How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Better Market Their Practice

market personal injury attorneys practice
Being a lawyer is a complex profession. And not all cases is pro bono. In more cases often than not, attorneys need to creatively market and advertise their practice to earn their keep. Here are some tips on how to better market your practice.

If you are a personal injury lawyer (or are an attorney for a reputable personal injury law firm), and have limited funds to market your practice via television, radio or with print media, then the web will be your powerhouse channel to generate new cases. Here we shed light on a few sure fire ways to up your law firm's marketing game.

Assess Competition in Your Practice Areas

First you have to assess the competition in your given practice areas. In addition to seeing how your practice stacks-up and gathering insights, see what makes you different from them. Once you have that all sorted out make use of the information you have extracted to your advantage. Take for example, servicing a particular target audience or type of cases with a particular personal injury lawsuit (e.g. Automobile Accidents.)

Next is to check out your competition’s web site and try to make your firm’s website different from them. Typically, all personal injury attorney’s websites offer similar services and legal solutions. So to be different, highlight a specific type of injury or illness where you have vast experience on and expertise. By doing this you are also increasing traffic to your website and optimize your exposure to search engines.

Implement Web Marketing Strategies

Search Marketing

Take note that you can make use of Google AdWords to advertise your practice rather easily and quickly via search engines. This advertising platform makes use of keywords so make sure to put in the right words to attract people.
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Because potential clients for personal injury attorneys typically search Google and other search engines for legal information and services, search marketing channels like AdWords are highly effective. We also suggest exploring SEO and content marketing, as these channels are highly effective for personal injury attorneys.

For example, Apolinsky & Associates, LLC is reputable wrongful death and personal injury law firm in Atlanta. They regularly publish informative blog posts surrounding the various legal areas they specialize in. Take a look at how these Atlanta personal injury attorneys are doing it by visiting AA-Legal.com.

Off-site Content Marketing

Another option is public relations, through free press releases, public interviews, articles and presentations. These materials can also be used in the website to show how the law firm or local personal injury attorney is an authority on a particular subject. Remember search engines love new content.

Public Relations

Another means of marketing your practice is being “out there”. By joining causes and organizations that is associated with a particular focus would be putting the firm and the attorney’s name in the public eye. You can also do public service campaigns like the hazards of asbestos in the workplace. These efforts will help you among other personal injury attorneys and law firms to appear more credible.

Legal Associations & Directories

The importance of promoting one’s practice is very vital to one’s success. It is good to join popular legal directories and associations such as Lawyers.com, Martindale.com and AVVO.com. This is an easy, effective and affordable way of advertising on the internet and promotes your services.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Another way of promoting your law firm is through social media marketing and advertising. A lot of businesses nowadays are making use of social media to market their services. Most social media platforms have built in data analytics tools to track progress and success of their ad campaigns. Some famous social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Finally, keep in mind that it is better to be in touch with a smaller group of people several times than to be in touch with a large number of people a few times. By exposing yourself to a smaller group on a regular basis will show your availability to them thereby making them remember you more when the need for a personal injury attorney arises.

Money may be the number one factor in marketing one’s practice but there are ways that you don’t need to spend so much. In this age of technology, there are a lot of ways to make your practice known. You just have to be ingenious.