New Site Helps Coaches Start A Triathlon Coaching Business

Better Triathlete, one of the fastest growing triathlon websites on the web, has cultivated a righteous business plan that helps connect athletes with triathlon coaching. But that's not all.

In addition to launching the Better Triathlete "Triathlon Coaches Network", the online publisher also provides a number of resources to help educate and inspire athletes to thrive in their sport.

Among the most prominent resources are compilations of triathlon-related podcasts, some of the best triathlon books, and blog that regularly puts out pure value ideas on, well, becoming a better triathlete.

About The Triathlon Coaches Network

Better Triathlete's Triathlon Coaches Network is designed to help athletes find triathlon coaches in their local area. Additionally, the website will soon be sponsoring coaches that offer online triathlon coaching. In short, Better Triathlete is righteously crafted to become the next online authority in all thing triathlon.

The Triathlon Coaches Network offers sponsorships for all fifty states, so a coaches must apply to represent their state as part of the network. Soon, the website will be expanding into regional areas of focus, as well as popular cities. This will allow more quality triathlon coaches get exposure, especially from athletes who are in their local area.

How Is This a Triathlon Coaching Business Model?

Emerging coaches looking to start a triathlon coaching business must seek creative ways to carve a niche and gain exposure. Each sponsored triathlon coach in Better Triathlete's network gets to occupy the profile page for his or her particular state. And because these state webpages generate a lot of traffic consisting of Google searchers looking for triathlon coaches in Florida or Michigan triathlon coach, sponsored coaches often get acquire new athletes. This in turn helps them grow a triathlon coaching business, and build a reputation.

The monetization of the online publishing site is an affordable monthly membership fee that sponsored triathlon coaches are often more than willing to pay give the return on their investment.

Be sure to check out the website and the brainchild behind its triathlon coaching business model. Visit the official website at BetterTriathlete.com, or check it out on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.


Your Best Source for Bush Hog Rotary Cutter Blades

No doubt that you'll agree that whenever your Bush Hog rotary cutter needs a new blade, you'll need to have it replaced as soon as possible. This being the case, it is imperative that you have your Bush Hog supplier information with you at all times in order to avoid finding yourself scrambling and wasting valuable time trying to identify the best online source for Bush Hog rotary cutter blades.

Rather than simply focusing on where to buy Bush Hog replacement blades and parts, it is important to repair and resume work as soon as possible. To help you do this, below is an overview of the most reputable Bush Hog suppliers. Taking time to familiarize with them is important because it serves as a guarantee to know how to handle yourself next time you are looking for Bush Hog parts or replacement blades. They include:

1. German Bliss

German Bliss is a premiere online location set up for the sole purpose of purchasing parts needed quickly and easily without necessarily having to run around. Unlike several other suppliers, German Bliss has a fairly huge stock of Bush Hog replacement parts and rotary cutter blades which is unlike most suppliers who only focus on dabble parts hence do not provide a great selection of parts to choose from. In short, German Bliss, is most likely to have any component which you may be looking for.

In addition to the above, the store also offers very reasonable pricing options and boosts of an extremely prompt delivery system. This is clearly evident from the ability to order easily and quickly online. This is coupled by impressive and quick to respond customer service through the phone. For more details head straight to their online store via Store.GermanBliss.com.

2. Tractor Supply Company

Tractor Supply Company is well known and constantly receives decent reviews. In fact, it also enjoys very high rankings by the better business bureau. What makes them stand out from other common suppliers is the fact that they have made it very easy to place orders for replacement parts. What’s more, they also have set up several brick and mortar stores. This means, if interested you can walk right into any of their stores and have a normal conversation with any of their customer support specialists.

In addition to the above, you can also easily return any item that you purchase from the online store in the event that you are not impressed with the purchase which you may have made. Good thing about this is the fact that the company has a record for being very helpful with returns. Take note, the main objective is never to return the item but to get exactly what it is that you were looking for. So for more details, head to www.tractorsupply.com

3. Swartz Equipment

Swartz Equipment is supplier that offers a fairly large choice of Bush Hog parts particularly for rotary cutters. They have a great customer service team as well as a next day offer delivery for a specified fee.

In addition to the above, they also have very helpful pages which have models and part numbers for simple selection. Although they are a small supplier, they have an impressive and all inclusive catalogue of specialized parts for Bush Hog equipment, as well as rotary cutter parts for Rhino mowers. For more information, head to www.swartzequipment.com today.

4. Pronto 

Pronto is particular supplier serves as a one stop shop for different kinds of supplies and accessories. It is a great option especially if you are looking to manage your shopping at once without seeking customer support. Take note however, most of their items are linked to third party sellers such as the Amazon. This being the case, if you are looking for customer support services then you should seriously consider partnering with a different supplier. For more details on the parts, visit: www.ProntoCat.com.

5. Messicks

Messicks is one of the leading distributors of Bush Hog equipment. In fact, it is amongst the most experienced sellers on the internet. This being the case, you can rely on them to meet all of your new equipment needs (most of which are shipped as fast as after 1 business day from the moment you satisfactorily place and order). Their inventory is stocked with blades, gear boxes, belts etc for more information, reach out to them either through phone or via email: parts@messicks.com.


Portable Weigh Scale Solutions by Payload Pros

Payload Pros has become a juggernaut in the development of effective and efficient portable weigh scales. These portable weighing systems for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles have significantly helped operators cut down the costs while maximizing efficiency and throughput in their weighing operations.

