Essential Elements of a Successful Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

The Internet has provided a free and fair ground for all levels of retail businesses to carry out ecommerce marketing plans. The following components of online marketing are among the most critical that make up a successful ecommerce marketing strategy.

A Sound Ecommerce Business Model 

Having a business model prior to launching an ecommerce store creates a clearer picture of the resources required as well as the risks involved in the business. A business model incorporates the business vision and mission together with all important tactics involved in the success of ecommerce marketing.

A Precise Customer Profile

With a clear business model in place, an ecommerce business owner is able to identify the target audience. Customers are the most valuable users of an ecommerce website and understanding their needs with relation to the products on sale earns their loyalty and keeps the business relevant.

Deliverable Products

An ecommerce store displays all available products on customer friendly interfaces briefly describing them individually with price tags attached. These products will sell better when the customer’s needs are considered while producing and packaging and even when advertising on different internet marketing platforms.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing ecommerce products require an aggressive marketing strategy which is made easier with the proper use of Social Media Marketing. Leading social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have enabled businesses of all sizes to market their products to their specific target market and eventually saving them money. Other social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are well utilized by ecommerce marketers for their ability to share images and video clips to advertise their products.

Content Marketing

The impact of blogs and podcasts in ecommerce marketing has continued to prove the importance of content in any form of internet marketing. Product descriptions and reviews are key elements of any ecommerce web content. More than 60% of customers are now known to be searching online for reviews and descriptions of all the products they need before making the decision to buy. This means that an ecommerce marketer who creates appealing content for their products attracts more visitors to the online store.

Ecommerce Search Marketing

For customers to be drawn to ecommerce websites outside the realm of social media marketing, search engines play a major role in sending pre-qualified visitors to the site. A customer who requires a certain product normally uses the search engine to find all the information about the product.

However, with millions of results in most searches being displayed on the search engines, users are known to only focus on the information available on the first page of the search engine results. This means that a successful ecommerce website that ranks high on leading search engines will stand a greater chance of attracting the users.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key tool to creating relevant content and getting an ecommerce site to the top search engine positions. Another successful method of ecommerce marketing using search engines is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This form of ecommerce search marketing makes use of Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter to create ads in the search engine results.

Mobile Marketing

The most influential form of ecommerce marketing for the future will be mobile phone apps which are already gaining popularity with users. Mobile apps and websites provide the same environment found in a computer only with added advantages of mobility.


  1. i agree, social media marketing and content marketing is best one for make a successful ecommerce websites

  2. Very compact but well written article on eCommerce SEO. Additionally media publications/coverages are also important for branding and trust-building. A 360 degree digital marketing & SEO strategy is required for successful eCommerce business.

  3. I agree with your post, Having strong social signal is very important to drive potential traffic and rankings to your website. You need to implement optimal SEO strategy to get organic traffic to your site.


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