. The environment tells the mood of the meeting and allows participant to be prepared. Some of the important considerations that make for good meeting places for business are noted below.

They allow privacy

If what you are discussing is for your ears only’ highly classified or totally sensitive then your meeting needs to be held far away from prying eyes so that whatever you discussed remains between you.

Offers great facilities

Conference centers in hotels have free high speed internet access, free use of an LCD projector, unlimited refreshment and great cuisine this make your clients as well as other employees to totally relax and concentrate on matters of the business.

Sets the mood

Where you hold your meeting will tell the participants what kind of meeting is going to take place if it is in the bank or chamber of commerce then that is going to be serious. If held at a pub or coffee shop it may just be a follow up or a casual get- to- know- you- better kind of meeting.


If you are a small business owner inviting people to your home where dishes are clucking and children are playing will send a bad message to someone who doesn’t know you. Pubs and your local eatery won’t do too. So find meeting places where your client will be totally focused on you like the library, a classy coffee shop or a great restaurant.


If you hold a meeting where no one can get to the location then it beats the whole point. For instance, convention centers in Peoria, IL may not be ideal when most parties are coming from Chicago as the participants have to use money and time to travel.

Good Meeting Places/Venues for Business

Need some good ideas for solid meeting places and venues? Check out this unique list of ideas for your next business meeting.
  • Banks - Believe it or not, some banks let their customers’ use their conference rooms free of charge as long as you have informed them in ample time. It is ideal for small gatherings that need privacy.
  • Local library - They are free, open to all people and have ample parking. They can hold small gatherings and rooms can be set anyway you like. You can even research on an issue that causes dispute. They are very convenient as they are found in all towns.
  • Local chamber of commerce - Using it showcases your status as it proves you can afford the membership. It is great for midsized gatherings and it has ready meeting rooms and necessary office equipment like computers, printers among others.
  • Restaurants banquet rooms - They allow food and refreshments to be brought in during the meeting. They allow for more relaxed nature of meetings and can cater for small and larger groups. The rooms are great for brainstorming sessions.
  • Hotel Conference rooms - Great for its professional touch it has ready set rooms and staff that are on hand to help with serving of refreshments and food. They have important supplies like pens, notepads and TV/DVD player in case visual displays are needed to aid in the meeting. They can hold both small and large gatherings.
  • Coffee shops - They are great for casual setting kind of meeting most are equipped with wi-fi so you can bring your laptop or tablet to use it for illustration. They are better for informal catch-ups between few people.
It does not matter what industry you are working in meetings are a necessary and crucial part of business they must be held time to time to discuss strategies, share information, solve problems, deliver bad and good news and discuss financial matters. Choosing the right meeting venues for different types of meetings is important in ensuring their success.


Taking Your Bloomington Massage Practice to a Professional Level

Being an experienced massage practitioner in Bloomington, IL can be a profitable business. However, establishing a sound business model and the right approach to massage in Bloomington, IL is essential in growing and building an honest (and righteous) business.

In short, taking your Bloomington, IL massage practice to the next level is all about defining actionable goals and determining how you can establish your niche in massage therapy.

Considerations in Building a Massage Business in Bloomington, IL

Below we provide some general yet momentous considerations in taking the leap to build a solid and successful massage business in Bloomington, IL. By actualizing some of these points, you'll soon be able to compete with some of the top destinations for massage in Bloomington, like N8 Touch Massage and Massage Envy Spa.

Define Your Goals as a Massage Therapist

Do you hope to work for a hospital or a company? Do you want to open up your own location? Do you already have a location for your practice and want to branch out to more locations? Identify your goals and continue from there.

Additionally, take some time to assess the various types of massage you're best at. There's a high demand for experienced massage practitioners in Bloomington who can provide sports and rehabilitative massage therapies, as well as other treatments in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage.

Each path in massage therapy can be achieved by following a specific road, so you need to be prepared to know what it is you mainly want. Certain massage practitioners are not exactly trying to improve and grow, so they stay where they are in their practice. To take it to the next level, find out which path is going to work best.

Become A Service-Based Massage Practitioner

A great way to continue growing is to head out to chiropractors, hospitals, gyms, dermatologists, hotels, hair nail salons, health care providers, and physical therapists. Make a list of every possible Bloomington, Illinois business of those niches, and schedule an appointment with them to introduce yourself to them. Let them know about what you do and how you can help them who may have customers who need a massage therapist like yourself.

These related Bloomington, IL businesses may be able to partner up with you and even allow you to provide your services at their location as a service-based practitioner, but a more common outcome is for them to let their clients know about you. Don't be afraid to network with other people; you never know who you may be speaking to.

