Essential Elements of a Successful Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

The Internet has provided a free and fair ground for all levels of retail businesses to carry out ecommerce marketing plans. The following components of online marketing are among the most critical that make up a successful ecommerce marketing strategy.

A Sound Ecommerce Business Model 

Having a business model prior to launching an ecommerce store creates a clearer picture of the resources required as well as the risks involved in the business. A business model incorporates the business vision and mission together with all important tactics involved in the success of ecommerce marketing.

A Precise Customer Profile

With a clear business model in place, an ecommerce business owner is able to identify the target audience. Customers are the most valuable users of an ecommerce website and understanding their needs with relation to the products on sale earns their loyalty and keeps the business relevant.

Deliverable Products

An ecommerce store displays all available products on customer friendly interfaces briefly describing them individually with price tags attached. These products will sell better when the customer’s needs are considered while producing and packaging and even when advertising on different internet marketing platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing ecommerce products require an aggressive marketing strategy which is made easier with the proper use of Social Media Marketing. Leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have enabled businesses of all sizes to market their products to their specific target market and eventually saving them money. Other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are well utilized by ecommerce marketers for their ability to share images and video clips to advertise their products.

Content Marketing

The impact of blogs and podcasts in ecommerce marketing has continued to prove the importance of content in any form of internet marketing. Product descriptions and reviews are key elements of any ecommerce web content. More than 60% of customers are now known to be searching online for reviews and descriptions of all the products they need before making the decision to buy. This means that an ecommerce marketer who creates appealing content for their products attracts more visitors to the online store.

Ecommerce Search Marketing

For customers to be drawn to ecommerce websites outside the realm of social media marketing, search engines play a major role in sending pre-qualified visitors to the site. A customer who requires a certain product normally uses the search engine to find all the information about the product.

However, with millions of results in most searches being displayed on the search engines, users are known to only focus on the information available on the first page of the search engine results. This means that a successful ecommerce website that ranks high on leading search engines will stand a greater chance of attracting the users.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key tool to creating relevant content and getting an ecommerce site to the top search engine positions. Another successful method of ecommerce marketing using search engines is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This form of ecommerce search marketing makes use of Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter to create ads in the search engine results.

Mobile Marketing

The most influential form of ecommerce marketing for the future will be mobile phone apps which are already gaining popularity with users. Mobile apps and websites provide the same environment found in a computer only with added advantages of mobility.


An Online Leader in Samsung TV Sales: The High Definition Store

The High Definition Store is a division of the Intech Trading Corporation that has been on the front-line in the providing its customers with low-priced Samsung TV sales since 1993. 

The High Definition Store is one of the most famous pioneers in the area of Samsung TV sales and as has gradually carved a niche for itself over the years which has resulted in the firm gaining an unshakable stronghold as an online leader in TV sale pricing, customer service, and after-sales customer support.

As the only authorized online division of the Intech Trading Corporation, The High Definition Store has firmly established itself as the foremost authorized nationwide reseller of Samsung TV's. With operations centered at both its corporate headquarters and warehouse found in Hicksville, New York, Intech Inc. has through its High Definition Store division also become a reliable vendor for various federal and local government agencies.

Reviews & Awards

The High Definition Store can also boast on being a proud supplier of Samsung branded TV's to different Fortune 500 organizations as well as their employees throughout the nation. This well-earned reputation has seen the online store feted as a Top 20 Home Integrator by the esteemed industry publication known as CE PRO Magazine. The store provides free installation to its customers throughout the New York Tri-State area, although it can also arrange to undertake the same in any location in the United States at the customer's expense.

Product Portfolio & Additional Services

The High Definition Store is an honored authorized dealer of Samsung TV sales that's proud to ably represent every product under its portfolio to the best of its ability. Although it has a major presence on the Internet, where it conducts all of its transactions, every other aspect of its business is conducted in the traditional way – with great customer and after-sales service.

Most of their customers highlight their positive experiences with The High Definition Store was great in reviews. They state that the checkout process after purchasing a Samsung TV on their website is hassle free. The TV is promptly shipped to them in 2 days or less, while the TV includes a 2-year extended warranty and free inside shipping.

The High Definition Store's website also incorporates an innovative and convenient "HD Learning Center" application which customers can use to access the latest data on their products to assist them in making informed buying decisions.

Beyond Offering Samsung TV Sales

It doesn't matter whether your requirement is one of the new Samsung Plasma TV's or Samsung LCD TV, at TheHighDefinitionStore.com, all you needs will be met and exceeded in meeting all your wildest TV viewing experience. Their diverse selection includes the largest choice some of the finest names in HDTV technology beyond Samsung TV sales, including reputable brands like Toshiba and Sony. You will also find excellent audio and video enhancement to complement the TV you buy, with superb offerings from Earthquake, AKG, JBL, and many others.

The High Definition Store has made it unnecessary to go from store to store in search of a good TV, as you can shop from the comfort of your home at their online portal. TheHighDefinitionStore.com provides great deals on the most advanced and sought-after Samsung TV sales, music, and home theater offerings out there. It is definitely an experience that is worth trying out for yourself!


Lexington Luggage: From Local Luggage Store to Global Online Leader

With over 32 years of experience in the luggage business, Lexington Luggage has grown from a family-run business into a globally recognized online store for discount luggage sets all at unbeatable discounted prices.

