Walz Truck Scales: Weighing Systems Driven By Efficiency

Walz Scale is an industry leader in heavy-duty weigh scale systems and has been offering truck scales and weighing systems for about 50 years. The company's truck scale systems are widely used for large scale operations and heavy duty equipment. Walz Scale has continued to successfully evolve its products to meet the unique needs and rugged demands of its customers- all of these efforts have been driven by efficiency.

Walz Scale Truck Weighing SystemsFor instance, the company's in-motion truck scales have been taking many industries by storm. By offering a portable truck scales system that enables operators to weigh trucks and truck loads while passing over the scale unit at slow speeds, many companies are realized dramatic increases in throughput and efficiency.

In short, Walz in-motion scale systems allow weighing operations to unfold without any disruption or stoppages. For high-volume users, this can drastically increase the company's bottom line. There are many other benefits of this advanced truck scale system, some of which include:

  • Advanced in-motion weighing
  • Design and engineering to unique specifications
  • Works with both magnet and grapple attachments
  • Integrating software options
  • Ideal for rail and truck loading
  • Sophisticated data capture capabilities
  • North America's biggest support network

Other Truck Scale Features

The patented design of these material handling scale systems has been field tested and has proven its dependability and accuracy. No other scale on the currently on the market delivers such a high level of overload protection and accuracy as these systems offer.

These advanced scale systems have been designed for precise in-motion software assisted weighing amidst rugged industrial setting. This scale system is applicable to both magnet and grapple attachments, which makes it perfect for metal and scrap processors.

The weighing terminal of these scales is a screen (backlit LCD display), which makes it easy for user to read data during day or at night.

Mining Truck Scales

Mining Truck ScalesFor resource extraction operations and mining companies, weighing payloads is important to ensure profitability. Different types of mining truck scales are now used to ensure accuracy of payload and also help in streamlining payload management process.

Walz scale offers wide range of mining scales through its dedicated branch Walz mining. Let’s have a close look at some of the most popular scales offered by the company. All these systems are revolutionary and have catapulted the mining operations to the next level.

Underground Truck Scales

Underground truck scales are best for mining operations that are carried out underground. These scales can measure load weight while transferring material from the site to the stage of the process. These underground truck scales are integrated as onboard scales and can measure load while on the truck.

Articulated Truck Scales 

Miners interested in minimizing transportation cost and optimize efficiency can use these scales. These scales are integrated on articulated trucks that are used for specialized mining operations or for hauling load. They are often used to reduce the number of trips necessary to transfer materials and loads.

Haul Truck Scales

Walz is among few suppliers in the industry that offer the most functional and popular mining truck scales. Using haul truck scales, miners can weight loads while their truck is still in motion. In addition, these heavy duty truck scales are highly accurate and can be easily integrated with the company’s scale monitoring system for production management. Coupled with Walz Scale's payload management software, mining companies can realize a wealth of benefits and can further streamline their weighing operation.

portable truck scales Portable Truck Scales

Walz also offers portable truck scales that offers incredible benefits to wide range of users. They can be used anywhere and you can also buy software integrated scales to ensure maximum accuracy. Then there are portable truck axle scales, aluminum and steel portable truck scales and portable weighbridge truck scales. These scales are best for farmers, gravel, sand logging, mining and construction industry.

Need Truck Scales for Rent?

Walz also provides truck scales on rent. They also promise local online support and training programs. More information about Walz truck scales for sale can be found at WalzScale.com.

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