Make The Most Of Each Client

When you land a client, be as courteous as you can be with them to give them exactly all that they want. Each client can give you countless referrals if you provide them with good services. Offer your clients a plan that they could do at home to improve their bodily health. Make an evaluation of their potential health goals. They will be impressed by the education you are providing them, and they will be compelled to give you referrals. Each client can give you the chance to get several additional clients for massage in Bloomington.

Opening a Location in Bloomington, Illinois

A great way to build your business is to establishing a location in Bloomington, IL so people can visit your to get a massage. In the long run, this is a great way to end up having other beginning massage therapists in the Bloomington-Normal area of Illinois follow after you under your name. Of course, you can make your own location and start hiring other people to help you.

Taking your massage practice to a whole new level can be tough if you don't properly invest your time into it. Without good research and taking action, you will lose out on potentially gaining more clients, referrals, and networking. It is best to use the tips above to start growing your business and branch out to continue gaining more business.


Windows XP: No More Support Causes Businesses to Make Big Decisions

On April 8, 2014, support for Windows XP has come to an end. As a result, security updates, technical support, and hotfixes are no longer available for Windows XP users.

Millions of businesses are stilling using the Windows XP operating system. Consequently, any vulnerabilities or security risks will not be addressed by Microsoft. As the news becomes more prevalent about the potential risks of using Windows XP, users (especially businesses) are recommended to upgrade to newer versions of Windows.

While some companies will upgrade the Windows operating systems on their current computers, many businesses are finding their existing platforms are not worth upgrading. As a result, these companies are disposing of their existing computers and investing in new technology.

Unbeknownst to many businesses, improper computer disposal poses yet another risk - but this one could be even bigger.

The solution? Check out this article by Confidential Security Corporation. The company highlights the importance of physical hard drive destruction when replacing computer technology.

So if you're about to dispose of old computers (particularly computers that once contained confidential information [even though it was "erased"]), you need to read this.


Natural Toys for Kids: Developing Righteous Humans, Organically

Unlike your average toys on the market, natural toys for kids offer a spectrum of options that are designed to educate, inspire, and develop children in a way that ignites creativity and imagination.

Natural toys for kids are simplistic in nature. They are healthier than most mainstream toys, as they are crafted from eco-friendly materials. And because they are simple and not over-stimulating, kids can tap into an intrinsic level of play, thus developing skills and thought-patterns that help them excel.

In this review, we'll take a look at some of the top forms of natural toys for kids and why these toys are ideal for child development.

Natural Wooden Blocks

Natural wooden blocks are basic and primal tools that spawn creative and constructive imagination in young kids. Although uncommon in today's technology-based society, wooden blocks are powerful toys that enable kids to tap into their inquisitive nature and develop both mental and motor skills.

Wooden blocks are one of the best options to consider if you're interesting in buying natural toys for your kid. Nowadays, natural wood blocks come in many colors, shapes, and sizes - some offering specific benefits for a kid's learning and development. One of the best sources we've found for natural wooden toys for kids is Hazelnut Kids. Find organic, natural toys and wooden blocks designed to ignite creativity and learning.

Organic Stuffed Animals

Organic stuffed animals have the innate ability to help your kid feel both safe and cozy, in addition to offer a layer of care and companionship. Maybe it is because of their fuzziness and how little these natural toys look - allowing the child to have something that they can relate to. Nonetheless, organic stuffed animals are ideal natural toys for all types of kids.

To ensure you get the best organic stuffed animals and dolls for your toddler, look at the type of material that the toy is composed of. Synthetic stuffed animal hair is not only less soft and cozy, but this artificial material can easily fall out from the toy, causing a mess (or worse, a hazardous risk to a kid’s health and well being.)

Natural Wooden Toy Play Sets

Spanning from natural wooden kitchens to large castles and figurine sets, plays sets are diverse form of natural toys that are also simplistic in nature yet inspiring for kids. Crafted for both girls and boys, plays sets give kids the ability to act imaginatively and create life-like situations that can shape their growth.

Castles with figurines make for awesome natural toys for kids, particularly boys. Whereas wooden kitchens and play sets are great for young girls. The possibilities are endless with these natural options.

Wooden Puzzles

One of the most logic and intelligence-driven natural toys for kids are wooden puzzles. These toys require kids to use their brainpower, logical skills, and strategic capacity to figure out solutions and piece together.

Like blocks, natural wooden puzzles come in a wide array of styles. These natural wooden toys are ideal for both babies and kids of various ages spanning 8 months to 4 years old.

Not only are natural organic toys good for kids' health and overall well-being (both mentally and physically), but natural and wooden toys help to shape more intelligent and creative humans.