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Since 1975, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic has grown to become one of the most well-known and highly-trusted Berkeley chiropractors in the Bay Area. Dr. Hamilton's approach to chiropractic care centers on The Pettibon System, which is a comprehensive spinal rehabilitation model that has been proven effective in countless patients.

With typical chiropractic programs spanning from several weeks to several months, patients undergo treatments that yield progressive changes in biomechanics, greater spinal alignment, and overall mobility. Below describe what makes Berkeley chiropractor, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic Offices so highly sought in Berkeley and throughout the Bay Area.

Advanced Pettibon System Approach

In addition to the advanced Pettibon System approach, Hamilton Chiropractic Offices is home to a number of other treatments and technologies that define Dr. Hamilton's practice. Vital to each patient's chiropractic programs is the use of X-rays. After taking several X-rays of his patients, the Berkeley chiropractor makes precise measurements and determines angles of spinal displacement. This enables Dr. Hamilton to make calculated and precise spinal adjustments over the course of the treatment program.

Laser Therapy 

Another powerful treatment protocol in the Berkeley chiropractor's healing arsenal is cold laser therapy. Specifically known as the class IV K-Laser, this cold laser therapy emits a high-power, yet pain-free laser to areas of the body that need accelerated healing and recovery. The laser therapy can help to reduce and relieve pain while stimulating cellular regeneration and healing.

Disc Decompression

Dr. Mik Hamilton also provides disc decompression treatment for his patients. Composed of a padded table that patients lie on horizontally, the disc decompression machine is designed to pull from opposite ends of the spine to decompress the discs of the spine.

During a typical 5-10 minute session, the patient has complete control over the degree of tension on the head and hips via a remote control. A vibration throughout the table stimulates the decompressive effect. After the treatment, patients often claim feeling much looser and mobile throughout the spine.

Top-Rated Chiropractor in Berkeley, CA

With an average 5-star review on Google+, patients of Hamilton Chiropractic are highly satisfied with the level of chiropractic care of Dr. Hamilton.

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