5 Mailing System Machines That Work Magic for Business Mailrooms

mailing postage machinesRegardless of your relationship with your mailroom, whether you work in one or supervise one, you probably have an interest in ways to make it operate more efficiently and cost-effectively. Just as is the case with so many other areas of business life, technology has not left the mailing room behind.

In fact, in the past few years, the number of mailing machines that are designed and built to not only maximize, but expand the abilities of the mailroom have grown exponentially. Even those mailing machines that have existed for years have been redesigned to make them better than they ever were before. Here's a brief look at just a few of the newest mailing system machines.

Postage Meters

Postage meters have been around for years, so what more could you possibly do for them? The truth is that whatever advantages they give you in efficiency with your current workload, they can improve manifold. Today's mailing postage machines simplify outgoing mail processing to ensure that your mail is accurate and professional looking. Even more impressive is the fact that today's postage meters come in models that specialize in low-, medium-, and high-volume use.

postage mailing machines

Tabbers, Folders, and Labelers

If you are dreading your company's next newsletter mailing, you are not alone. Any mass mailing is a huge chore, but with the tabbers, folders, and labelers that are available today newsletters and other big mailing jobs are child's play. What in the past was a huge job of manual operation is now almost completely automated. In fact, in many cases, the only job an operator needs to do is to load the machine. From that point forward, the job is done.

tabber mailing machines

Automatic Letter Openers

Got incoming mail? Depending on the size of your business, the processing of incoming mail can be a huge laborious task. Fortunately, the whole process of opening letters, including checks, got a lot easier and less time consuming. Not only do automatic letter openers work with virtually any sized envelopes, but they perform the task with little or no waste and protect the valuable contents inside.

Addressing Systems

Using automated addressing systems in the past meant sacrificing print quality for speed, but today's machines can handle not only a wide variety of volumes, but the print quality that is achieved will no longer make your mass mailing look like it is.

Paper Shredders

Just as important as sending mail out of a business is making sure that certain documents never leave. Today's mailrooms are often tasked with the responsibility that confidential documents and other sensitive information are destroyed. That makes paper shredders a critical part of any mailroom operation.

Just as is the case with so many other mailing machines for sale, shredders work with any volume of work required, and deliver quality work on the jobs they are tasked with. Any document that doesn't need to be physically kept and/or stored can be reduced to any number of levels of pulp. Even better, these machines can run at high speeds without jamming.

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