Top 5 Brands of Pavers and Paving Stone Products

Whether you're looking for pavers and paving stone products to reinvent your driveway or perhaps you're project is a backyard overhaul, there is no shortages of premium brands worth considering. However, depending on your project, some brands outperform others in given applications (i.e. driveways, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and living spaces).
Driveway Pavers Belgard
Driveway pavers (like Belgard brand pavers shown here) add elegance to a home's entrance.
You want to ensure you get the most out of your investment and we are here to help. Below we've compiled and reviewed on some of the best producers of pavers and paving stone products on the market right now.

Belgard Pavers 
Belgard Pavers

Belgard is a major producer of pavers and paving stone products worth mentioning. A quick look at the company website Belgard.com provides shoppers with an impressive display of options, resources, and guides. Users can leverage Belgard's Project Visualizer tools and project galleries for inspiration and ideas for their own project.

Belgard has been in the paver business since 1995, so it is safe to say they are an experienced company with strong reputation in the industry. According to the company's website, each year 20,000 hours of work is dedicated toward research and development, so it's clear Belgard continues to push the envelope with new and innovated products.

Further, Belgard offers a lifetime warranty of their products. As long as you continue to own the home or project in which you have installed Belgard products, the company is willing to repair or replace damages that may occur.

Some of the most popular paver products offered by Belgard include driveway pavers, outdoor fireplace and fire pit kits, walkways, patios, pool decks, and many other paving materials made from the material of your choice. You also have the option of purchase Belgard pavers and paving stone products under a number of a payment plan options.
Retaining Wall Paver Stones

Unilock Pavers 
Unilock Pavers

This company created its name from a unique European stone some 40 years ago when its founder brought the stone from Europe to North America. Unilock has come a long way since it simple start 40 years ago and it comes from a place to long standing traditional values. The company says via its website that a lot of value is placed on the quality of products it manufactures.

Unlike some brands of paver products, Unilock provides a buy now and pay later option. Customers can choose from a variety of products, such as
  • Classic Pavers
  • Enduracolor™ Pavers
  • Walls & Verticals
  • Natural Stone Pavers
  • Porcelain Pavers
  • Stonemark™ Pavers
While some of these are brands under the Unilock manufacturing label, you can learn more about what some of these products feature by visiting Unilock.com.

Pavestone Pavers 
Pavestone Pavers

Pavestone is a company that sells a complete range of pavers, retaining walls, edging, patio stones, and rumblestone. Further, if you want to get your fireplace done, they provide the entire kit needed to make your fireplace look just stunning.

There are also pavers and paving stones to add that garden touch to you outdoor living area. They also provide wall stone and caps as well as decorative rocks, and base sand and aggregate. On the company’s website, you can also find collection of video and photos of works completed by its contractors. There are also design suggestions to allow you to explore your imagination.
Patio Pavers for Pool Deck

Techo Bloc Pavers 
Techo Bloc Pavers

Techo Bloc boasts of durable and weather resistant products on their website Techo-bloc.com. They have stated that their pace stones are built to withstand traffic and are de-icing salt resistant.

Their pavers and stones also contain colour all the way in, which allows for a for a more uniformed look even after wear and tear. We believe this is definitely a huge plus for this brand. How often do we see pavers that have lost their colour due to wear and tear and how unsightly does this look?

In addition to the durability of the products provided by Techo Bloc, you will also get a lifetime warranty. This company sells a variety of materials such as walls, steps, Slabs, pavers, and caps, edges, outdoor features, masonry and permeable products.

Cambridge Pavers

Cambridge Pavers
Cambridge Pavers promises to revolutionize salkwalks as well as downtown areas and sidewalks and so much more.

This company CambridgePavers.com has been highlighted for it outstanding production of pavers and pace stone materials by numerous sections of the media. Cambridge Pavers states on its website that its pavers have met the strict guidelines of The American Society of Testing-Materials and the Interlocking Concrete-Pavement Institute. This company provides a wide variety of products ranging from walkways, fireplaces, outdoor gardens blocks, and others.
Pool Patio Pavers


No matter which brand of pavers you choose for your remodeling and design project, you can go wrong with any of the top five. All of these companies have strong foundations, wide product varieties and amazing offers. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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