3 Awesome Computer Stores in Peoria That Are NOT Big Box Retailers

Computer Stores in Peoria
When searching for computer stores in Peoria, IL, you're often best off working with a local business over a big box retailer. In short, there are many perks to going with local businesses for computers compared to going to big box stores like Best Buy.

For starters, you get specialized knowledge and customer support versus bloated sales teams and unmotivated customer services. When it comes to being the best in business for buying computers in Peoria, IL, check out these local computer stores in the greater Peoria Area.

Facet Technologies, Inc.

Facet Technologies, Inc. is one of the most sought after computer stores in Peoria. The company has been in business since 1989, providing a wide range of computer system and IT solutions to help organizations grow their business. The company has been serving Peoria and nearby regions within the central Illinois with their dedicated team of IT consultants and solutions to all sorts of businesses in the region.
Facet Technologies computers peoria il

Facet Technologies offers innovative solutions to its clients with the dedicated team of specialists with many years of experiences in the field of IT and computers. Going further, the CEDIA team from Facet Technologies offer innovative solutions to electronic systems installation and related techniques. These includes automation, communication systems, networking, entertainment systems, whole-house integrated systems, etc. And with a computer repair branch well-known as Nerds on Call, you can trust the Facet Tech family of computer experts for personalized and professional ongoing support.

Because Facet Technologies headquarters is based in Pekin, we've provided the address below:
Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554.


Tekease is located in Peoria which is focussed on serving the residents of the region. The company also focuses its services on small and medium business clients. The firm is unique with its affordable services provided at the best quality. The client relationship is maintained well with Tekease as they follow a consultative approach in their services. The team members of Tekease work in association with the clients to arrive at the best yet simple solutions to the needs of the clients.

Tekease computer shop in Peoria ilThe best practices and design have been developed by them to be incorporated into the client's business. The firm aims at addressing various aspects of client business such as the optimized workflow, staff management and field office business systems. The Computer Trauma Units from Tekease have all the important equipment to correct the electronic system.

The company is open to serve around the clock and the technicians from Tekease expertise in providing high-quality solutions and services to the clients. Some of the services offered by them include computer installations, wireless and wired network installation and related support, virus removal and spyware removal, hard drive and data recovery, system troubleshooting, etc.


PTC has been serving the regions of Peoria with its computer solutions for about 90 years. The company’s name is the abbreviated form of Peoria Typewriter Company. The company has been constantly adapting to the technological advancements in the IT field and strive hard to provide high-quality solutions to its clients. The company was named PTC in 2003 with the aim of selling software and hardware packages to Peoria and the central regions of Illinois.
PTC Computer Stores Peoria il
The hardware services have been delivered for both the warranty and out of warranty devices. The company also provides network solutions and support for the clients. The expert team from the PTC are technically skilled in dealing with any issues and providing optimal solutions for the clients. The company has made agreements with top companies like HP (Hewlett-Packard) and Microsoft to stay up to date with the recent technological developments. This has made it possible for the PTC to provide high-quality software and hardware services available.

Learn more about this company at ptselect.com


Kubota Tractor Packages for the Win

Kubota tractor corporation is a global leader in compact tractors for many different earth moving applications. Kubota produces different tractors used for different purposes, and for this reason, many suppliers and dealers offer Kubota tractor packages to provide customers with cost-efficient bundles equipped with everything a future Kubota owner might need.
Kubota Tractor Packages

These Kubota tractor packages are used for various projects and they offer the implements and accessories owners need to transport the tractor and handle various earth moving and land clearing tasks. For agriculture, the ideal Kubota tractor package can enable farmers to save some money because they will most likely need specific implements for crop clearing and other farming needs. In essence, a Kubota tractor package offers a great solution for many looking to invest in this great machinery.

