4 Award-Winning Independent Film Production Companies

The creative writing, production value, and edge-of-your-seat performance that goes into today's indie films rivals that of major motion pictures. With more and more independent film production companies spawning around the globe, we can anticipate a shift in more independently-produced films getting the recognition they deserve.

To highlight some of the talented teams responsible for today's amazing indie films, in this article we feature four reputable and award-winning independent film production companies.
Independent Film Production Companies

Gilbert Films

While the Los Angeles based independent film production company has only two people at its helm, the two producers (Jordan Horrowitz and Gary Gilbert) have a lot of perseverance between them. Gilbert was responsible for the film company’s breakthrough film, Garden State, that won the independent Spirit Award for Best First Feature. Jordan later joined him and the two produced The Kids Are Alright that went ahead and won multiple awards.

The independent film production company is going from strength to strength under the able leadership of the duo. Gilbert Films is more focused on quality rather than expansion, and carefully chooses projects that combine artistry and commercial viability.

8180 Films

This northern Michigan-based independent film production company started in 2008 by Jim Carpenter, Larry Brand, and Rebecca Reynolds. The mission of 8180 Films is to produce high-quality, cost-effective independent films. As one of the fastest emerging independent film production companies, 8180 Films, has won numerous awards in all major categories, such as best documentary, best drama, best actor, and best screenplay. Its films have been played at different international festivals, including Mumbai International and Oaxaca Film Festival as well as in local film festivals such as Napa Valley, Chelsea, and Sedona international film festivals.

The company’s excellent reputation has enabled it to attract many talented actors such as Moshe Kasher, John Fugelsang, and Stephen Lang. 8180 Films has recently unveiled the long awaited film, Beyond Glory, starring award-winning actor Stephen Lang. Based on a classic novel, Beyond Glory the film is a story that covers the story of eight of the nation’s military heroes. It entertains, inspires, educates, and passes to the future generations the values and ideals of the men and women in uniform. For more information about this reputable independent film production company, visit 8180Films.com.

EFO Films

EFO Films was founded by George Furla and Randall Emmett in 1998 but later merged with Oasis ventures. It is one indie film production company that has witnessed tremendous growth since its inception. Despite its conservative budget and a small team, it has produced over 80 films, which have grossed more than a billion dollars at the box office.

The most popular film by EFO Films was Rambo that won numerous local and international awards such as Golden Screen in Germany and Razzie Awards. Its Lone Survivor movie also won numerous awards such as the Screen Actors Awards and the Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards. The independent film company is located in Beverly Hills, California.

Sprout Pictures

Sprout Pictures is an award winning independent television and film Production Company owned by Stephen Fry and Gina Carter. For television, the indie film company is responsible for famous shows such as Doors Open, Little Crackers, and Gadget Man. Sprout pictures produced eleven films for Sky Arts and three for the BBC.

These ground breaking series included the editorial debuts for Matt Smith, Marc Warren, and Idris Elba. Its films have won numerous awards at the RTS, IFTA, and the international 3D awards. The company produces films in all genres, and combines passion, distinctiveness, and quality across all its works. It is based in London, United Kingdom.

The above discussed firms are the top five award winning independent film production companies. The list is based on the quality of their work and their personal achievements.

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