There are many different types of portable truck scales and weighing systems from Payload Pros, spanning from in-motion axle scales to portable wheel weighers. Some of these systems have played pivotal roles in helping companies revolutionize their internal weighing operations. The following are some of the various portable weigh scale solutions offered by Payload Pros.

Wheel Weighers

There are several models of these portable wheel weighers, such as the HDAW-Series and AW-Series wheel weighers. They are multi-functional portable weigh scales and thus very efficient. These scales substitute the use of heavy-machinery, like weighbridges, since they allow for seamless on-site installation. This enables individuals and companies to cut down on set-up cost, labor, and overhead.

Portable wheel weighers are cost effective (both affordable to buy and maintain,) as well as reliable and effective scales for virtually all operations. The standard duty scales enables drivers to negotiate safely thus enabling them to have adequate and simple loading and off-loading of loads during industrial processing or payload distribution. Most wheel weigher scales are compact and convenient for various industries. In short, these scales allow for simple and effective services for all weighing electronics since it is located onsite.

Portable Axle Scales 

Portable axle scales from Payload Pros are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications that demand versatility and mobility in the scale unit. They are highly versatile, affordable, moveable, and accurate thus offering firms with the convenience that they deserve during the production process. Portable axle scale systems preferred by a majority of mining companies and farmers, as they offer a number of options, including in-motion weighing.

These scales are specifically used in various atmospheres and weighing sites. Payload Pros portable weigh scales are designed to handle harsh conditions and the worst environments, spanning from rain to mud. And with the advent of the new in-motion axle scales from Payload Pros, many users are realizing greater efficiencies without having to come to a complete stop on the scale's weigh pads to calculate measurements.

Portable Scale Rentals

The company also offers portable scale rentals, thus helping companies leverage one of these scales for short-term use. Because these pieces of machinery and equipment are very expensive, renting is far cheaper solution for companies needing portable truck scales or wheel weighers on limited time basis. Like other scales, these portable scale rentals are equally as accurate and can be installed with other Payload Pros products and weighing systems.

Instead of buying an expensive portable axle scale that may cost several thousands of dollars, portable scales for rent are a sound solution of many different companies. Payload Pros works in conjunction with Walz Scale to provide a number or truck scale rental options. You can learn more about the various truck scale rentals at WalzScale.com.

These advanced portable truck scales from Payload Pros helps manage the weighing and analysis of truck loads, delivering the most accurate calculations. Leverage this advanced technology for your business to accelerate throughput and operational efficiency.


Effective Medical Billing Strategies to Increase Healthcare Reimbursements

It is an undisputed fact that the healthcare reimbursement system (as it is) can be described as brutal. The present set of processes and rules that some payers and insurance companies have put in place are not only complex but also confusing. This leads to the emergence of other problems like underpayments, denials, ignored or at times lost claims.

This has hugely contributed to issues when it comes to paying doctors in time as well as medical practices getting the revenue they generate in full.

This begs for there being in place effective strategies and insights that will help medical practitioners and health centers to improve their patient billing processes. This will help them generate more revenue as well as increase their healthcare reimbursements.

Use of Technology

Whenever a medical practice realizes that a claim is not paid for when they submit the claim for the first time, they should brace themselves that it will not be paid. In order to escape losing out on claims like this, the practice has to find ways that will help it establish potential denials before even submitting their claims. Medical practices could be able to achieve this feat by incorporating software in their systems that is capable of identifying claims with a high probability of being denied automatically.

This billing software utilizes an engine that is intelligent and one that adapts and updates itself constantly thus helping practices to stay informed and alert about denial trends that are latest in as far as claims are concerned. This will greatly improve the rates at which practices collect their revenue. This software is generally able to help the practices improve on the speed at which they collect, decrease the need of having in-house staff as well as increase first pass resolution rates.

Tackling Underpayments

Payer underpayments are another issue that keeps medical practices from collecting their full amounts of revenue. This is largely due to the different individual contracts doctors often enter into with different payers. Underpayments are far too common in situations for health center billing, specifically federally qualified health center billing (FQHC billing), as these community health centers are focal to serving low income patients who utilized Medicare and Medicaid.

This is the key reason why medical practices receive different amount of monies from the different payers. This makes it hard for the practice to keep track of the payments and hence making it even harder for them to realize when they are being underpaid.

It is for this reason that practices ought to turn to using medical billing software that is able to compare the payments it is receiving against the figures agreed to in the contracts automatically. This will largely cut short the number of payer underpayments scenarios. It will also increase the net collection rates, increase organization and efficiency of the practice and make it possible for the practice to forecast its collections in future.


In order for a medical practice to realize its position as far as payer payments and collection rates are and the areas that need an improvement, reporting ought to be embraced. This can be done with software that is capable of allowing scheduled reports on the practice to be done at defined intervals.

This will give the practice the opportunity to have certain reports in an instant whenever it is needed. These reports make decision making easier, increase productivity (as it reduces staff requirements and make it easier to spot payer underpayments and other mistakes.

All the above solutions will ensure that your practice is able to collect more revenue thereby turning them into more revenue generating practices. They will also ensure that the practice increases its healthcare reimbursements. It also makes the collection of monies owed to the practice easy, fast and efficient.

For more quality information on how medical practices and health centers can improve healthcare reimbursements, visit MaximizedRevenue.com