Top Convention Centers & Meeting Places in Illinois

Are you looking for a place to plan a meeting in Illinois? A place with all the resources and amenities in one place?

We have eased your search by showcasing some of the best conventional centers and meeting places in Illinois that you really ought to check out.

Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Alton is a tranquil of great scenic destinations that are most ideal for conferences, retreats as well as educational programs. The Alton Regional Convention & Visitors Bureau can comfortably support small to midsize meetings with no strain of resources. The Alton’s are situated along the confluence of the Great Missouri as well as Mississippi rivers. It’s ideally located as it 20 minutes’ drive from the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and the downtown of St Louis.

The Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Peoria is strategically located between St Louis and Chicago, making it a great place for meetings in Illinois. In fact, the Peoria area is quite accessible from all parts of the Midwest region. The area is a great hub and from it you can access the picturesque towns that burst with natural beauty and various outdoor recreational spots with stimulating cultural experiences.

The The Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau boasts one of the best meeting spaces on Illinois. Whether of large conventions or simple meetings, the The Peoria Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Visitors are treated with utmost respect by the very able hospitable staff, the meeting rooms are well furnished and designed and can accommodate small to large meetings. Accommodations services are also provided.

Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau of Logan County

Located in Logan county, the Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau is a must visit if you are looking for an ideal meeting location for small sized groups. Their facilities and services are at par with those of the world standards. There are also other meetings facilities in Logan County among them are the maple club, the Knights of Columbus Hall, the American Legion and Holiday INN express among others.

Carbondale Convention & Tourism Bureau

Carbondale is an exciting place with a splendid community; it’s located close to Shawnee National forest and is also the home to Southern Illinois University. The Carbondale Convention & Tourism Bureau boasts the hosting of various cultural activities as well as charming university sports. There are enough facilities that will handle your meetings, conferences, reunions as well as banquets. Among these places are the Carbondale Civic center, new Holiday Inn Hotel Conference Center and the SIU student center. There are also enough restaurants that offer off site catering services that will suit your meeting needs, you can contact them to get any additional information.

Aurora Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

The Aurora area is approximately 37 miles away from Chicago and the Aurora Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is a great meeting place in Illinois that can comfortably handle small sized to medium sized meetings. You can meet in North America oldest round houses that are believed to have been designed in the 1930s or in a restored movie palace. There are also the awards winning Gardens that surround the Mies van der Rohe’s also known as “Glass House” atmosphere. Aurora is the second city in Illinois and it will certainly never disappoint you as far as meetings are concerned.

McCormick Place

Chicago’s McCormick Place has the distinction of being the largest convention center in the US. Its four interconnected buildings located on and near the shores of Lake Michigan are all noteworthy, but special accolades must be given to the West Building, which has 250,000 square feet of meeting space, including 61 meeting rooms and a 100,000-square-foot, football field-sized ballroom.

As part of the collection of buildings is the McCormick Place Convention Center. Settle for the best, the three million square foot convention center features some of the best meeting facilities that you will ever get in Illinois. The convention center is directly connected to Hyatt Regency center and the sky bridges. There is enough space for your small to large meetings. Book in advance to secure this gem, for it's surely one of the top meeting places in Illinois.

Try these meeting places for your next big business gathering. Do you have other ideas to share? Please share them in the comments section below!


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