A Righteous Business in Keeping Fuel Clean & Well-Managed

Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. is your best option when looking for a company that strives to keep your fuel and fuel tanks in tip top condition. With Clean Fuels Associates, clients are able to run and manage fuel both efficiently and cleanly. The company works under strict and refined business methods and structure and extends excellent customer service.

The main goal of Clean Fuels Associates is to set the standards in the industry in regards to regulatory compliance, safety and top notch equipment for fuel cleaning and polishing. The company comes highly recommended from clients who have worked with them before as they do not fail to impress.

Technicians who work for Clean Fuels Associates are highly professional and have years of experience working for the company which makes them really good at what they do. They have gone through the proper training to make them experts in the field one of the reasons why they are the most sought after in the industry.

Clean Fuels Associates is constantly learning new tricks of the trade to ensure that their work is done to perfection. The staff is also very friendly and helpful when clients have any questions about the work they do to ensure that everyone is content and happy after service. Whether customers need vacuum truck services in New Orleans or need fuel testing services to ensure their fuel is at optimal condition, the company offers a wide range of services in many areas throughout the U.S.

Advanced Fuel-based Solutions & Flexible Service Programs

Clean Fuels Associates offers numerous services that come in handy when it comes to the maintenance of your fuel supply. The primary service offered is fuel filtration which uses the “kidney” style fuel cleaning technique.

The fuel cleaning and tank maintenance plans are available on a bi annual, annual and semi annual maintenance agreements. Service plans can be customized from a minimum of two years to five years which features a cool 30 day guarantee. This gives you great peace of mind to ensure that you focus 100% on the business without having to worry about the tanks.

In addition to the above, other fuel cleaning and maintenance services that you can take advantage of from Clean Fuels Associates include:
  • Pump off and haul away services - Clean Fuels Associates addresses issues of all Class 3 hazardous waste like jet propulsion fuel, diesel and gasoline.
  • Spill kits for class 3 HAZMAT- the company has special kits for small fuel spills available to commercial clients like gas station customers who experience accidental over- flowing .
  • Tank installation as well as removal through professional affiliate companies - the company has also established strong relationships with versatile companies to offer the ideal solutions to all your fuel storage needs.
  • Tank inspection and pressure testing - this is done through various affiliate companies.
  • Alternate clean energy sources research and development - the company goes a step further to lead the way and research new and cleaner energy sources. This is despite the fact that they mostly focus on the safety of Class 3 materials they also want to make certain that alternate energy sources are available in the future.
Working with Clean Fuels Associates also takes care of your wallet as they offer their services at incredibly affordable services. You can consult with the sales department to learn how you can get to save as much as 25% on the annual tank cleaning bills and you can also get a lock in the price for as long as your agreement lasts.

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