Walz Scale Taps into Truck Scale Rental Business

Walz Scale, the well known manufacturer of truck scales and advanced weighing equipment, has expanded into the truck scale rental business as a result of increased demand for short-term solutions. 

With this move, the company has increased the types of rental truck scales that it offers its clients for limited use. Walz Scale has seen a strong growth in demand as a result of many transporters opting to measure the loads on their vehicles to enhance safety.

A recent crackdown on trucks exceeding the legal limits has also contributed to the increased business. Transport companies have turned to truck scale rental solutions to comply with the regulations.

Walz Scale has assured its customers that the can now take advantage of numerous benefits of leasing and renting truck scales for temporary use. The truck scale rentals are also fully tested to ensure that they provide certified accuracy levels. In addition, clients now have a wide range of rental scales that include floor scales, bench scales, axle scales, weighbridges and portable rental truck scales.

The Value in Truck Scale Rentals

Transporters, industrial manufacturers, farmers and construction companies now appreciate the important role of measuring their trucks plays in their businesses. In certain industries such as mining, the operators have to ensure that they use highly accurate measuring scales due to the high-value nature of their products.

The investment in truck scale rentals for short term use comes with many advantages. Companies that need to measure their products do not have to spend a substantial amount of money purchasing their own units. Walz Scale has taken the initiative to rent out all types of truck weighing scales to meet the demand.

Portable Truck Scales for Rent

According to the company, many customers have been going for portable truck scales for rent due to their ease of use. Being light, they can be carried around and have the ability to measure all types of vehicles. For companies looking for a highly portable unit, wheel weighers are a good option because they are light enough to be moved from place to place.

Portable truck scales are also known for their high accuracy levels and in remote areas some types can be operated using batteries. Although the portable truck axle scales are light, clients have been assured that the units have the capacity to handle heavy weights.

Walz Scale is a market leader in the provision of weight measuring scales. The company has a wide range of weighing solutions that are suitable for all market segments.

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