New Site Helps Coaches Start A Triathlon Coaching Business

Better Triathlete, one of the fastest growing triathlon websites on the web, has cultivated a righteous business plan that helps connect athletes with triathlon coaching. But that's not all.

In addition to launching the Better Triathlete "Triathlon Coaches Network", the online publisher also provides a number of resources to help educate and inspire athletes to thrive in their sport.

Among the most prominent resources are compilations of triathlon-related podcasts, some of the best triathlon books, and blog that regularly puts out pure value ideas on, well, becoming a better triathlete.

About The Triathlon Coaches Network

Better Triathlete's Triathlon Coaches Network is designed to help athletes find triathlon coaches in their local area. Additionally, the website will soon be sponsoring coaches that offer online triathlon coaching. In short, Better Triathlete is righteously crafted to become the next online authority in all thing triathlon.

The Triathlon Coaches Network offers sponsorships for all fifty states, so a coaches must apply to represent their state as part of the network. Soon, the website will be expanding into regional areas of focus, as well as popular cities. This will allow more quality triathlon coaches get exposure, especially from athletes who are in their local area.

How Is This a Triathlon Coaching Business Model?

Emerging coaches looking to start a triathlon coaching business must seek creative ways to carve a niche and gain exposure. Each sponsored triathlon coach in Better Triathlete's network gets to occupy the profile page for his or her particular state. And because these state webpages generate a lot of traffic consisting of Google searchers looking for triathlon coaches in Florida or Michigan triathlon coach, sponsored coaches often get acquire new athletes. This in turn helps them grow a triathlon coaching business, and build a reputation.

The monetization of the online publishing site is an affordable monthly membership fee that sponsored triathlon coaches are often more than willing to pay give the return on their investment.

Be sure to check out the website and the brainchild behind its triathlon coaching business model. Visit the official website at BetterTriathlete.com, or check it out on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

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