Top 3 Companies for Custom Cycling Jerseys on the Web

If you are a religious cyclist or a member of cycling team, then you probably appreciate unique and original cycling jerseys to sport during your rides. For many, custom cycling jerseys are the way to go.

It doesn't really matter if you ride for fun or competitive, a custom-made cycling jersey can be the fashion-forward element to make you feel extra good when clipping into your pedals. For cycling teams and clubs, have uniform cycling jerseys is often a must.
Custom Cycling Jerseys on the Web

While there are a number of businesses that offer custom cycling jerseys, only a few companies specialize in custom cycling jersey design. These companies can help bring your custom bike jersey concept to life, while ensuring the finish product is printed on a high performance cycling apparel made from the best material in the industry.

Retro2Ride.com Custom Cycle Jerseys

Retro2Ride.com (formally Retro Two Image Apparel) is a company that specializes in crafting custom cycling jerseys using the highest quality materials available. While some companies that offer custom bike jerseys require volume purchases for custom order, the minimum at Retro2Ride.com is only 25 jerseys (with all 25 units having the same custom design and of the same gender.)

Your custom art should preferably be created in Adobe Illustrator and all fonts should be converted to paths and the linked images should be imbedded. If correctly formatted, Retro2Ride.com will also accept other files made on similar design software. Further, your images need to be of high resolution of 300dpi or higher to ensure optimal quality.

Retro2Ride.com will release the first demo of your design with 1-5 business days after receiving artwork that suits their guidelines. You will not be charged for shipping of 25 products and above for continents that are within U.S.

You can also work with Retro2Ride.com to have their team of design experts make your custom cycling jersey concept. To learn more, visit Retro2Ride.com.

PrimalWear.com Custom Bike Jerseys

PrimalWear.com is another company that is known for high quality cycling jersey production that have been loved by all people for a very long time. To get custom cycling jerseys from PrimalWear.com requires that you follow their guidelines strictly and ensure that you meet the minimum product requirement of 25 with all products having the same design and being for the same gender wearers.

PrimalWear.com will create one design for each item requested for at no charge and will revise the design up to two times at to extra cost. However, all subsequent revisions will be charged at the rate of $50 per hour. All the logos and graphics you supply must be print ready and all the texts to be used must be outlined. The JPEGs should be a minimum of 150dpi and should be sized appropriately.

BioRacer.com Custom Cycling Jersey Design

BioRacer.com is known through out the U.K. for making the most high end and thoroughly quality materials. With the cycling jersey you custom make, the company will provide you with an all weather uniform fit for you and your team. The company allows you to design your own custom made logos and determine how your cycling jersey will look using their own designer app.

With BioRacer.com, you will receive feedback within 24 hours of the quote, which is pretty fast turnaround for custom cycling jerseys.

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