Different Kubota Tractor Packages for Specific Needs

The tractor packages include B Series that are used for small chores like the construction of nurseries. BX Series is used for different chores due to its strength and versatility. L Series is used for heavy duties like the estate maintenance and small-scale farming, and the M Series that is used a wide range of chores. All these tractor packages can be purchased online or in the dealer’s shops. They are important because they help farmers save a lot of money due to their durability.
Kubota Tractor
Kubota tractor packages are available in wide range of tractors, each performing different roles. Some are meant for heavy duties like moving massive loads while others are used for ploughing and digging of the land. Some tractors have the ability to serve more than one role. These tractors are defined according to different models. Currently, the Kubota tractor packages are designed to be versatile. That means a single tractor can perform a different task so as to save money that could be used to buy various types of machinery for the same purpose

Versatility of Kubota Compact Tractors

Different designs come with tractor packages. Some tractors have axles that are used to strengthen the tractor when doing landscape tasks or farming in difficult terrains. The tractors also have reliable engines which make it easy to pull heavy loads. The Kubota tractors also come with features like hydrostatic transmission and the powershift transmission. These feature makes the tractor easy to use and can direct the tractor in different directions quickly. The Kubota tractor packages that are used for farming can be easily installed.

These tractor packages are important to the farmer because they help them save a lot of money. This is because these tractors can be used for multi-tasking. The prices that are used for buying these tractor packages are standardized, and the customer is given an option of paying less money if they pay in cash.Different accessories come with the tractor packages. These accessories and attachments include tractor spray paint, titan attachments, Durafit seat covers, mirrors, body armor, styling and wings kits. These accessories can be purchased from different dealers too.
Kubota Tractor Package Deals
These are the primary Kubota tractor packages offered at GermanBliss.com
GermanBliss.com is one such supplier of Kubota tractor packages that services the entire Midwest of the United States. GermanBliss.com has a team of experts that offer different and quality models of Kubota tractors. They also give customers the ability to custom design the perfect tractor package with the implements that they may need. Different success stories have been told by customers who have invested in Kubota tractor packages at GermanBliss.com. This is clear evidence that Kubota tractors can help the farmers to save a lot of money in the long-run because there is no need of buying different tractors for different purposes. One can opt to buy one tractor that will serve various projects.


Top 3 Companies for On-board Weighing Systems

On-board weighing systems offer an innovative and convenient way to measure loads on trucks, loaders, and various other load-bearing vehicles. In short, these advanced on-board scales help to save time, energy, and resources, providing companies with efficient means to weigh loads at maximum output and minimal bottlenecks.
On-board Weighing Systems

Unlike traditional weighing scales like weighbridges, on-board weighing systems offer both industrial and transport companies many benefits such as increased operational efficiency, reduced fuel consumption, accuracy, and reliability. Here are top three top 3 companies that design and supply on-board weighing systems.

Vishay Precision Group 

Also known as VPG, this global company has been a top UK manufacture of on-board weighing scales. Recently, VPG launched operations in France, Belgium, Holland and US making it one of the first global companies in this field. For the past 40 years, VPG has been championing the use of advanced instruments and materials, innovative team and an in-house research team to develop market leading weighting systems that can deliver high performance and is highly dependable even in rugged environments yet highly accurate.
VPG On-board Weighing Systems

Its on-board systems are mainly used for light commercial vehicles and can be used in a range of industries including bulk haulage, waste management, forestry or even to weigh aircraft.VPG understands the demands of an ever-changing industry and thus are involved in constant improvements such as efficient overload protection and on-board truck control. This way, the system can enable real-time trucking of the truck; eliminate load readjustment time as well as verification of the loads.

Walz Scale 
Walz On-board Weighing Systems

With over 50 years in the industry, Walz Scale is another global leader in the use of advanced weighing technology to provide efficient weighing solutions. It is popular for its custom-integrated on-board weighing systems designed for a range of industries including agriculture, transport, and waste management among others. Walz Scale understands that customers have varied needs, thus their on-board weighing scale is not a one size fits all product but rather are highly customized depending on customers’ needs.
on-board weighing system
This image shows just how simply an on-board weighing system works for a loader. Walz Scale specializes in not only on-board truck scales, but also various other on-board systems for conveyors, loaders, etc.

