Continuous Improvement Focal to Third Party Logistics Provider

United facilities, Inc. is third-party logistics and supply chain management company that is recognized for continuously implementing improvements to keep up with the ever changing demands of supply chain management (SCM). The company remains focal to continuous improvement to better meet the needs of customers and to continue the evolution of the way third party logistics and distribution business is conducted.

Below, experts of United Facilities provide insight as to the company's focus in continuous improvement (CI) and how this emphasis has helped the third party logistics provider grow and thrive for decades.

United Facilities on CI

Our ongoing efforts to improve products, services and processes are the continuous improvement that the company has dedicated itself in order to be the very best in supply chain management. Some the changes that have been made and some the changes that will be implemented are efforts that happen over longer periods of time and quicker breakthroughs that occur almost immediately.

United Facilities has been in business over 50 years and has over the duration of the lengthy process seen an enormous change during the time. The third party logistics provider has prided itself on the fact that it has always been able to make positive changes by being able to identity issues and address them appropriately.

Horizontal Integration of CI for Logistics & Distribution

The third-party logistics company has put the CI mindset into practice and this has enabled United Facilities to focus on solving long term issues better than before. By adopting the CI principles of identify, analyze, measure, improve, and evaluate, United Facilities has increased customer profits and helped improve the company’s own objectives and goals.

By implementing CI in each and every facility of ours we have been able to help change the thinking processes and culture by which even our hourly employees adhere. Throughout the structural blueprint of the company, from bottom to top, each and every employee and their attitudes have changed for the better as has the efficiency of our operations.

The fact that we have been recognized as the CI “champions of the year” by a Fortune 100 company who also happens to be one of our largest customers is a measure and evidence of the success we have enjoyed in improving our business functions to meet our customers’ needs.

The company who has recognized our efforts did so after we saved their company over 2.1 million dollars in just a one year period. This is just one of the many reasons why our company has stood out among U.S.-based third party logistics providers.

A Model Among Third Party Logistics Providers

United Facilities knows by its own experience that by maximizing the performance of a supply chain, your businesses’ performance is what is really maximized in the long run and end result.

As a reputable third party logistics provider in the U.S., our company offers the services, teams, and systems necessary to meet all your packaging needs as your business demands as you do your best to keep your business evolving and moving forward.

From LEAN packaging services and warehousing to finished and inbound goods, we at United Facilities are equipped and ready to see that you can be as ready as we are to meet your needs as you should be to meet the needs of your own customers. Attention to detail and accuracy are key priorities that our team is always focused on in improving supply chain management.

The logistics management services we provide and serve for many Fortune 100 companies in regional distribution centers is customary to those in the automotive sectors and consumer goods industries. United Facilities has been around for a long time and will be around much longer and all the while the constant improvements will continue to develop as we strive to maximize supply chain management even further.

No matter the business, no matter the product, United Facilities has the systems and solutions you need to maximize the performance of your supply chain - and your business.

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