3 Awesome Computer Stores in Peoria That Are NOT Big Box Retailers

Computer Stores in Peoria
When searching for computer stores in Peoria, IL, you're often best off working with a local business over a big box retailer. In short, there are many perks to going with local businesses for computers compared to going to big box stores like Best Buy.

For starters, you get specialized knowledge and customer support versus bloated sales teams and unmotivated customer services. When it comes to being the best in business for buying computers in Peoria, IL, check out these local computer stores in the greater Peoria Area.

Facet Technologies, Inc.

Facet Technologies, Inc. is one of the most sought after computer stores in Peoria. The company has been in business since 1989, providing a wide range of computer system and IT solutions to help organizations grow their business. The company has been serving Peoria and nearby regions within the central Illinois with their dedicated team of IT consultants and solutions to all sorts of businesses in the region.
Facet Technologies computers peoria il

Facet Technologies offers innovative solutions to its clients with the dedicated team of specialists with many years of experiences in the field of IT and computers. Going further, the CEDIA team from Facet Technologies offer innovative solutions to electronic systems installation and related techniques. These includes automation, communication systems, networking, entertainment systems, whole-house integrated systems, etc. And with a computer repair branch well-known as Nerds on Call, you can trust the Facet Tech family of computer experts for personalized and professional ongoing support.

Because Facet Technologies headquarters is based in Pekin, we've provided the address below:
Facet Technologies, Inc.
2103 Court Street
Pekin, IL 61554.


Tekease is located in Peoria which is focussed on serving the residents of the region. The company also focuses its services on small and medium business clients. The firm is unique with its affordable services provided at the best quality. The client relationship is maintained well with Tekease as they follow a consultative approach in their services. The team members of Tekease work in association with the clients to arrive at the best yet simple solutions to the needs of the clients.

Tekease computer shop in Peoria ilThe best practices and design have been developed by them to be incorporated into the client's business. The firm aims at addressing various aspects of client business such as the optimized workflow, staff management and field office business systems. The Computer Trauma Units from Tekease have all the important equipment to correct the electronic system.

The company is open to serve around the clock and the technicians from Tekease expertise in providing high-quality solutions and services to the clients. Some of the services offered by them include computer installations, wireless and wired network installation and related support, virus removal and spyware removal, hard drive and data recovery, system troubleshooting, etc.


PTC has been serving the regions of Peoria with its computer solutions for about 90 years. The company’s name is the abbreviated form of Peoria Typewriter Company. The company has been constantly adapting to the technological advancements in the IT field and strive hard to provide high-quality solutions to its clients. The company was named PTC in 2003 with the aim of selling software and hardware packages to Peoria and the central regions of Illinois.
PTC Computer Stores Peoria il
The hardware services have been delivered for both the warranty and out of warranty devices. The company also provides network solutions and support for the clients. The expert team from the PTC are technically skilled in dealing with any issues and providing optimal solutions for the clients. The company has made agreements with top companies like HP (Hewlett-Packard) and Microsoft to stay up to date with the recent technological developments. This has made it possible for the PTC to provide high-quality software and hardware services available.

Learn more about this company at ptselect.com

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