One unique feature of Walz Scale is the integration of technology and software platforms to ensure the scales gather and share valuable data with customers or management. The truck scales are designated and integrated into the vehicles to provide the vehicle's weight without the need for an external weighing system. The main advantages associated with this system include: are versatile thus can be integrated in any vehicle such as conveyors, loaders and grain carts, feature in-cab digital indicators which are used in the streamlining of payload management and are designed with the ability to withstand high loads as well as ease of usability.


Compuload On-board Weighing Systems
This is another global manufacturer of high-tech and advanced on-board weighing systems based in Australia. Compuload are focused on the provision of economical and efficient weighing solutions for a range of industries such as transport, loading, warehousing and inventory activities. The system uses a display sensor, a microprocessor and in build memory in calculation of current loads which is then displayed as 3 digital values.

Its on-board system can work on any vehicle as long as the vehicle has axles. One unique feature about its system is the inclusion of an alarm that is designed to ensure that the payload is not exceeded. Thus, in case the driver gets distracted during loading, the alarm goes off when payload is exceeded making its on-board system one of the most trusted globally.


An Inside Look at Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics of New Jersey

As one of the most reputable spinal specialists in New Jersey, Dr. Joshua Rovner is an experienced spine surgeon who received his medical degree from the State University of New York Downstate Medical in Center College of Surgeon and Medicine. The New Jersey spine surgeon is now one of the most highly-regarded specialists when it comes to a number of different spine surgery treatments.
Rovner spinal specialists in New Jersey
Dr. Rovner, who heads Progressive Spine and Orthopaedics in Englewood, NJ, is making strides with his practice by offering some of the most comprehensive spinal treatments for all walks of life. From debilitating back pain and neck pain to adult scoliosis treatments, Dr. Rovner treats a wide range of ailments, several of which we outline below.

Interior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion

Interior cervical discectomy and fusion is done in an effort to remove herniated discs from neck before replacing them with bone grafts. The procedure can help in solving most of the spine when relieving pressure on spinal nerves caused by the cervical disc herniation or the degenerative disc disease. As one of the best spinal specialists in New Jersey, Dr. Rovner is highly skilled in this particular procedure.

Cervical Disc Replacement 
Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy

As a modern medical alternative to anterior cervical discectomy as well as fusion, cervical disc replacement is capable of being used when replacing damaged discs with the artificial ones thus help one maintain a neck mobility after a surgery. In addition, it may prevent adjacent discs degeneration and need for any further surgery especially in the future.

Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy

For those who have discs pinching or herniated disc the nerves within your lower back, minimal invasive lumbar discectomy may relieve the pressure within these nerves thus improving radiating leg pain or sciatica. The doctor can help you cure the condition when you do hire him or her.

Lumbar Laminectomy

Lumbar laminectomy is a procedure that can help you remove any excess bony material resulting in the spinal canal narrowing over several years, thus relieving pressure that has built on these spinal nerves. The doctor has a solution to the problem when you do hire him.

Lumbar Spinal Fusion 
Lumbar Spinal Fusion

As a highly sought treatment for Dr. Rovner, the New Jersey spine surgeon can perform a lumbar spinal fusion to join bone grafts within vertebrae, using titanium screws and rods as well as the bone grafts.

The of lumbar spinal fusion process can help relieve pain at the same time increasing spinal stability. Many spine specialists often use the procedure to treat spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and degenerative disc disease.

Revision Spine Surgery

In case of an original spinal surgery that has either failed to completely address a patients issue, or has encountered issues with time, revision spine surgery can offer a sound solution. The doctor can can help in this regard to seek solutions to these complications, and revision spinal surgery is one area of specialty.

Progressive Spine Surgery New JerseyTo learn more about New Jersey spine surgeon, visit the address or contact Dr. Rovner at:

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics
440 Curry Avenue, Suite A
Englewood, NJ 07631


3 Leading Manufacturers of Address Printer Machines

When a business heavily invests in its own internal mailing system, address printers are one of the most essential investments among postage mailing machines and office mailroom equipment. Imaging accuracy and output is very important when shopping for address printers, and this aspect can only be obtained by acquiring a high-quality address printer.
Address Printer Machines

There are many established brands and models that can be found on the market for address printer machines, however quality is something that must not go overlooked. In every situation there are exceptions, even it comes to address printing products - but among the leading brands that a business should consider, Neopost, Rena, and Secap are known to deliver top level and high professional work.

