Top 3 SEO Tools for In-house Marketing Teams

Many businesses that employ in-house marketing teams are investing in their own internal SEO resources. Whether it be SEO tools or educational programs to better a company's capabilities with search marketing, there's a trend among many companies in keeping SEO in-house (and not outsourcing SEO services to another firm.)
SEO for In-house Marketing Team

As the lead SEO for companies like Optimized Surgeons and other local SEO firms, I get asked what tools I use for SEO intelligence and competitive analysis. Below are three of the top SEO tools that I recommend for in-house marketing teams.

1. Moz

Moz provides a variety of inbound marketing and marketing analytics that are worth having for the improvement of SEO on your online business. Although the Moz subscriptions come in different packages for diverse use, you will definitely fall in love with this easy to use tool that will help you track your website rankings on search engines, compare link metrics and analyze keyword difficulty among other uses.
Moz SEO Tools

The Moz Pro tool is perhaps the most popular of the Moz subscription packages. This tool allows users to get into control of SEO marketing analytics by simplifying the basic algorithms used in ranking each of your web pages. Suggestions of popular keywords and key phrases that have the lowest competition are available on Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis tool available on Moz Pro.

The tool retrieves the top 10 rankings for any keyword then provides you with a difficulty score that is based on the pages that currently rank for that word. You can then choose effective popular keywords to use on your web content from those that your competitors use less often. Moz tools for SEO are available at a small fee.

2. SEMrush
SEMRush SEO Tools

SEMrush SEO tools largely help in site audit, keyword research, and domain analysis. The software also comes with detailed manual where users can learn new tricks in internet marketing. With SEMrush you will be able to track web optimization progress to know what areas of search engine marketing you need to improve on and the areas that are perfect. This will in turn help you save time and energy that you would have used otherwise in non-productive internet marketing methods.

The tool will also help you analyze and generate domains that are more likely to rank well on search engines and hence help in increasing sales on your online business. Keyword value analysis services provided by SEMrush will help you create high-volume and long tail-keywords that are good for SEO ranking. This simple SEO tool is worth every single cent you use for subscribing and downloading its services.

3. Link Assistant 
Link Assistant SEO Tools

As the name somehow suggests, Link Assistant is an SEO software that is primarily developed to help you in link building, a critical element for improving website ranking. The backlink analysis solutions provided by this tool are very important for your business’ overall SEO ranking.

The Link Assistant tool also provides rank tracking options that if used effectively, can help you know if you are moving in the right direction in terms of internet marketing efforts needed to propel your business to the next level. A downloadable package known as SEO PowerSuite provided by Assistant Link is also worth mentioning because of its all-in-one features. These include the basics of SEO marketing and some complex analytics that your website will greatly need as you indulge deeply into in-house marketing for your company.

Link Assistant tools for effective SEO are also available at a fee although there are some features and editions of the content that you can actually access for free on their official website.

Hopefully these tools will help you improve your online business SEO rankings to help your web content appear on the top pages of search engine. Remember to ask for help from the software developers if you find difficulties using their SEO products.


Retro2Ride.com Makes a Statement With These 3 New Cycling Jerseys

While there are many companies offering custom cycling jerseys, only a few offer professional custom designing services to ensure that your concept gets to life. Retro2Ride.com (Retro Two Image Apparel) is one of these companies and it is currently setting a standard for the creative custom cycling jerseys. But how is this company setting a new pace in the field of custom jerseys designs in the web?
Retro Two Cycling Jerseys New

Retro Two runs an online store which features a wider range of cycling jerseys most of which have vintage and retro style. With the custom cycling jerseys designs, Retro Two is now offering a variety of options to riders. As a customer, you can submit your own vectored digital file preferably in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. After the submission you will need to wait for at least two hours to get your custom designed jerseys. Generally, you will receive the design proof within 1-5 days after the company has received your artwork. The following are the three new cycling jerseys making a statement at Retro Two.

1. Balloon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

This is a new and alluring cycling jersey for the women seeking something unique. It's great for warmer temperatures and for people who would like to avoid the farmer’s tanline. And if you have a taste for art, you will like its original and unique design.
Balloon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

The jersey features a bold and colorful pattern on both the front and back and it is more like a hot air balloon which attracts an eye. Balloon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey features almost each and every color of the rainbow in brighter jewel tones. When looking for the best women or men cycling jersey, or a great gift cycling jersey idea, this should be your first consideration. Perhaps, you may not find a jersey of similar quality in any other place.

