How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Better Market Their Practice

market personal injury attorneys practice
Being a lawyer is a complex profession. And not all cases is pro bono. In more cases often than not, attorneys need to creatively market and advertise their practice to earn their keep. Here are some tips on how to better market your practice.

If you are a personal injury lawyer (or are an attorney for a reputable personal injury law firm), and have limited funds to market your practice via television, radio or with print media, then the web will be your powerhouse channel to generate new cases. Here we shed light on a few sure fire ways to up your law firm's marketing game.

Assess Competition in Your Practice Areas

First you have to assess the competition in your given practice areas. In addition to seeing how your practice stacks-up and gathering insights, see what makes you different from them. Once you have that all sorted out make use of the information you have extracted to your advantage. Take for example, servicing a particular target audience or type of cases with a particular personal injury lawsuit (e.g. Automobile Accidents.)

Next is to check out your competition’s web site and try to make your firm’s website different from them. Typically, all personal injury attorney’s websites offer similar services and legal solutions. So to be different, highlight a specific type of injury or illness where you have vast experience on and expertise. By doing this you are also increasing traffic to your website and optimize your exposure to search engines.

Implement Web Marketing Strategies

Search Marketing

Take note that you can make use of Google AdWords to advertise your practice rather easily and quickly via search engines. This advertising platform makes use of keywords so make sure to put in the right words to attract people.
Personal injury lawyer checklist

Because potential clients for personal injury attorneys typically search Google and other search engines for legal information and services, search marketing channels like AdWords are highly effective. We also suggest exploring SEO and content marketing, as these channels are highly effective for personal injury attorneys.

For example, Apolinsky & Associates, LLC is reputable wrongful death and personal injury law firm in Atlanta. They regularly publish informative blog posts surrounding the various legal areas they specialize in. Take a look at how these Atlanta personal injury attorneys are doing it by visiting AA-Legal.com.

Off-site Content Marketing

Another option is public relations, through free press releases, public interviews, articles and presentations. These materials can also be used in the website to show how the law firm or local personal injury attorney is an authority on a particular subject. Remember search engines love new content.

Public Relations

Another means of marketing your practice is being “out there”. By joining causes and organizations that is associated with a particular focus would be putting the firm and the attorney’s name in the public eye. You can also do public service campaigns like the hazards of asbestos in the workplace. These efforts will help you among other personal injury attorneys and law firms to appear more credible.

Legal Associations & Directories

The importance of promoting one’s practice is very vital to one’s success. It is good to join popular legal directories and associations such as Lawyers.com, Martindale.com and AVVO.com. This is an easy, effective and affordable way of advertising on the internet and promotes your services.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Another way of promoting your law firm is through social media marketing and advertising. A lot of businesses nowadays are making use of social media to market their services. Most social media platforms have built in data analytics tools to track progress and success of their ad campaigns. Some famous social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Finally, keep in mind that it is better to be in touch with a smaller group of people several times than to be in touch with a large number of people a few times. By exposing yourself to a smaller group on a regular basis will show your availability to them thereby making them remember you more when the need for a personal injury attorney arises.

Money may be the number one factor in marketing one’s practice but there are ways that you don’t need to spend so much. In this age of technology, there are a lot of ways to make your practice known. You just have to be ingenious.


What's the Best Video Transfer Service to Convert VHS to DVD?

Technology had an amazing transformation in the last few decades. When it comes to video transfer service, from manual formats like VHS to digital format like DVD, it is amazing. But how do we scale back to VHS and convert the old to the new?

Converting our old VHS home video tapes is a wonderful thing to do. Keeping those memories forever is what you intended on in the first place. Look back at your children’s first steps or the old dog you used to have and really treasure your past.

Making the investment to convert VHS to DVD them gives you easy access to show your friends and share online or just to watch at home when you remember wonderful times of your life – a wonderful feeling of taking a walk down memory lane. So, how do we go about doing this?

1. Specialized Video Transfer Shops

Specialized video transfer shops who are proficient in converting VHS to DVD is one of the best ways to get all your memories converted to digital. Local specialists have the most options available to you. They have all the equipment they need to not only bring your videos to life digitally but also enhance the videos original quality.

VHS was not made to last, so as time goes by, their quality decreases. Specialists enhance the quality by ridding the video of film grain or dust particles from showing up, they can also correct the color of the videos for you so it looks way more pleasing to the eye. For instance, one local video transfer company based in Atlanta, Current Pixel, not only provides VHS to DVD conversion services, but also custom editing based on customer's needs.

In a nutshell, these experts can stabilize the image quality for you. This saves you a lot of time and know how. So, if you want quality, look up your nearest local specialist. They have many formats available, or you can request a USB along with your DVD. Keeping a copy on your PC is great. This makes it a ton easier to upload your memories online to share with your friends and family.