Neopost Address Printers

Neopost address printers are innovatively made and the result of this is that these line of printers are able to produce highly flexible, accurate and personalized envelopes which do have an amazing visual appeal. The other aspect which does give Neopost address printers their competitiveness is their ability to address high speed printing (i.e. able to produce 14,000 pieces per hour); a factor which is highly critical in ensuring that clients’ needs get to be addressed right on time.

Neopost address printers are capable of producing logos, bar codes and high quality graphics which can be placed any preferred position on the envelopes. In addition this line of address printers allows for highly complex jobs to be easily managed as all the details that needs attention are concisely displayed on the LCD screen. There are various Neopost address printer models that businesses can opt for and some of the most popular ones are Neopost AS-710, AS-960 and SA50.

Secap Address Printers 

Many small and medium scale mailers would find Secap models to be ideal for their business demands. Secap address printers have a production capacity of up to 7,000 pieces on hourly basis, graphic quality of 600dpi. Secap models are extremely easy to use as the only kind of setup need to make a connection is to use Ethernet or USB for faster downloads rates. Printing using the light mode allows for less ink to be consumed and the drying up time is also very short.

Multiple printouts can be made without the need of making changes to the printer setup. Besides the internal font type, others can be downloaded and this implies that a wide range of designs and patterns can be made on envelopes. There are many models to this brand of address printers and the most popular ones do include Secap SA500, SA3100, SA300 and many others which do guarantee quality.

Rena Address Printers

Rena is worth a mention especially if you would prefer dealing with low capacity mailing systems. Rena address printers are known for their user-friendliness and do setup at a superfast speed. The system’s feeders are capable of holding about 300 envelopes per given time and if you are comfortable with production speed of 4,300 pieces per hour then Rena is just right on the spot.

The print quality comprises 4 levels and this is available in 1200dpi and 600dpi which are further classified based on their respective resolutions. If you would like to own a Rena address printer for your mailing needs then you should consider having a look at popular models like the Rena DA-608, 607 and DA590.

To find these brands of address printers for sale, check out WalzEQ.com, one the leading suppliers of address printers and mailing machines in the U.S.


How to Optimize Your Plastic Surgery Practice for Better Rankings

Are you a surgeon who is finding it difficult to get the desired success results and rankings in Google search? Perhaps your investing in plastic surgeon SEO services but still can seem to attain top exposure for your surgery practice keywords?

If yes, then you may be lacking something in your plastic surgery SEO strategy. In short, you or your plastic surgeon SEO provider needs to make some changes to be a successful competitor and to set your feet in the marketing playing field.
Plastic Surgery SEO in Google
The best thing is to adopt a plastic surgery SEO strategy in your marketing plan that uses the latest and most effective techniques and practices that are currently working (not the same practices that worked a year or two ago.)

The Value in Revamping Your Plastic Surgeon SEO Strategy

Plastic surgeon SEO can help you in multiple ways. It boosts the credibility of your cosmetic practice, generates the required traffic to your site, ensures an overall presence in many reliable sites, proves your local authority in your practice, and creates a good reputation both at the local and national level.

In the current conditions, many surgeons and medical practitioners have achieved success because of the successful implantation of the SEO. SEO can help you to prove your credibility in your field by promoting your plastic surgery practice in different ways. Below are some simple ways about how SEO can help to improve your traffic.

While looking for a cosmetic surgeon, patients usually go through all the prospects of the practitioners such as their qualification, success rate, reputation, experience, offers, and facilities. And a good SEO enables your site to appear more frequently in Google search engines.

Understanding SEO for Surgeons

If you are experienced, you can do it on your own. Otherwise, you can take the help of plastic surgeon SEO company who provides specialized services in this field. When the best sources for plastic surgery SEO is OptimizedSurgeons.com. They offer strategy consulting and services for surgeons interested in SEO.