2. 1965 Ciclo Cross Men's Short Cycling Jersey

This is the Retro Two cycling jersey which celebrates the 1965 World Ciclo-Cross Championship rigors. Generally, the cyclocross races are staged in winter and fall and involve several laps on a shorter course. The course features different types of terrains and obstacles that require the riders to dismount fast, to carry their bikes while navigating these obstacles and to remount.
1965 Ciclo Cross Men's Short Cycling Jersey

Retro Two makes this jersey with premium grade fabrics and it therefore looks great in addition to fitting perfectly. Possibly, you can use it as a gift for cyclocross fans or anyone born in the year 1965. The jersey has perfect humidity and temperature control which helps in wicking away any moisture. Moreover, this cycling jersey is effective in UV protection and has a hidden full length YKK brand zipper.

3. STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This is a 100% original and unique cycling jersey from Retro Two which is also available for both men and women. On its front, it features St Louis’s skyline, which the designers frames with the famed arch. And on its back, the STL-Style cycling jersey features oversized graphic representations of city’s seal. It has fairly subtle colors; reddish orange background and dark gray images. On the sides and shoulders, the New Jersey features black fleurs-de-lis which the producer prints on a brighter yellow background.
STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

When looking for a original collection of unique cycling jerseys, you should check the Retro Two website for the available products. They always offer custom jerseys that will satisfy your needs.


FQHC Billing Services: How to Protect Your Investment

Most physicians and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) will face this one questions sooner or later: whether or not outsource your patient billing demands to more specialized medical and FQHC billing companies?

While there are many different FQHC billing software platforms and FQHC billing webinars available in the market, they are unable to outdo the efficiency of proficient medical billing companies. Hiring a third party to manage your FQHC medical billing is specially a good idea if you have a high staff turnover or you are someone who has stayed away from technology all your life.
invest in FQHC billing services

These medical billing companies are capable of significantly increasing your revenue. You will finally be able to do without your inadequate billing staff. The company you hire will not only generate claims, they will also follow up with patients and ensure that all due payments are made in time.

Since there are many FQHC billing companies operating in the market, you must practice caution while hiring a third party to manage your billing. Here are a few things you must keep in mind when looking to invest in FQHC billing services that ultimately enables health centers to maximize revenue streams.

1. What are the services being offered?

FQHC billing companies, like MaximizedRevenue.com, can take over many functions, such as claim generation and submission, payment processing, creating invoices for patients, collection services, etc. Some billing companies also handle tasks like appointment scheduling and credentialing. However, the price tag increases with each new service. As a physician, you must ensure the FQHC billing company you hire takes care of all your requirements and does so at a reasonable price.

2. What is the technology being used?

FQHC billing software platforms
Using a billing company does not mean you are acquainted from your responsibility. To reduce costs, it is necessary for a physician to understand how a medical billing company will operate.

  • It is important to seek answers to questions like these: 
  • How will claims be generated and shared? 
  • How will the billing company maintain electronic records and how can these records be used by the hospital? 
  • Will the FQHC billing company ensure data security? 
  • Where will all the data be backed up and stored?

A good medical billing company will have clear answers to all these questions.

3. Are they experienced?

Hire a company that's been in business for a while. Though experience does not guarantee efficiency, it certainly builds up trust. Look for a company that is certified by the American Medical Billing Association. The AMBA certification evinces expertise in billing, insurance claims, reimbursements, fraud and abuse, medical technology and terminology, etc.

4. How does the company work?

A good way to gauge the performance of an FQHC billing company is to study their work structure. Different metrics like employment structure and number of employees, total years in business, number of claims processed in any financial year, total number of billings, etc, will give you an idea about the kind of results you can expect from the billing company you are hiring.

5. What is the price being demanded?

Money is an important thing. As a matter of fact, medical billing companies are hired to reduce the overall billing costs. Hire a company that is offering maximum services at a minimum price. Do not demand services you won't need. Ask the billing company to create a cost package based on only the services you will be availing.


4 Award-Winning Independent Film Production Companies

The creative writing, production value, and edge-of-your-seat performance that goes into today's indie films rivals that of major motion pictures. With more and more independent film production companies spawning around the globe, we can anticipate a shift in more independently-produced films getting the recognition they deserve.

To highlight some of the talented teams responsible for today's amazing indie films, in this article we feature four reputable and award-winning independent film production companies.
Independent Film Production Companies

Gilbert Films

While the Los Angeles based independent film production company has only two people at its helm, the two producers (Jordan Horrowitz and Gary Gilbert) have a lot of perseverance between them. Gilbert was responsible for the film company’s breakthrough film, Garden State, that won the independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. Jordan later joined him and the two produced The Kids Are Alright that went ahead and won multiple awards.

The independent film production company is going from strength to strength under the able leadership of the duo. Gilbert Films is more focused on quality rather than expansion, and carefully chooses projects that combine artistry and commercial viability.

