Load Scanner for Precise Payload Valuation & Data Management

Measuring the weight and volume of construction supplies, crops, minerals, natural resources, and other elements that require accurate measurement is critical for many industries. The new and advanced load scanner systems on today's market can cater to this need for your businesses that require load valuation for daily operation.

Not all load scanner systems are created equal, but most share underlying capabilities and commonalities worth mentioning. In short, a truck load scanner can be the ideal solution for precise payload valuation and accurate data management.

What is a "Load Scanner"

Do you hire people to check loads on your trucks and analyze if they are using all of the available spaces in your trucks and if your trucks can take heavier load? If you do then you already know that this can take for an hour or so.

Now, what if you can just let a simple piece of equipment do this for you in just a few minutes or even a few seconds? It can be done by using a load scanner. This easy-to-setup load scanner scans 3D images of your truck loads and track and manage scanned data for faster analysis. Load scanner supplier like LoadScanner.com offer advanced load scanner systems with all of the software and solutions users need to make calculated decisions.

Tracking Scanned Truck Load Data 

Monitoring which load goes to which truck can not only crowd your recording sheets but it can make overall management of business operations more difficult.

With a load scanner, you won’t have to worry about this. It can store load scan data on a computer, laptop or mobile device and keep track of data through its software. This can make sure you can fully work on more important aspects of your operations.

Visual Load Scan Analysis

Traditionally, the best way to accurately describe your truck load and decide whether you are maximizing your trucks’ space capacity is by looking at it directly. However, physical tasks like these can be very tiring.  Even if you have personnel who can do this for you, you may either have to spend more money or sacrifice productivity. Load scanners can make detailed 3D scans of your load so you can describe and analyze truck loads on a computer monitor.

Automatic Calculations

If you don’t want to be bothered with valuation and load calculation tasks, you can always leave it to your load scanner. Also, load scanners can make accurate measurement that you can use during your business’ day-to-day operations.

If you are struggling to make your operations more productive and cost-efficient then using load scanners is worth considering. In case you want concrete evidences that prove using load scanners can help you, you can take a look at other businesses that are already using them.

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