Retro2Ride.com Makes a Statement With These 3 New Cycling Jerseys

While there are many companies offering custom cycling jerseys, only a few offer professional custom designing services to ensure that your concept gets to life. Retro2Ride.com (Retro Two Image Apparel) is one of these companies and it is currently setting a standard for the creative custom cycling jerseys. But how is this company setting a new pace in the field of custom jerseys designs in the web?
Retro Two Cycling Jerseys New

Retro Two runs an online store which features a wider range of cycling jerseys most of which have vintage and retro style. With the custom cycling jerseys designs, Retro Two is now offering a variety of options to riders. As a customer, you can submit your own vectored digital file preferably in Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator. After the submission you will need to wait for at least two hours to get your custom designed jerseys. Generally, you will receive the design proof within 1-5 days after the company has received your artwork. The following are the three new cycling jerseys making a statement at Retro Two.

1. Balloon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

This is a new and alluring cycling jersey for the women seeking something unique. It's great for warmer temperatures and for people who would like to avoid the farmer’s tanline. And if you have a taste for art, you will like its original and unique design.
Balloon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey

The jersey features a bold and colorful pattern on both the front and back and it is more like a hot air balloon which attracts an eye. Balloon Sleeveless Cycling Jersey features almost each and every color of the rainbow in brighter jewel tones. When looking for the best women or men cycling jersey, or a great gift cycling jersey idea, this should be your first consideration. Perhaps, you may not find a jersey of similar quality in any other place.

2. 1965 Ciclo Cross Men's Short Cycling Jersey

This is the Retro Two cycling jersey which celebrates the 1965 World Ciclo-Cross Championship rigors. Generally, the cyclocross races are staged in winter and fall and involve several laps on a shorter course. The course features different types of terrains and obstacles that require the riders to dismount fast, to carry their bikes while navigating these obstacles and to remount.
1965 Ciclo Cross Men's Short Cycling Jersey

Retro Two makes this jersey with premium grade fabrics and it therefore looks great in addition to fitting perfectly. Possibly, you can use it as a gift for cyclocross fans or anyone born in the year 1965. The jersey has perfect humidity and temperature control which helps in wicking away any moisture. Moreover, this cycling jersey is effective in UV protection and has a hidden full length YKK brand zipper.

3. STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

This is a 100% original and unique cycling jersey from Retro Two which is also available for both men and women. On its front, it features St Louis’s skyline, which the designers frames with the famed arch. And on its back, the STL-Style cycling jersey features oversized graphic representations of city’s seal. It has fairly subtle colors; reddish orange background and dark gray images. On the sides and shoulders, the New Jersey features black fleurs-de-lis which the producer prints on a brighter yellow background.
STL-Style Women’s Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

When looking for a original collection of unique cycling jerseys, you should check the Retro Two website for the available products. They always offer custom jerseys that will satisfy your needs.

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