3 Trusted Providers of OB/GYN Billing Services

OB/GYN practices involve a lot of billing-related hiccups to get paid (on time) for medical treatment and services provided. Sometimes insurance carriers can underpay an OB/GYN clinic for the services offered. In other cases, patients of the practice are slow to make medical billing payments on time.

The financial strength of one’s OB/GYN practice is directly linked to timely medical billing and reimbursement of accounts. It is essential for any provider of OB/GYN services to work with a professional billing company for quick follow ups and timely filings. However, OB/GYN practices that need to make a choice of a good billing company can find such a search an overwhelming task. Here is a compilation of the top three trusted providers of OB/GYN billing services.

1. Practice Management

Practice Management has been offering unmatched OB/GYN medical billing services since 1995. They have served a broad range of physicians and with reliable billing solutions to aid them to operate more efficiently and effectively. They are updated with revised and new CPT codes, E & M codes, and modifier codes and much more. They can also replace the non-payable or codes that have become obsolete with new ones.

Practice Management is equipped with highly educated and trained staff that is adept in offering a broad range of medical procedures such as pap tests, pregnancy and related complications, endometriosis, and complications related to vaginal mesh. What makes Practice Management unique is the use of advanced state-of-the-art technology. All their practices are geared towards improving revenue for OB/GYN clients as well as improving patient satisfaction. A combination of experienced staff with the trusted technological equipment places Practice Management ahead in OB/GYN practice. Moreover, Practice Management also provides credentialing and consultation services to physician billing clients.

2. Medical Practice Management Resource Incorporation (MPMR)

MPMR is another expert provider of OB/GYN billing services. Their state-of-the-art billing services have translated to excellent reporting and reliable client support services. Medical billing codes for obstetrics and gynecology are very complicated, and slight mistakes can cost someone thousands of dollars. Every single character in the code creates characters that appeared before it. This help in providing a unique code combination that shows the insurance companies the full description to ensure that they offer a standardized billing.

MPMR is equipped with competent staff that is rich in medical OB/GYN billing skills. They serve all clients whether new or old in OB/GYN billing field. Perhaps, they have helped a broad range of clients come out of the serious pitfalls in medical billing. They also have excellent customer support to aid one to get maximum revenue flow.

3. Dr. Billing Service, Inc.

Dr. Billing Service, Inc. has years of experience in providing excellent OB/GYN billing. They have been rated a five-star billing company due to the quality of services they provide. What makes Dr. Billing unique include the comprehensive OB/GYN billing services that they offer. The medical billing company offers a robust computer systems and software that are all designed for OB/GYN medical billing and collection. They also boast of their certified professional coders that work to ensure that clients get maximum reimbursement services. In their service line, they have also included AR and full electronic claims.

Dr. Billing makes everything out right by availing the necessary resources to ensure that clients get paid. Before setting out, they offer an initial evaluation. All the claims are submitted electronically hence reducing instances of fraud and errors. There are also detailed reports at the end of every month. It is their goal to ensure that clients get the highest returns on their claims while not sacrificing services on patients.

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