5 Best Wetsuit Brands for Triathletes

ORCA Triathlon Wetsuit Brand

If you’re a triathlete, then you’re probably well aware of the importance of having a quality wetsuit. But with many different brands to choose from, it can be difficult to know which wetsuit brands are the best and which are lower quality manufacturers.

To help clear the air, we’ve distilled five of the best triathlon wetsuit brands that reliably outperform the rest of the market in terms of quality, performance, durability, and longevity. For additional resources and more top picks for the best triathlon wetsuits, visit this roundup at bettertriathlete.com.

1. Roka Wetsuits

As a longstanding sponsor of IRONMAN triathlon events, Roka produces some of the most high-end triathlon wetsuits. Worn by multiple professional triathletes, Roka’s Maverick wetsuit series are known to be some of the fastest and most innovative options available. They offer several patented buoyancy profiles, depending on the model, enabling the fastest body position possible. And all of Roka's wetsuits use a patented "Arms Up" technology that's designed for triathlon-centric freestyle swimming. Learn more by visiting Roka.com.

2. TYR Wetsuits

TYR is a pack leader in the triathlon space that pushes the envelope with all products it makes, especially wetsuits. The TRY Hurricane, which comes in several categories and sleeve/sleeveless styles, is the brand's flagship triathlon wetsuit. They offer superior comfort and uninhibited flexibility in the water, and mindfully-designed quick release ankle cuffs make wetsuit removal a breeze. There's no wonder why TYR has been a decades-long innovator in tri wetsuits for all abilities. Learn more by visiting TYR.com.

3. ORCA Wetsuits

Unlike other triathlon wetsuit brands that have one or two tri-specific models, ORCA offers the widest range of men's and women's wetsuits for all calibers of triathletes and swimmers. From high-performance options for elite-level athletes to more budget-friendly options for beginners, ORCA has an impressive collection of many models to choose from. ORCA is a brand that's well known for its unparalleled fit, exceptional mobility, and superior buoyancy. Learn more by visiting ORCA.com.

4. Blueseventy Wetsuits

Since 1993, Blueseventy has been a rising star in the triathlon wetsuit space. The company pushes innovation in its products and pays particular attention to detail in its design. Today, Blueseventy is a top-rate brand that's well known for its Helix series for full-blown triathlon racing, as well as its Thermal Reaction line for cold water conditions. While these are not the cheapest wetsuit options, they offer pro-caliber performance that will last for many years. Learn more by visiting blueseventy.com.

5. XTERRA Wetsuits

While other brands cater to the greater swimming world, XTERRA is a brand of wetsuits that specializes specifically in triathlon. For this reason, they've carved a niche in making some of the best triathlon wetsuits that have a reputation for swim speed performance, amazing comfort, and overall value. Based in San Diego, this American brand is worn by some of triathlon's most elite. In addition to a top-quality triathlon wetsuit, when you go with XTERRA, you get the best in customer service and support. Learn more by visiting XTERRAwetsuits.com.

These are some of the best wetsuit brands for competitive triathletes. Whether you're planning to race Ironman Michigan or the Chicago Triathlon, a wetsuit is a great investment that will help you come race day. 

Next to having a good triathlon bike, aero triathlon helmet, and a pair of running shoes, having a wetsuit is a huge difference-maker for both training and racing. Sure, there are other brands on the market and many of which offer more affordable price points. But when it comes to performing your best during the swim, you can’t go wrong with any of these brands.