2. VHS to DVD Conversion Services

There are many shops out there that offer a service to convert from DVD to VHS such as Wal-Mart or Costco from their photo departments. Only thing is their service is limited. They can convert many formats to DVD, but they do not have any of the image enhancement options.

They also do not work with VHS tapes longer than 2 hours. They do have the plus side of a delivery service once the conversion is completed. The downside is it takes up to 3 weeks to arrive at your door. Another pro for this option besides saving you your own time is that they can make you a music video of your highlights and even add chapters to your DVD.

3. Do It Yourself

There are a few ways in which you can convert your own VHS tapes to digital. It still isn’t a free option, depending on the equipment that you have but will save you money. Just know, this is a project you will have to devote a lot of your time to! The number of tapes you have, take longer to do but will also save you a lot of money. But the reward is well worth the effort. There are a few methods you can do this with, but also the quality will not be as great as letting the pros enhance the quality for you. If you have one of those VCR and DVD player combo machines then you have one way to convert video yourself.

If you don’t have one, you might be lucky enough to find one on eBay or any second-hand websites. Another option if you already have a VCR, is buying an RCA audio/video cable and a standalone DVD burner. The process is still simple, you connect the RCA cable from the output of the VCR into the RCA input of the DVD burner. You can find everything you need online. You could even connect your old camera into the DVD burner as if it were the VCR to get the same results.

These are your best options for saving all your old memories, by saving I mean keep forever. Since VHS tapes degrade with age, you could lose all that footage if you don’t do something about it. Save your memories, you have seen how easy it is. Even if you don’t have that much money to spare, then your only cost will be your time. And your time is definitely well worth it.

Image sourced at CurrentPixel.com


Atlanta Internet Marketing Company Spearheads Search-first Approach

Atlanta Internet marketing company, Captivate Search Marketing, is progressing the ever-evolving art of web marketing by putting search engine optimization (SEO) on the forefront.
Atlanta Internet Marketing Company

In essence, the innovative Internet marketing provider in Atlanta has adopted a "search-first" approach to virtually everything it does. Below we take a closer look at how this top-rated Atlanta Internet marketing company known as Captivate Search Marketing is actualizing this mission.

It Starts With Search™

Having recently trademarked the phrase It Starts With Search™ Captivate Search Marketing (formally under the entity Webvolution Designs, LLC) reinforces its search-first approach in its new slogan. But what exactly does this mean?

Lets take a look at a few examples in how Captivate Search Marketing applies search-first methodology to its comprehensive digital solutions.

SEO Internet Marketing Atlanta

Website Design & Development

Now more than ever, it's essential to have a well-optimized website to be a contender for top search rankings. In employing search-first practices to website design and development, Captivate Search Marketing addresses vital SEO-friendly elements to ensure its clients' websites are geared for success.

Factors like website load speed, HTML, Javascript, structured data markup, on-site content, conversion touch points, usability and engagement variables are all taken into consideration when constructing a site. These elements, when properly addressed and optimized, establish the foundation for a successful future in SEO.

Social Media Marketing

The next most important online assets aside from a company's website is its social media profiles. Here too the search-first approach can lend to strategic implementation in how these accounts are establish and managed.

Take for instance the on-page SEO elements of a company's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest page. These elements, ranging from the profile's URL naming convention to its description, can facilitate greater efficacy for SEO.

Captivate Search Marketing applies a data-driven strategy to bring these elements to the surface, audit their current status, and optimize accordingly. As a result, clients can often realize greater success leveraging social media as an Internet marketing adhesive for stronger and more sustainable rankings.

Online Reputation Management

The search-first approach couldn't be more applicable to an important component known as online reputation management. Take for instance the typical "Google" the company name scenario, common among prospective vendors and customers. The Google search results will often dictate the company's reputation, based on reviews, the top rankings sites, and the content on those sites.

Atlanta Internet Marketing Agency
Just one of may testaments of how this Atlanta Internet marketing agency
has helped its clients take ownership of page one of Google.

Captivate Search Marketing takes a proactive approach in helping customers shape their online reputation by owning positive sentiment on the first page. Associated with search engine optimized social media profiles and other top ranking online assets, the Atlanta Internet marketing company help businesses and brands take ownership of the search engine results that reflect their name and keywords. This proactive approach to online reputation management also helps mitigate the impact of any negative reviews that may arise.

In addition to proactive reputation management, Captivate Search Marketing also helps businesses respond to negative reviews and content associated with their name. While this can be the most challenging project to tackle, the company is well-versed in helping businesses and brands properly respond, address, and outrank any negative correspondence associated with its clients.

Content Marketing

Parallel to Captivate Search Marketing's data-driven yet creative approach to undertaking comprehensive Internet marketing programs, content marketing remains highly SEO oriented while seeking to achieve a number of objectives.

