How to Cultivate a Prominent Chiropractic Practice In Your Local Community

The chiropractic profession is being taken-up by more and more practitioners every year. This makes it challenging for chiropractors to establish a prominent and authoritative reputation in their local communities.

To set your chiropractic practice apart from other practitioners in your community, you need to use more creative and hands-on marketing strategies that go beyond conventional advertising and branding. Below we share a few unique tips on how to cultivate a prominent chiropractic practice in your local community.

1. Participate in Health-Oriented Community Events

This is a particular chiropractic marketing strategy that does not normally get implemented by most professionals. However, this approach is highly effective when it comes to creating awareness, attracting more people to one's chiropractic practice and creating a positive image in the community. The following strategies can be used to market a chiropractic practice in the community without directly advertising to potential patients.

Volunteering for non-profitable organizations

There are few better ways that can help to create a positive image about a chiropractor in the community than putting effort in non-profit organizations. When you get involved in ventures that do not pay in return, as a chiropractor, you demonstrate to the community your sincere interest in the well-being of individuals. Volunteering in any way that you can is a great way to make your presence known and meet new people.

Get involved in community groups

As a community’s population grows, health becomes a great concern. Giving free talks to the community about such matters is a smart way of promoting a practice. Providing chiropractic care information to residents of a community is another great way of promoting a practice.

A great example is Dr. Timothy Bly of Bloomington, Illinois. Dr. Bly often participates in community events and gives lectures on specific aspects of chiropractic and the emerging technologies that are changing the level of care.

Contribute to community publications by writing articles

Many towns and cities have newspapers and publications that need content. Full time writers are expensive to hire. A chiropractor can take a column in the newspaper and publish monthly articles about health care and its relationship to chiropractic in the area. You can also take a digital approach by doing guest blogging or writing for other locally-oriented online publications about various aspects of chiropractic.

2. Work Together With Other Holistic Health Practitioners

This goes without say, making your practices better known, unique, and prominent in your local community can be achieved by working closely with the more holistic health practitioners. Whether adopting new practitioners in-house, or connecting with professionals on a referral basis, there are a number of medical and health related practices that supplement chiropractic. These may include massage therapists, acupuncturists, physical therapists, and other related health practitioners.

A good example is Dr. Mik Hamilton, a chiropractor in Berkeley, CA who has recently integrated an acupuncturists in his office. Not only has this integration resulted in a greater, more comprehensive level of care being offered at Dr. Mik Hamilton's Berkeley chiropractic office, but acupuncture patients might be more inclined to work with the Berkeley chiropractor for spinal treatment (in which they otherwise may have overlooked.)

3. Focus On Helping Athletes, Older Adults, & Certain Groups

It is evident that athletes and specialized groups encounter all types of pain. In fact, 75% of golf players utilize chiropractic care. You can take advantage to promote chiropractic practice by working with such people. With such groups, you are guaranteed to find an audience and people to talk to.

To be precise, let’s look at triathletes. They need to maintain or improve their spinal functionality and mobility to perform at optimal levels. This if often hinges on ensuring proper balance and spinal biomechanics. Following this line of thought, we come to rest at the fact that a triathlete often need specialized spinal care from chiropractic. In a large metropolitan area, there's no reason why a chiropractor couldn't specialize his or her practice around helping these individuals become better triathletes.

You can market the practice very easily if you deal with athletes. The spinal cord gets dislocated due to structural imbalance, poor posture mobility restrictions and it is prone to injuries when the anterior pelvic tilts excess. These are very common and easy-to-occur experiences with athletes due to their activeness. Working with them will be advantageous.

In addition, the special groups like the amputated and mentally ill people. It is good market working with them since they have less balance to maintain their spinal cord in shape. Also, the mentally ill are likely to unconsciously hurt their spine. They need close services of a chiropractor.