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SolRx Sport Sunscreen OfficialIn this Righteous Business Blog profile, we take a closer look at SolRx, a leader in sport sunscreen products. Quickly earning a reputation among many types of athletes and sports communities, SolRx sunscreen is emerging as one of the leading options for many different reasons.

SolRx sport sunscreens are infused with its patented, high-performance WaterBlock formula that's been specifically engineered for long-lasting protection against the sun's harmful rays. SolRx sunscreens are also entirely broad-spectrum, so they deliver dependable protection against UVA and UVB rays. Compared to other sport sunscreen products that only protect against UVA rays, SolRx is a righteous keep your skin healthy.

This is just a small taste of what makes SolRx some of the best sports sunscreen products on the market. Continue reading to learn more about the brand's sport sunscreen, or visit by

Sport Sunscreen That's Eco-friendly & Reef Safe

Perhaps the most unique feature that makes SolRx the best sports sunscreen compared to other options on the market is that it's reef safe and eco-friendly. While other sport sunscreen products wear off and deposit into the water shortly after immersion, SolRx has been tested to stay on the user's skin.

Eco-friendly Sport Sunscreen Reef Safe

SolRx sunscreen was tested by one the most well-recognized organization in SPF waterproof testing and evaluation. In essence, as long as SolRx sunscreen is properly applied to the skin, it is deemed "impossible" for the sunscreen to wear off and deposit into the water and onto ocean reefs.

Not only does SolRx SPF rating remain constant (retaining 97% of its SPF after 8 hours) but it's also one of the best options to go the extra step in conserving marine environments.

Long-Lasting, Water Immersion Protection

When it comes to performance, the primary characteristic that makes SolRx stand out from competing sport sunscreens is its long-lasting protection after prolonged water immersion. To provide scientific based evidence of this, SolRx recruited the help of AMA Testing Labs to establish an experiment in order to measure the SPF sustainability of SolRx WaterBlock formula after hours of water immersion.

Together, SolRx and AMA Testing Labs developed a trial that would measure the formula's SPF on users after a total of 8 hours immersed in the water. The experiment successfully concluded that SolRx sport sunscreen with WaterBlock retained its SPF long after the 8 hour period. This data alone has made SolRx one of the best sport sunscreen products for many athletes, particularly swimmer and water polo players.

New Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Sticks from SolRx

New SPF 50 Zinc Oxide Sunscreen Sticks from SolRxProviding easy application and hours of ongoing protection against the sun, zinc oxide sunscreen sticks are rather new and popular option for all types of athletes. SolRx has recently unveiled its line of new Zinc Stix, offering different levels of SPF in an easy-to-apply stick form (similar to a stick of deodorant.) icks.

Whether you're a triathlete going for a long bike ride followed by a run, or golfer who plans on spending several hours on the course, the SPF 50 Zinc Sunscreen Stick from SolRx is tops. Providing the ultimate in portability and convenience, these zinc oxide sunscreen sticks are great for on-the-go sun protection and on-the-fly application.

For more information about SolRx sport sunscreen, where to buy SolRx products, and the company's incredible WaterBlock technology, visit

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