How Google+ Will Influence Your SEO & Web Presence Optimization Strategy

Google's "Search Plus Your World" was unveiled to help make search results more personalized and relevant to users. Search Plus Your World centers on Google+, Google's emerging social media platform. And it's all having a profound influence on SEO and web presence optimization.

It sort of works like this... 

When a Google+ user adds a person or business to their circles, that person or business has some degree of influence over the user's search results.

For example, lets say I add the Trek bikes page to my circles. Trek often makes Google+ posts about their new bike models. One of their most recent posts was about their new "Trek Concept 7" (a popular triathlon bike.)

So when I go to Google and search for the "Trek Concept 7," Google will display their recent Google+ post about this particular bike. Because I have Trek in my circles, and because my search was very keyword relevant to their recent Google+ post, I am shown these unique, socially-influenced results.

This a serious game changer for business and brands with an online presence. In essence, the more people that have a certain brand or business in their circles, the more influence that brand or business will have over their search results. It's evolving the SEO and search marketing playing field like never before.

Leverage Google+ and Expand Your Web Presence

So how do you start leveraging Google+ to expand your web presence and increase your SEO potential?
Below I share with you a few tips to help you get started.
  • Set-up your Google+ business page and populate the page as thoroughly as you can. This includes the visual elements (main banner and profile image) that reflect your online brand.
  • Frequently post (shoot for daily post) relevant content that educates, informs, and/or inspires your followers.
  • Join relevant Google+ communities and be active in those communities by sharing good content.
  • Reach out and encircle influencers (authoritative people who are relevant to your brand) as well as other related business and brands.
  • Promote your Google+ presence on your website and other social media platforms
By becoming an early adopter on Google+, your SEO and web presence optimization efforts will only be magnified in the future. Jump on-board now and start building an authoritative presence that will soon shape the search results of your Google+ followers.

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