Natural Toys for Kids: Developing Righteous Humans, Organically

Unlike your average toys on the market, natural toys for kids offer a spectrum of options that are designed to educate, inspire, and develop children in a way that ignites creativity and imagination.

Natural toys for kids are simplistic in nature. They are healthier than most mainstream toys, as they are crafted from eco-friendly materials. And because they are simple and not over-stimulating, kids can tap into an intrinsic level of play, thus developing skills and thought-patterns that help them excel.

In this review, we'll take a look at some of the top forms of natural toys for kids and why these toys are ideal for child development.

Natural Wooden Blocks

Natural wooden blocks are basic and primal tools that spawn creative and constructive imagination in young kids. Although uncommon in today's technology-based society, wooden blocks are powerful toys that enable kids to tap into their inquisitive nature and develop both mental and motor skills.

Wooden blocks are one of the best options to consider if you're interesting in buying natural toys for your kid. Nowadays, natural wood blocks come in many colors, shapes, and sizes - some offering specific benefits for a kid's learning and development. One of the best sources we've found for natural wooden toys for kids is Hazelnut Kids. Find organic, natural toys and wooden blocks designed to ignite creativity and learning.

Organic Stuffed Animals

Organic stuffed animals have the innate ability to help your kid feel both safe and cozy, in addition to offer a layer of care and companionship. Maybe it is because of their fuzziness and how little these natural toys look - allowing the child to have something that they can relate to. Nonetheless, organic stuffed animals are ideal natural toys for all types of kids.

To ensure you get the best organic stuffed animals and dolls for your toddler, look at the type of material that the toy is composed of. Synthetic stuffed animal hair is not only less soft and cozy, but this artificial material can easily fall out from the toy, causing a mess (or worse, a hazardous risk to a kid’s health and well being.)

Natural Wooden Toy Play Sets

Spanning from natural wooden kitchens to large castles and figurine sets, plays sets are diverse form of natural toys that are also simplistic in nature yet inspiring for kids. Crafted for both girls and boys, plays sets give kids the ability to act imaginatively and create life-like situations that can shape their growth.

Castles with figurines make for awesome natural toys for kids, particularly boys. Whereas wooden kitchens and play sets are great for young girls. The possibilities are endless with these natural options.

Wooden Puzzles

One of the most logic and intelligence-driven natural toys for kids are wooden puzzles. These toys require kids to use their brainpower, logical skills, and strategic capacity to figure out solutions and piece together.

Like blocks, natural wooden puzzles come in a wide array of styles. These natural wooden toys are ideal for both babies and kids of various ages spanning 8 months to 4 years old.

Not only are natural organic toys good for kids' health and overall well-being (both mentally and physically), but natural and wooden toys help to shape more intelligent and creative humans.

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