5 Tips for Google+ Socail Marketing

When it comes to social marketing, Google+ is one of the most powerful social networks that you can use. It is not only great for personal networking, but it can also work wonders for your business by connecting with like-minded consumers, vendors, and partners.

Having a business that is successful online is not simply about writing content. You should also build relationships with your target demographic. Here are some tips for Google+ social marketing;

1. Construct highly focused circles. When it comes to Google+, you connect with people through circles. To make the most of this circles-system, you'll want keep your circles organized and highly focused.

So what is a focused circle? This is a group of people who have similar interests and aspirations, whether in their personal lives or business-wise. Before including people into a particular circle, you should establish what mutual benefits and aims you have in common. By using circles, you get the opportunity to determine what your target demographic wants and figure out how best to provide it to them.

2. Sharing should be focused. Emphasis is being put into the word focused since this is pertinent when it comes to online marketing. When it comes to generating traffic for your website, it is not simply about getting all and sundry to visit your website. It is about targeting specific people that will grow your business, and not simply visit your website and not do anything about it.

Focused sharing ensures that you are reaching a targeted audience that will boost your sales. They will not only click the link to your website, but chances are they will also purchase your products, sign up for your mailing list and possibly recommend you to the people in their circles. This will not be achieved when you are only getting generic traffic to your website.

3. Search engine optimization. By using Google+, you can increase the chances of capturing greater search visibility and higher rankings. Google keeps updating its search engine algorithms and one common trend we're seeing is how Google is integrating highly relevant social activity with search. By using Google+ to promote your content, you can further increase your online visibility. In addition to this, having a Google+ account will verify that your content is more credible and valuable, depending on how popular it gets.

4. Stay up to date with the trends. One thing to note about successful online marketing is that it is dynamic and up to par. It never stays in one particular form. There are new developments, which could greatly improve on your social marketing efforts
A number of online business owners tend to have outdated content since they are not staying abreast with these trends. If you would like to increase targeted traffic and become more popular on Google+, you should know what's hot in your particular niche, and be timely to share it with your audience.

5. Contact your target audience. With Google+, you should no longer send mass updates to everyone. Instead, you can direct them specifically to the individuals that believe in your business. Your circles will act as email lists to subscribers who genuinely want additional information.

Google+ is surely a life force you'll want to join. Google+ is empowering companies in so many ways and helping new entrepreneurs grow viral in a matter of days.


14 Awesome Tools from Google, for Righteous Business People

Over the years, the products and tools that have been created by Google labs have offered many benefits for righteous businesses. However, most of these Google tools are quite underutilized despite the fact that they come at no cost (and promote exceptional efficiently).

So to enlighten the righteous business people of these great tools that Google has to offer, below we share 14 of the most popular tools for businesses.

1. Analytics: This is a solution to business owners who would like to keep track of their web traffic. By analyzing the web traffic to your site, you are better placed at creating ads for your target demographic, coming up with content that would be useful to your web traffic and more.

2. Alerts: If your type of business is dependent on staying up to date on the latest information in that particular niche, this would be the Google tool for you. All one should do is key in the topic or the keywords that you would like to keep track of, the kind of data that you would like to get ranging from news posts to blogs, videos and more, the amount of results you would prefer to receive and get all this information right in your email. This helps you keep tabs on a news story that is developing, keep track of your competitors and receive the latest scoop on any events that are happening worldwide. The price of this tool is free.

3. Groups: As the name suggests, this tool enables you to form private groups, which you decide who gets access to them. Thus, you can have one or more clients’ groups and in them contain files they can all access, organize meetings with the group members, and have a space to brainstorm and more. The price is free.

4. Picasa: This is a tool that enables you to upload, edit, and share pictures online. It is a great tool for creating slide shows about your products then you can go ahead and embed these slideshows right to your website. The price is free.

5. Voice: This tool enables you to have multiple phone numbers for your business then have the calls received by any phone no matter what device you use or which carrier you subscribe to. The price of this tool is free.

6. Real Time: This tool helps you keep track of activity real time from social networks, blogs, popular articles and more for free. This is a great tool that works well with Google+, Facebook, Twitter, as well as business blogging and article marketing,

7. Site Search: This tool enables you to use Google’s search algorithm for your own website’s search engine. The price of this ranges from $100 to $200+, depending on the number of queries that will be received annually.

8. Desktop: This tool helps you perform searches on your business computers just as you would on the web for free.

9. Directory: This tool enables you to search for anything online through comprehensive category listings thus making it easier. This tool is free.

10. Finance: This tool keeps businesses updated on all local as well as international markets with sources from the web inclusive of stock analysis and a custom portfolio creator. The price is free.

11. News: Let your business stay up to date on both local as well as global news with this tool. An added advantage is that the news pieces are broken down to various categories such as world news, business news, science and technology, and so on.

12. Calendar: This is an interactive calendar that enables a company to share as well as keep it updated with any upcoming events with the rest of the people in the company.

13. Docs: This tool is similar to having an online Microsoft office program as it enables one to create as well as share spreadsheets, word documents, slideshows ad more. The price for this is free.

14. Chart tools: This enables you to create interactive motion charts and embed them to your website for free.

So as you can see, most of these tools are free to use and promote optimal efficiency in the workplace.