Top 3 SEO Tools for In-house Marketing Teams

Many businesses that employ in-house marketing teams are investing in their own internal SEO resources. Whether it be SEO tools or educational programs to better a company's capabilities with search marketing, there's a trend among many companies in keeping SEO in-house (and not outsourcing SEO services to another firm.)
SEO for In-house Marketing Team

As the lead SEO for companies like Optimized Surgeons and other local SEO firms, I get asked what tools I use for SEO intelligence and competitive analysis. Below are three of the top SEO tools that I recommend for in-house marketing teams.

1. Moz

Moz provides a variety of inbound marketing and marketing analytics that are worth having for the improvement of SEO on your online business. Although the Moz subscriptions come in different packages for diverse use, you will definitely fall in love with this easy to use tool that will help you track your website rankings on search engines, compare link metrics and analyze keyword difficulty among other uses.
Moz SEO Tools

The Moz Pro tool is perhaps the most popular of the Moz subscription packages. This tool allows users to get into control of SEO marketing analytics by simplifying the basic algorithms used in ranking each of your web pages. Suggestions of popular keywords and key phrases that have the lowest competition are available on Keyword Difficulty and SERP Analysis tool available on Moz Pro.

The tool retrieves the top 10 rankings for any keyword then provides you with a difficulty score that is based on the pages that currently rank for that word. You can then choose effective popular keywords to use for content strategy and SEO copywriting, making them different from those that your competitors use. Moz tools for SEO are available at a small fee.

2. SEMrush
SEMRush SEO Tools

SEMrush SEO tools largely help in site audit, keyword research, and domain analysis. The software also comes with detailed manual where users can learn new tricks in internet marketing. With SEMrush you will be able to track web optimization progress to know what areas of search engine marketing you need to improve on and the areas that are perfect. This will in turn help you save time and energy that you would have used otherwise in non-productive internet marketing methods.

The tool will also help you analyze and generate domains that are more likely to rank well on search engines and hence help in increasing sales on your online business. Keyword value analysis services provided by SEMrush will help you create high-volume and long tail-keywords that are good for SEO ranking. This simple SEO tool is worth every single cent you use for subscribing and downloading its services.

3. Link Assistant 
Link Assistant SEO Tools

As the name somehow suggests, Link Assistant is an SEO software that is primarily developed to help you in link building, a critical element for improving website ranking. The backlink analysis solutions provided by this tool are very important for your business’ overall SEO ranking.

The Link Assistant tool also provides rank tracking options that if used effectively, can help you know if you are moving in the right direction in terms of internet marketing efforts needed to propel your business to the next level. A downloadable package known as SEO PowerSuite provided by Assistant Link is also worth mentioning because of its all-in-one features. These include the basics of SEO marketing and some complex analytics that your website will greatly need as you indulge deeply into in-house marketing for your company.

Link Assistant tools for effective SEO are also available at a fee although there are some features and editions of the content that you can actually access for free on their official website.

Hopefully these tools will help you improve your online business SEO rankings to help your web content appear on the top pages of search engine. Remember to ask for help from the software developers if you find difficulties using their SEO products. Post was written by Tyler Tafelsky.

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