5 Business Strategies to Make Your Surgery Practice More Successful

As a surgeon, you do not undergo business training during your time in medical school but you need it for a successful private practice.

Most surgeons and medical professionals have learned business strategies the hard way through an “on-job” sort of training. Below are five business strategies that will when implemented will make your surgery practice more successful.

1. Optimize your website 

With the ever-changing technology, everyone seems to turn to search engines when looking for information about products and services. There is no better way of getting the attention of people who may be looking for your services than through SEO for surgeons. Apart from listing your services and location on the website, you can come up with a blogging series.

Consider crafting a themed series that targets your client’s needs and provide them with an exclusive proposition. The information on your blog posts will give the visitors confidence in your services as well as build you image and brand.

2. Develop video content

Over the years, use of video content has massively gained popularity though it is not used by many organizations. Good and quality videos will help give your target clients a better insight of your services and the persona of your business.

In the videos, you can include tours of your facility to show clients your team of employees as well as the technology you use. You can also have interactive webinars with past clients to ask about their progress or with potential customers to answer their questions. Including the videos on your site will enhance search engine ranking and put out your business to more customers.

3. Embrace different social media platforms

Most internet users belong to at least one social media platform, the most common ones being Facebook and Twitter. It is advisable that you create a profile for your business in each of these platforms and engage your followers in discussions about your services. You can also create campaigns and give rewards to winners. You may decide to give a free service to whoever wins; such campaigns will get more people asking about your services.

You should also consider joining LinkedIn where you can join groups to get ideas of how you can improve your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to market your services to potential clients by contributing in discussions. Lastly, check out the emerging social media platform Google+. Between the four latter mentioned social networking sites, not only can you expand the visibility of your surgery practice, but these social media platforms have been proven to help support SEO strategies for surgeons and other business professionals.

4. Be patient-centered

At the end of the day, it is your patients who determine how successful your business becomes. If they give other people a positive feedback regarding your services you will get more clients.

Always help the patient go through what to expect from the procedure, its risks, and after-care. Do not just clear a patient for a surgery just because you need the money. After a surgery always ensure to follow up with your patients and find out how they are fairing.

5. Improve surgery billing process with patients

At the end of the day it is every business’s goal to make revenues. You therefore need to have a clear understanding of your revenue cycle. You staff should play a big role and ensure that billing starts immediately a patient makes a booking through to the time they are treated and discharged.

As surgery billing best practices, always ensure that the data obtained from patients is accurate so you are easily able to follow up on issues such as insurance and demographics. For maximum revenue it is critical that all charges are reconciled and above all make it a point to share your billing policies with clients.

Branding is critical in setting the tone on how your community and patients perceive your services. Using these five strategies will get your business rolling towards success.


The Importance of Network Security & Support for Small Businesses

Network security and support should be one of the highest priorities for any organization, even small businesses. Technology drives most day-to-day business operations, and a company's computer network is an asset that need proper support, ongoing monitoring, and a high-level of security. Below we delve into why all small businesses need some level of network security and support to help protect their company's digital assets.

What is Network Security?

A network is a large system of interconnected computers. The whole point of a network is to make it possible for people to access remote areas without physically having to be present there. Even for smaller networks, it is very important that important information be kept safe from any outside agents. This is where computer network security comes into play. It is an essential tool to protect your company’s information and data.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Network Security?

In today’s digital age, the threat from hackers and cyber criminals is a pressing concern. It is the duty of small organizations to ensure that the data of their employees and clients are protected in the best possible manner. In fact there are a number of laws that make it compulsory for businesses to have adequate network security measures.

Most businesses have financial and personal information of clients and employees. Hence it is vital that a good security system be in place, at least one with basic firewalls and anti-virus protection. Consulting with a professional computer network security company is a good way determine your needs and get a sound protocol established.

What are the problems that can arise from inadequate network security?

There are a number of problems that can arise if your sensitive data falls into the wrong hands:

a. Confidentiality Breach: There is definitely certain information that a company would like to keep out of their competitor’s reach. Improper security makes it easier for criminals to access this.
b. Data Destruction: Sometimes important data could be destroyed and this can have repercussions on your company’s operations.
c. Data Manipulation: It will be possible for hackers to manipulate data without you even realizing that anything has been changed.
d. Phishing: Many hackers will use phishing techniques to gather personal information about your employees and clients. This can enable them to break into their bank accounts or use their credit card numbers.

How to Protect Your Business?

There are many measures that can be taken to improve your company security.

Strong passwords and reliable anti-virus software are an absolute must. It would also be good to enable firewalls to enhance security. Make sure that mail attachments are opened only when there is a reliable source. The business network and IT support team should periodically monitor access to networks, memory sticks and other plug-in devices.

The following four-step program is essential for good network security:

a. Secure: Make sure all your data is protected with adequate authentication.
b. Examine: Constantly monitor these safeguards to ensure that there is no breach.
c. Test: Keep random tests to gauge the vulnerability of your system.
d. Enhance: Take the necessary action whenever there is a need to improve security.

Another important feature is to have a support system in place if there are any security breaches. After all you need to be in control, even if your system responds in a peculiar way that you cannot quite understand. Having adequate support ensures that you can handle any situation in the best possible manner.


What Separates Walz Scale from Other Truck Scale Suppliers

There is a reason why many professionals and businesses prefer Walz Scale's truck scales and advanced weighing system over the many other options available in the market. Walz Scale products offer incredible advantages for a wide range of industry applications, and they often come with an array of features to help streamline weighing processes and data analysis.

The exceptional quality standards set by this Walz Scale are hard to find anywhere else. Considering the fact that everyone is looking for optimum performance and efficiency, it is important to always know exactly the type of scale to meet your needs. There are several features that set this particular truck scale supplier apart from the others. Here are some of the most important aspects to consider.

Wide spectrum of truck scales and weighing systems

Definitely, there is a wide variety of situations that you would want to use the portable scales in. There are also many types of trucks that you want to weigh. Because of this, it can only be good if you find a chance to choose what specifically suits you.

What many people do not know is that what might be good for one user may not even be close to what others want. Although there are scales that can be used i multiple situations, reliable studies have always shown that the best results can only be achieved if you use something that has been specifically tailored for your needs.

Lightweight yet highly durable truck scales

Portable truck scales from Walz are majorly made from aluminum. Because of this, they are very light and so, easily portable. Even though people want something that has many features and which is strong, there is no doubt that they also wants that which they can easily carry from one workstation to another.

What makes it even better is that even though they are lightweight, they last longer than any other scale. It is because they have been made by incorporating high quality components. This way, you can be sure to save money because you do not have to keep buying a new one every now and then.

Software-integrated, custom-configured weighing solutions

Walz Scale systems comes readily installed with amazing software that you need so as to make your work easier. Once you have bought them, you do not need to worry about modifying them or installing any other thing. If you have ever used this equipment, you definitely know how important it is to have the right software.

One of the biggest problems with scales that do not use any software is that they may not only be difficult to use but they also may not show accurate results. This can greatly mislead you and affect your work.

Another reason why Walz truck scales stand out from the rest is the fact that they are able to custom-configure to meet the specifications of every client. May be, you needs are quite different from what everyone is looking for. In such a situation, you can only enjoy using the equipment if you can alter them to fit your situation. The ease with which you can do this is also amazing.

As you can see, the benefits of using these truck scales are almost endless. What you need to do is to identify what you really need and go for it.