5 Leading Providers of Bank Security Systems

We all trust banks to keep our savings safe but barely do we consider how they achieve that feat. Like any other organization, the banking institution enlists security companies to protect their employees, customers, assets and cash in the coffers.

It is important that the companies chosen for this delicate job are professional and ethical as any security breaches could cause a major spat between the bank and its loyal customers. It is this demand that led us to analyze the leading companies that offer exemplary bank security systems and specialized security products.

Tyco Integrated Security

Tyco, which is based in the US prides itself with decades of experience in bank security products and systems. They have a variety of security systems, software and services that protect banks against different threats.

Most notable is the ATM security solutions that include silent alarm notification, video surveillance, lighting and anti-skimming technology which helps to increase confidence among customers who prefer self-service. They also have a range of remote management tools which allow management to receive alerts or conduct video surveillance on smart devices.

Veridin Systems

Two decades in the competitive bank security industry mean that this company has got what it takes to provide superior security to financial institutions. Their hallmark is their ability to integrate multiple components to provide the best security.

Veridin specializes in physical security systems characterized by advanced access control, CCTV bank security systems, network and electronic security systems that deter theft and vandalism not to mention convergence IT solutions that offer banks one graphical user interface as opposed to several individual systems that are very difficult to manage.

Seico Security

Seico Security is a company that most banks turn to for reliable bank security systems and equipment. Instead of creating standard systems, they prefer to customize products and services to meet an individual bank’s security needs.

Their most acclaimed security offerings include: audio and video systems, ATM security, entrance control systems, night depositories, drive-p systems and under counter cabinetry to name a few. Their custom security systems for local banks have unique features like motion sensors, door locking controls and metal detection for better prevention of security breaches.


This is a unique company which provides actionable intelligence for banks and financial institutions. Their main intention is to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, identify and combat fraud in the banking sector. Besides data protection, they offer round the clock video surveillance with timely alerts to ensure prompt reactions to any suspicious activity.


This company boasts a client list of some of the largest banks in the world. Their most important product is the powerful Graphical Management System software which allows remote, real-time control of ATMs, bank branches and corporate offices.

Using this systems, it is possible to verify alarm events, change PIN codes and print access cards without the need for site visits. They have a superior product known as Unison which is a next generation integrated security management platform optimized for ease of use. It enables banks to integrate different systems in order to streamline operations into one user interface.

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