The Righteous Choice Among Tile Stores in Peoria, IL

When it comes to righteous local businesses, this Peoria-based tile store is a prime example. Among one of the most reputable tiles stores in Peoria, IL, Leeway Ceramic Tile has distinguished itself as a local leader in the central Illinois tile market.

For more than 30 years, Leeway Ceramic Tile has been serving customers with one mission in mind: to offer exceptional services and offer the highest quality of tile for all kinds of projects. Not only does Leeway Ceramic Tile distribute its merchandise to people who live in Peoria only but has become the public’s first choice tile store in Bloomington, Morton, Peru, and various other customers throughout central Illinois.

Offering the Widest Selection of Tile in Peoria, IL

The first thing about Leeway Ceramic Tile which catches a potential customer’s eye is their variety of tiles. As you will gather from their website, they have everything from rare Spanish and Italian tiles as well as top quality pieces manufactured in the US.

Besides, this is not a small start-up which just tends to the needs of residential customers; if you have an office space or a whole corporate building and feel that tiles would be the best material to grace its floor and walls, Leeway is looking forward to your contract.

Diverse Capabilities & Services in Tile

Taking pride as one of the longest standing tile stores in Illinois, Leeway Ceramic Tile does not halt at selling tile products. If you wish, Leeway Ceramic Tile would be more than happy to cover planning, designing and installation for you. Just visit their location or browse on their website, choose a palette for what you would like and invite them over to your place for a complete installation without having to go through the painstaking process of having to hire an additional contractor.

Leeway Ceramic Tile offers a gallery of tile pictures from previous projects which are intended to give you a clear insight into what your spaces will look like after work has been completed. Whether for commercial or residential application, these insights can help inspire your next tile project.

If you already have a tile floor installed, Leeway has something for you too. You can either hire them for thorough cleaning of the same tiles they know so well or you might need them to protect your tile floor or wall using sealants. To be economically feasible, the tile experts recommend 15 year sealants. A customer who is not knowledgeable on tiles might not see the essence of sealing but if they hired Leeway Ceramic Tile, experts of the tile store will offer clear explanations on why sealants are important and especially for porous tiles, natural stones and grout.

Lastly, you can have the Nuheat Floor Warming System installed for you by Leeway. The system makes your tile floored living space livable by warming it up. The company lists ease of installation, energy efficiency and reliability backed by a 25 year warranty as the reasons why they chose Nuheat.

Depending on your application, you have a choice to select between Nuheat mats and the Nuheat Cable System. Quality products and excellent customer care services might be attractive but the major reason why customers rely on Leeway is the company’s dedication to floor beauty at prices which make sense.

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