What's the Best Video Transfer Service to Convert VHS to DVD?

Technology had an amazing transformation in the last few decades. When it comes to video transfer service, from manual formats like VHS to digital format like DVD, it is amazing. But how do we scale back to VHS and convert the old to the new?

Converting our old VHS home video tapes is a wonderful thing to do. Keeping those memories forever is what you intended on in the first place. Look back at your children’s first steps or the old dog you used to have and really treasure your past.

Making the investment to convert VHS to DVD them gives you easy access to show your friends and share online or just to watch at home when you remember wonderful times of your life – a wonderful feeling of taking a walk down memory lane. So, how do we go about doing this?

1. Specialized Video Transfer Shops

Specialized video transfer shops who are proficient in converting VHS to DVD is one of the best ways to get all your memories converted to digital. Local specialists have the most options available to you. They have all the equipment they need to not only bring your videos to life digitally but also enhance the videos original quality.

VHS was not made to last, so as time goes by, their quality decreases. Specialists enhance the quality by ridding the video of film grain or dust particles from showing up, they can also correct the color of the videos for you so it looks way more pleasing to the eye. For instance, one local video transfer company based in Atlanta, Current Pixel, not only provides VHS to DVD conversion services, but also custom editing based on customer's needs.

In a nutshell, these experts can stabilize the image quality for you. This saves you a lot of time and know how. So, if you want quality, look up your nearest local specialist. They have many formats available, or you can request a USB along with your DVD. Keeping a copy on your PC is great. This makes it a ton easier to upload your memories online to share with your friends and family.

2. VHS to DVD Conversion Services

There are many shops out there that offer a service to convert from DVD to VHS such as Wal-Mart or Costco from their photo departments. Only thing is their service is limited. They can convert many formats to DVD, but they do not have any of the image enhancement options.

They also do not work with VHS tapes longer than 2 hours. They do have the plus side of a delivery service once the conversion is completed. The downside is it takes up to 3 weeks to arrive at your door. Another pro for this option besides saving you your own time is that they can make you a music video of your highlights and even add chapters to your DVD.

3. Do It Yourself

There are a few ways in which you can convert your own VHS tapes to digital. It still isn’t a free option, depending on the equipment that you have but will save you money. Just know, this is a project you will have to devote a lot of your time to! The number of tapes you have, take longer to do but will also save you a lot of money. But the reward is well worth the effort. There are a few methods you can do this with, but also the quality will not be as great as letting the pros enhance the quality for you. If you have one of those VCR and DVD player combo machines then you have one way to convert video yourself.

If you don’t have one, you might be lucky enough to find one on eBay or any second-hand websites. Another option if you already have a VCR, is buying an RCA audio/video cable and a standalone DVD burner. The process is still simple, you connect the RCA cable from the output of the VCR into the RCA input of the DVD burner. You can find everything you need online. You could even connect your old camera into the DVD burner as if it were the VCR to get the same results.

These are your best options for saving all your old memories, by saving I mean keep forever. Since VHS tapes degrade with age, you could lose all that footage if you don’t do something about it. Save your memories, you have seen how easy it is. Even if you don’t have that much money to spare, then your only cost will be your time. And your time is definitely well worth it.

Image sourced at CurrentPixel.com

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