Online Custom Tank Top Business Creates a Niche in Neon Tank Tops

There's an interesting story behind the Dallas-based business, The Neon South. The custom tank top company began to carve a unique niche in the arena of neon tank tops after its founders returned inspired from a festival in New Orleans.

Since then, the company has stood firm in its objective to deliver quality custom neon tank tops and creative American made products alongside personalized customer service.

Since its inception, the company behind The Neon South goal has been to "Create designs that capture a moment in time with the best possible buying experience for the customer." To this day the online custom tank top business has thrived as an authority in the neon tank top niche, both online and offline.

An Inside Look at The Neon South

Their production floor allows them to not only provide customers with customized screen-printed neon tank tops, but so many other apparel services and products. Those products include: t-shirts, hats, sunglasses, fanny packs and more (which are all customizable). Their apparel services include: screen-printing, embroidery, direct to garment printing and professional quality designs.

Their four automatic and one manual press allows them to produce more than 5,000 shirts per day; which translates into swift turnabouts on orders. The production floor is staffed around the clock, permitting all items to be hand inspected before being shipped to the customers. The Neon South prides itself on the high quality that they deliver to their customers.

 The attention to detail combined with their effectiveness with putting the customer first has them in a class all their own. No matter how state of the art technology becomes in their industry, the staff of The Neon South recognize that the customer must always come first through every step of the process. They take great care to ensure that the customer experience via their company is impeccable and worth more than what they charge.

Impeccable Customer Service. Relentless Creativity.

Whether one decides to purchase a product that has been pre-crafted by the design team or one that they design themselves or even one that is requested to be designed by the team; you will be handled with precision and care. Along each step, you will never be left completely alone in your process.

Customer service agents and more are available to you as needed and without lengthy wait times. Even if you begin with a template of your making (or choosing) as you utilize the online design tools, you can at any time request assistance from a member of the design team, for no additional charge.

The Neon South also offers price matching for quotes received from their competitors. Simply present the quote that another company generated for you and they will match the price while increasing the quality and the delivery time. There are no penalties or access of fees for shopping around in order to determine that you are getting the best price. This company encourages it.

Furthering their unique niche in ecommerce, The Neon South remains steadfast and true to the American dream. Employing Americans to service Americans and from the American economy. Who knew that the idea of two friends that happen to be Greek members and avid festival goers would lead to a company that has become the bar in the custom neon tank top industry?

So whether you're looking to design custom tank tops as recruiting giveaways for college students or for a vacation group this Spring Break, what better way to showcase the American dream than being it yourself, while passing along traditional work ethics and morals to customers working to achieve their own American dream.

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