Leeway Ceramic Tile: A Leading Tile Dealer in Peoria, IL

For more than 30 years, Leeway Ceramic Tile has been a leading tile dealer and distributor in Peoria and throughout the Central Illinois area. The company’s paramount mission is to provide homeowners, contractors, architects, interior designers and various other parties with top-notch tile products and services.

Still to this day as a family-owned and operated tile distributor, Leeway Ceramic Tile is one of the industry pioneers in the Peoria Area. The company carries an extensive selection of aesthetically appealing and top quality tiles—from ceramic, natural stone, porcelain, decorative glass tiles, and installation supplies. Leeway Ceramic Tile has earned the distinction of being the leading importer and distributor of tile products throughout central Illinois.

Commitment to Quality 

Over the years, the passion and commitment of Leeway Ceramic Tile have become synonymous to reliability and superiority as it continues to deliver unmatched tile quality in the entire East Peoria. The expertise gained throughout the years of operation enabled the company to assume the role of being a leader in the emerging tile industry.

Those who choose Leeway Ceramic Tile are guaranteed of products that were taken only from our manufacturing partners all across the globe having safe working environments and using only carefully selected materials. No wonder, the company, has won the trust of customers and industry professionals.

The company offers proficient and personalized service to its customers by harnessing the skills, discipline, and creativity of its team of technical experts. Leeway Ceramic Tile has maintained its prominence in the tile industry because it has continuously upgraded its facilities to respond to the ever-changing demand and innovations introduced in the market.

As a testament to the company’s commitment to provide high tiles, its tile store is constantly evolving. Leeway Ceramic Tile boasts an enormous inventory of hundreds of production models of both domestic and international tile products, in varying designs, sizes and colors. This ensures sufficient supply of the widest range of tiles for wide customer base of cities like Bloomington, Morton, Peru, and of course Peoria

Commitment to Customer Service

Leeway Ceramic Tile believes that its employees, agents, promoters and suppliers are the driving force of its success. These people are working every day with the utmost professionalism, dedication, and passion, reflecting the core values of its founders.

The company pays particular attention at providing comfortable working conditions to its staff and provides ample training and personal development coaching. The company shares its commitment to provide the highest degree of customer service. These are reflected in the way its employees serve its customers throughout its extensive distribution network serving the Central Illinois.

Visit their showroom, and their friendly staff is always ready to guide you in finding the best solution for your project. Prepare to be amazed by the range of solutions they can offer. Leeway Ceramic Tile is the only way to have innovative and diversified tile solutions to satisfy all application requirements. At Leeway Ceramic Tile, customers can trust their selection of ceramics, porcelain, and natural stone tiles from across the world, whether they want classic or trendy designs. Whether you are renovating, building a new home, or constructing industrial edifices, you can trust Leeway Ceramic Tile because more than just being a tile company, it is a lifestyle.

Visit Leeway Ceramic Tile at 3620 N. Main Street East Peoria, IL 61611 or contact the store at (309) 694-3020.