Volumetric Scanner System Takes Truck Load Measurement to the Next Level

For industrial and agricultural businesses looking for the more efficient and advanced way to measure truck loads, the new volumetric scanner system from Walz Scale offers a new and powerful solution for many different businesses.

Delivery the perfect blend of simplicity, accuracy and efficiency, the Walz Load Scanner (WLS) is 3D volume scanning system that uses laser technology to scan truck loads. These easy-to-generate load scans can be converted into weight metrics for all types of uses.

What Exactly Is The Walz Load Scanner?

The WLS truck load scanner gives precise volumetric load calculations on truck loads which are converted into weight metrics. The truck has to be open at the top while the scanner’s head is directly below it. This system enhances safety when it comes to weight distribution in the trucks. In addition, it can also be used for external weighing systems.

How Does The Truck Load Scanner Work

The system’s operation is based on patent pending algorithms and laser technology which enables it to give best results in management of truck loads without making any contact. This makes it suitable for industries which transport huge volumes of bulk materials.
Walz Truck Load Scanner on YouTube

During operation, WLS truck load scanner system compares empty scans of vehicles to their respective loaded scans. To make the process fully automatic, vehicles are usually fitted with RFID tags. Usually, vehicles should not exceed 3.5 mph while driving under the scanner but the system can offer high speed scans.

Why So Many Businesses Opt for the WLS

The WLS is becoming highly popular in many different industries. In fact, many businesses that depend on heavy-duty truck scales are now opting for the truck load scanner as a better solution. Here's why:

Very affordable

Unlike other payload management systems, such as heavy duty weigh bridges and portable truck scales, WLS is very affordable. Installation cost is usually half of what is spent in installing fixed weigh bridges. Furthermore, the system is simple, efficient and very organized. With WLS you don’t have to worry about major maintenance procedures such as recalibration.

Highly durability and flexibility

This truck load scanner is designed and manufactured under the supervision of highly skilled personnel. Its materials are of high quality hence it can serve for many years in hostile production environments such as mining and construction.

Generates precise calculations

Don’t expect any estimations while using WLS. The technology in this scanner ensures that payload measurements and data are reliable and accurate at all times. It eliminates any errors brought about by moisture content, compaction and load variation.

Optimized efficiency and throughput

Walz Load Scanner system can be installed and start operating on the same day. Its technology enables it to make calculations in a matter of seconds and this data can be accessed in real time using advanced software systems. It is also compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and iPads.

Always reliable and dependable

Some load scanners will require calibration and maintenance after a period of time. If such operations are not carried out, such scanners give room for more errors. However, with WLS, you can use it for years without servicing or re-calibration. In addition, it ensures that the output remain consistent for long years of operation. This makes it the ideal scanner when dealing with large volumes of materials in harsh conditions.

The Walz Load Scanner is the best for tracking production flow without any interruption. This increases the overall efficiency and output of the industry. For more information, visit LoadScanner.com, the official website of the Walz Load Scanner system.

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