Organic SEO for Surgeons

Organic SEO for surgeons helps you in two ways, to get quality traffic in Google’s Organic search results and Google local listings as well. Many medical practitioners go for organic SEO both for local and national business. In both the cases, you need to focus on three factors to boost your traffic: on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and ongoing content creation coupled with social media.

Off-page SEO for Surgeons

As many surgeons are locally based, a citation audit is important to get the attention of the local patients. A citation includes all the relevant information of a plastic surgeon such as the name, address, and phone number. And you should take utmost care to ensure that your citations are mentioned on other reliable and reputed websites. The most appreciated and the common practice is directory listings. Make sure that your citation is short and accurate.

Another important source is link building. Links from other reliable sources are important when Google determines the ranking. Having links from relevant, quality, and authoritative sources eventually fuel Google’s search engine ranking.

You can also promote your medical practice in other social networking sites such as twitter and Facebook. Currently, link with other social networking sites is considered as one of the important strategies to promote any online business.

You can follow all the above tips to get your desired SEO success in your plastic surgery practice. Again, if you outsource your SEO services, find a specialized plastic surgeon SEO company that has experience providing services for plastic surgeons. Let us know if you have any questions or comments below.


Top 3 Companies for Custom Cycling Jerseys on the Web

If you are a religious cyclist or a member of cycling team, then you probably appreciate unique and original cycling jerseys to sport during your rides. For many, custom cycling jerseys are the way to go.

It doesn't really matter if you ride for fun or competitive, a custom-made cycling jersey can be the fashion-forward element to make you feel extra good when clipping into your pedals. For cycling teams and clubs, have uniform cycling jerseys is often a must.
Custom Cycling Jerseys on the Web

While there are a number of businesses that offer custom cycling jerseys, only a few companies specialize in custom cycling jersey design. These companies can help bring your custom bike jersey concept to life, while ensuring the finish product is printed on a high performance cycling apparel made from the best material in the industry.

Retro2Ride.com Custom Cycle Jerseys

Retro2Ride.com (formally Retro Two Image Apparel) is a company that specializes in crafting custom cycling jerseys using the highest quality materials available. While some companies that offer custom bike jerseys require volume purchases for custom order, the minimum at Retro2Ride.com is only 25 jerseys (with all 25 units having the same custom design and of the same gender.)

Your custom art should preferably be created in Adobe Illustrator and all fonts should be converted to paths and the linked images should be imbedded. If correctly formatted, Retro2Ride.com will also accept other files made on similar design software. Further, your images need to be of high resolution of 300dpi or higher to ensure optimal quality.

Retro2Ride.com will release the first demo of your design with 1-5 business days after receiving artwork that suits their guidelines. You will not be charged for shipping of 25 products and above for continents that are within U.S.

You can also work with Retro2Ride.com to have their team of design experts make your custom cycling jersey concept. To learn more, visit Retro2Ride.com.

PrimalWear.com Custom Bike Jerseys

PrimalWear.com is another company that is known for high quality cycling jersey production that have been loved by all people for a very long time. To get custom cycling jerseys from PrimalWear.com requires that you follow their guidelines strictly and ensure that you meet the minimum product requirement of 25 with all products having the same design and being for the same gender wearers.

PrimalWear.com will create one design for each item requested for at no charge and will revise the design up to two times at to extra cost. However, all subsequent revisions will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour. All the logos and graphics you supply must be print ready and all the texts to be used must be outlined. The JPEGs should be a minimum of 150dpi and should be sized appropriately.

BioRacer.com Custom Cycling Jersey Design

BioRacer.com is known through out the U.K. for making the most high end and thoroughly quality materials. With the cycling jersey you custom make, the company will provide you with an all weather uniform fit for you and your team. The company allows you to design your own custom made logos and determine how your cycling jersey will look using their own designer app.

With BioRacer.com, you will receive feedback within 24 hours of the quote, which is pretty fast turnaround for custom cycling jerseys.