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Seeking the Best in Assisted Living Facilities & Retirement Communities?

Snyder Village is one of the best assisted living facilities offering community-based retirement for seniors. Based in Metamora, Illinois just outside from Peoria, IL this assited living facility features a convenient and well-designed infrastructure and a caring staff that helps in many aspects of day-to-day life.

Most people are afriad that they will run out of activities to do in most retirement communities or assisted living facilities. However, Snyder Village is an exception. This Peoria, IL retirement community has taken this into consideration by creating a community where there are a lot of facilities, amenities, and activities offers. This is to make sure residents are happy and living a fulfilled, social lifestyle.

Assisted Living Services

The Snyder Village features a wide range of nursing care and assisted living services within its facility. The nursing care practice offers long term care and short term care after hospitalization, and some of the services focus on nutrition, dining, social services, laundry, skilled therapy and housekeeping.

One amazing feature about this Peoria area assisted living facility is its high staff-to-resident ratio. In addition, it is Medicare certified. Snyder Village also provides family support to those admitted here, making it a resource for all aspects of the family unit.

More About This Retirement Community in Peoria, IL

The retirement community of Snyder Village features 40 apartments and is designed for those who wish to keep their independence. The grounds offer both single and double bedroom units, and the staff provides support services with a staff working around the clock.

There are trained caregivers who provide exceptional care to the residents. The home cooked food is very delicious. The support staff is gentle, kind, compassionate and dedicates their time to spend time with the residents.

Learn more about Snyder Village by visiting or calling 309-367-4300.

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