The new website LexingtonLuggage.com provides a detailed outlook in the wide variety of discount luggage sets, bags, and travel accessories. With categories in luggage, laptop & briefcases, backpacks, duffle bags, messenger bags, travel accessories and even wallets; Lexington Luggage has remained a leader as New York City’s largest luggage dealer, both online and offline.

Below we go into further detail about this righteous luggage store that provides discount prices that can't be beat anywhere else.

Luggage Sets & Baggage 

Look no further than Lexington Luggage if you want discount sales for branded discount luggage bags and sets like one most popular sets of A.Saks luggage, the Deluxe Expandable Tote Bag, or the Travel Pro Platinum 7 Deluxe Tote among hundreds of leading brands. Lexington Luggage has grown to be not just the leading luggage dealer in New York but also the leader of discount luggage sets online.

Laptop & Briefcases

At Lexington Luggage, you will get such a wide variety that you will most likely be faced with tough decisions due to the quality brands available and the low prices. But ultimately if you want a quality branded brief bag or a durable executive looking laptop bag, then you can be sure to find one at Lexington Luggage. Customers can get Korchmar LaRomana Framed Brief Bag among other Korchmar leather luggage and briefcases all at discounted prices.

Backpacks & Compact Luggage

For the backpack lovers, Lexington Luggage has dozens of brands in different sizes, designs and colors to suit your preferences. At over 50% discount on original prices, you can get backpacks like the Verb Live Backpack, the Ballistic Backpack or the A.Saks Deluxe Backpack among so many more quality brands at the best prices you can find in the market.

Duffle Bags 

Korchmar is also a leading brand with the duffle bags available at the Lexington Luggage stores. You will also get a variety from other leading duffle bag brands like BRX, Baseline and Helium all available in different designs, material and color. Prices are all at great discounts and truly unmatched in the online luggage market.

Messenger Bags

From shoulder messenger bags to Pro Bike Messenger bags, Lexington Luggage has an outstanding collection of messenger bags to choose from depending on the nature of your business.

Travel Accessories

At Lexington Luggage, you will get all types of Travel Accessories you may need for all your business & personal trips. This leading luggage dealer stocks travel pillows, shoulder pads, travel clocks, luggage carts umbrellas as well as all types of security money belts among other travel accessories.


Another product that makes Lexington Luggage stand out from the crowd in the luggage business is the tremendous collection of wallets, passport and card cases available in all types of leathers and colors. You also get a rare collection of magnetic money clips from the leading manufacturers of wallets. These discounted wallets are available in men and ladies designs.

With such a wide variety of discount luggage sets and bags, Lexington Luggage has created a swift customer service for online luggage orders to get shipped on order day.

Customers are also provided with tracking information and deliveries are made in good time especially because of the affiliation of the dealer with most leading airlines. And just like the online store, the Lexington Luggage New York office is open 7 days a week.


A Righteous Business in Keeping Fuel Clean & Well-Managed

Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. is your best option when looking for a company that strives to keep your fuel and fuel tanks in tip top condition. With Clean Fuels Associates, clients are able to run and manage fuel both efficiently and cleanly. The company works under strict and refined business methods and structure and extends excellent customer service.

The main goal of Clean Fuels Associates is to set the standards in the industry in regards to regulatory compliance, safety and top notch equipment for fuel cleaning and polishing. The company comes highly recommended from clients who have worked with them before as they do not fail to impress.

Technicians who work for Clean Fuels Associates are highly professional and have years of experience working for the company which makes them really good at what they do. They have gone through the proper training to make them experts in the field one of the reasons why they are the most sought after in the industry.

Clean Fuels Associates is constantly learning new tricks of the trade to ensure that their work is done to perfection. The staff is also very friendly and helpful when clients have any questions about the work they do to ensure that everyone is content and happy after service. Whether customers need vacuum truck services in New Orleans or need fuel testing services to ensure their fuel is at optimal condition, the company offers a wide range of services in many areas throughout the U.S.

Advanced Fuel-based Solutions & Flexible Service Programs

Clean Fuels Associates offers numerous services that come in handy when it comes to the maintenance of your fuel supply. The primary service offered is fuel filtration which uses the “kidney” style fuel cleaning technique.

The fuel cleaning and tank maintenance plans are available on a bi annual, annual and semi annual maintenance agreements. Service plans can be customized from a minimum of two years to five years which features a cool 30 day guarantee. This gives you great peace of mind to ensure that you focus 100% on the business without having to worry about the tanks.

In addition to the above, other fuel cleaning and maintenance services that you can take advantage of from Clean Fuels Associates include:
  • Pump off and haul away services - Clean Fuels Associates addresses issues of all Class 3 hazardous waste like jet propulsion fuel, diesel and gasoline.
  • Spill kits for class 3 HAZMAT- the company has special kits for small fuel spills available to commercial clients like gas station customers who experience accidental over- flowing .
  • Tank installation as well as removal through professional affiliate companies - the company has also established strong relationships with versatile companies to offer the ideal solutions to all your fuel storage needs.
  • Tank inspection and pressure testing - this is done through various affiliate companies.
  • Alternate clean energy sources research and development - the company goes a step further to lead the way and research new and cleaner energy sources. This is despite the fact that they mostly focus on the safety of Class 3 materials they also want to make certain that alternate energy sources are available in the future.
Working with Clean Fuels Associates also takes care of your wallet as they offer their services at incredibly affordable services. You can consult with the sales department to learn how you can get to save as much as 25% on the annual tank cleaning bills and you can also get a lock in the price for as long as your agreement lasts.