Calibration Services

When it comes to experienced and comprehensive solutions for instrument calibration, OQ International reigns among the top providers of calibration services in Illinois.

In addition to serving the state of Illinois, OQI provides calibration solutions for organizations and businesses on both a national and international level. The company has a rich history of working with major manufacturers across multiple industry sectors.

Whether you are preparing for an initial registration or you have an old system that needs upgrading, OQI provides calibration services on multiple instruments, as well as for several different measurement types. Check out OQI's calibration services to learn more about this company has to offer.

About OQI: A Leader for Calibration Services in Illinois

OQI aims to provide superior value to its customers as well as its employees and the business communities of Illinois. OQI’s employees also believe in and are proudly committed to the following values: service, quality, respect, integrity, leadership, dignity and social responsibility.

In addition to offering impeccable calibration services, OQI centers their service programs on the value they deliver customers. The company has earned a reputation for its incredibly efficient services and affordable consulting programs, exceeding customer expectations.

In a way, calibration ensures things function correctly and outcomes unfold desirably. Business depend upon a calibration service provide who can provide accurate, professional, and reliable calibration solutions.

For more information about OQI for calibration services or consulting programs, you can visit their website at

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