Tips for Leveraging SlideShare for Lead Generation

Whether on social media or any other avenue, marketing campaigns require visual elements if you want to generate more leads. SlideShare allows you to make use of visual elements and maximize your leads. Here are some tips to help you make the best use of SlideShare.

Make use of well written SlideShare content which targets the  
right audience

You must present yourself as an expert in your industry or in the topic in which you are sharing with the targeted audience. Look for great topics which are fresh and can attract a large number of new readers. Even though most of your SlideShare content should be based on your core topic, you should also write content that targets a different audience but is fresh and exciting at the time.

Be very keen when creating the title slide

This acts as your headline and is the one that is going to catch the user’s attention. The very first slide should be readable and perfectly designed. If you present to your audience a topic that is catchy, you will pull in more readers to click on the content. Bear in mind that presentation is important and your title slide plays a very important role in this.

Ensure all presentations are optimized for search engines

You can do this by including a list of keywords on your titles, description and tags when creating the presentations. Whether your SlideShare presentation is about technology or health, descriptions and titles contribute heavily to search engine optimization (SEO) and establishing keyword relevancy, so take your time when writing them.

Proper keyword use will help make your presentations more exposed in the search engines. You will also increase your visibility on SlideShare search results. You can also create inbound links by allowing others to embed your presentation. Note that SlideShare presentations can be embedded easily into other websites.

Integrate your SlideShare presentations across multiple channels

This way, you will not be forcing users to change to a specific platform in order to consume your content. This will enhance your visual marketing campaign. You can embed the presentations on blogs and other landing pages so that they can be viewed in multiple platforms. For instance, you can decide to embed your presentations across your company blog. This will help you to attract a greater following.

Plan an effective promotion strategy for publishing your presentations

You should do this even before you start uploading images on SlideShare. Remember that the main goal is to get as many shares as you can on all your presentations. This will ensure that your presentations appear on the main page of SlideShare. Always ensure that any presentation is well marketed by your team before it is published. You need to promote this presentation even after it is published.

Devise a plan that will help you increase the number of shares and likes you receive on social media. This will ensure that once you post your presentation, you will receive a high level of response and drive more users to view your presentations. Without proper planning your campaign will not reach it's fullest marketing potential.

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