From blog posts, videos, press releases, and other forms of media, the content marketing team of Captivate Search Marketing leverages keyword data along with layers of creativity and the client's personality to help execute purposeful content marketing campaigns.

Contact Top SEO Company in Atlanta

Captivate Search Marketing has emerged as one of the top SEO companies in Atlanta as a result of its impeccable customer service, outstanding results, and honest, straightforward approach to working with businesses in Georgia.

To learn more about this Atlanta SEO company, visit its website at CaptivateSEO.com, or follow the address, location, and phone number below to get in touch with a representative of the company.

Captivate Search Marketing
1800 Peachtree St NW #205
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone:(404) 953-2406

Map of Captivate Search Marketing in Atlanta, Georgia:


Custom Divot Repair Tools as Business Promo Items?

When it comes creative promotional items for businesses, resonating with your target audience is essential. Golfers among one of the most widely approachable populations when it comes to such marketing efforts. One of them most righteous promo item ideas we've found is using custom divot repair tools that are branded to whatever business, function, or purpose fits the bill.
Custom Divot Repair Tools

But not just any custom divot repair tools. We're talking about the Mark Mender. If you have not yet heard about the world class divot repair tool called the Mark Mender and what amazing features it has to offer, then read on as we righteously dish it out.

Introducing Custom Divot Tools from Mark Mender

When it comes to leveraging the most unique and standout promotional items for golfers, there is good reason why the Mark Mender custom divot tool and ball marker is a major win.

Unlike conventional divot tools, the Mark Mender is a four-prong, multi-purpose device that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism. This enables golfers to effectively repair their divot with meticulous care and with a layer of gratification and satisfaction.

Designed around an easy poke-and-pinch technique, the Mark Mender is able to repair divots without uprooting the greens. It's design and feel makes it far more original compared to other customizable divot repair tools. And because the Mark Mender is so highly regarded for its multi-functional capabilities, it has been touted as one the best promotional items for golfers.

Unlike Any Other Divot Repair Tool

What makes the Mark Mender so unique and innovative is its 4-in-1 functionality. The Mark Mender offers golfers far more than just an awesome ball mark repair tool. The handy device also serves as one of the best cigar holders. (And not like those cheap, unreliable cigar holders that attach to your golf cart.) We're talking a sharp, stainless steel cigar holder that you can carry with you as you approach the green to put.
Personalized Divot Tool Mark Mender

But that is not all. The Mark Mender also acts as the perfect grip rest, enabling you to keep your golf grips dry from the dewy grass. The device is also affixed with a magnetic ball marker which is common on most other divot repair tools. The difference being: the magnetic ball mark is the component on the divot repair tool that's customized. So every time a golfer removes the ball mark to prepare for his or her putt, they'll see and remember the logo or graphic that's identified with your design.

In essence, there are few promotional golf items like the Mark Mender. If you want to make a statement virtually every time your target audience prepares for his or her putt, the this custom divot repair tool is sure-fire win.

A Divot Repair Tool That Greenskeepers Love

When it comes to fixing divots on the green, the Mark Mender's design makes it impossible to misuse and do damage to the greens. For instance, conventional divot tools (that use the basic 2 prong design), promote a natural tendency of lifting up around the divot. This actually uproots the grass of the green, causing damage that can take several weeks to heal. If you've ever noticed brown spots on the greens, then you'll be more mindful to know that this is simply the result of mindless divot repairing.

The Mark Mender divot repair tool is uniquely designed to mitigate mindless divot repair and minimize damage to the greens by fixing ball marks with proper technique. And while doubling as the ultimate cigar holder and magnetic ball marker, the Mark Mender is the hands-down the professional's choice among golf promotional items. See for yourself what renders the Mark Mender as a world class, custom-made divot repair tool. Leverage the best promotional golf item that can be fully customized to your company, brand, cause, or event.

Personalized Mark Mender Divot Repair Tools

By providing personalized promotional golf items at wholesale prices, you can customize your own Mark Mender divot tool for a number of branding, marketing, and advertising purposes. Whether you’re in need of promotional golf items for your business or want to introduce something unique to your arsenal of trade show swag, the Mark Mender offers practical golf promotional items that are both creative and appreciated among recipients.

And with a low minimum order on custom divot tool orders at wholesale pricing, you may discover the Mark Mender divot tool to be your reliable promotional golf gift for more than just one campaign or occasion. Not only is great for promotional golf items, but many other applications ranging from groomsmen golf gifts to tournament giveaways.

Don't settle for run-of-the-mill promotional golf items that end up lost and forgotten about. Try testing the waters with a unique and compelling instrument and take advantage of the Mark Mender golf ball divot repair tool.