8180 Films

This northern Michigan-based independent film production company started in 2008 by Jim Carpenter, Larry Brand, and Rebecca Reynolds. The mission of 8180 Films is to produce high-quality, cost-effective independent films. As one of the fastest emerging independent film production companies, 8180 Films, has won numerous awards in all major categories, such as best documentary, best drama, best actor, and best screenplay. Its films have been played at different international festivals, including Mumbai International and Oaxaca Film Festival as well as in local film festivals such as Napa Valley, Chelsea, and Sedona international film festivals.

The company’s excellent reputation has enabled it to attract many talented actors such as Moshe Kasher, John Fugelsang, and Stephen Lang. 8180 Films has recently unveiled the long awaited film, Beyond Glory, starring award-winning actor Stephen Lang. Based on a classic novel, Beyond Glory the film is a story that covers the story of eight of the nation’s military heroes. It entertains, inspires, educates, and passes to the future generations the values and ideals of the men and women in uniform. For more information about this reputable independent film production company, visit 8180Films.com.

EFO Films

EFO Films was founded by George Furla and Randall Emmett in 1998 but later merged with Oasis ventures. It is one indie film production company that has witnessed tremendous growth since its inception. Despite its conservative budget and a small team, it has produced over 80 films, which have grossed more than a billion dollars at the box office.

The most popular film by EFO Films was Rambo that won numerous local and international awards such as Golden Screen in Germany and Razzie Awards. Its Lone Survivor movie also won numerous awards such as the Screen Actors Awards and the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards. The independent film company is located in Beverly Hills, California.

Sprout Pictures

Sprout Pictures is an award winning independent television and film Production Company owned by Stephen Fry and Gina Carter. For television, the indie film company is responsible for famous shows such as Doors Open, Little Crackers, and Gadget Man. Sprout pictures produced eleven films for Sky Arts and three for the BBC.

These ground breaking series included the editorial debuts for Matt Smith, Marc Warren, and Idris Elba. Its films have won numerous awards at the RTS, IFTA, and the international 3D awards. The company produces films in all genres, and combines passion, distinctiveness, and quality across all its works. It is based in London, United Kingdom.

The above discussed firms are the top five award winning independent film production companies. The list is based on the quality of their work and their personal achievements.

3 Leading Online Suppliers of Land Pride Mower Parts

Land Pride Mower Parts
Land Pride equipment company has been thriving in the lawn mower and land clearing machine market for about three decades now. During that time, Land Pride has earned itself a reputation as one of the best manufacturers of quality mowers and landscaping equipment.

Land Pride mowers are renowned for offering customers consistent quality. The brand has also developed very nice relationships with its suppliers (particularly for high-demand Land Pride mower parts.) This ensures that all Land Pride parts arrive at the dealers the same way they left the factory.

German Bliss

German Bliss has been in business for the last seventy-four years. The company originally started in central Illinois as an equipment dealer before expanding in the online parts business. Having been recognized as local dealer of Land Pride mowers and equipment, German Bliss is now one of the top online dealers of Land Pride mower parts. They have incredible customer services and seek to ensure that they ship out parts as fast as possible. This has earned them a solid reputation with their ever-expanding customer base.

German Bliss supplies all kinds of Land Pride parts, ranging from post hole digger parts to rotary cutter parts. And this includes all Land Pride mower parts. The only require that one fill out a model number and the part they require. The payment for supplied goods also takes place online. For this, they have established a secure platform that aggressively protects customer data. Since Land Pride officially recognizes German Bliss, one should expect that they could get any part they need even if it is not in stock. However, that would require a 24-hour grace period in order to get the part from Land Pride.

Townline Equipment
Land Pride Parts

Townline Equipment company has firmly established its roots as a reliable go-to supplier. The company specializes in dealing with land Pride equipment. They are always willing to help their customers get their replacement parts as fast as possible.

To complement the genuine parts they supply to customers, Townline Equipment has also employed qualified personnel. These people are always ready to provide assistance wherever it is required. For instance, after purchasing Land Pride mower parts, one may need technical information and assistance to do a good replacement job. The company provides phone numbers and an email address for people who have any questions. Whatever model of Land pride mower one may be using, the company always has a replacement part available.

Discount Online Parts

Discount Online Parts is a great company that is always looking out for its customers. The company offers discounts such as free delivery under certain conditions. They are a top supplier of Land Pride mower parts directly from the factory floor.

Discount Online Parts has built its entire company around the customer. They believe that a company’s success depends on its reputation with past customers. As a result, they endeavor to provide their customers with the best quality customer service. They do their best to answer all customer queries and build a personalized relationship with them. For them, it is not simply about the money. It is about ensuring that the customer is satisfied enough to recommend them to someone else. The company encourages customers to register for regular email updates of any of its discounts.

There are many challenges to establishing an online-based business. However, these online Land Pride parts suppliers have managed to establish reputable companies, which their customers trust. People in search of online-based suppliers of Land Pride mower parts should try them.