5 Essential Practices for Mobile SEO

It is evident that mobile use continues to expand and increases in value. Each year, there is an article that explains to organizations different ways of getting the best from mobile platforms. Besides, every year, such an article becomes exceedingly essential. Below are the five essential mobile SEO practices.

1. Responsive web design – This forms an important part in the world of mobile website optimization. Responsive web design creates a fantastic user experience. It helps to simplify the process of accessing and reading a website.

Therefore, you do not need to scroll down too far before finding the relevant text. With a SEO-friendly website design in place, Google finds it easy to crawl your content. If creating a responsive web design becomes hard because it cannot fit well with your organization, you may come up with a different mobile website or even use a separate gadget specific HTML.

2. Social media integration - It is essential to have social buttons on the mobile phone. The significance of having such buttons on the phone is that mobile phone users often use these devices to entertain themselves. When using their phones, most people stick with their mobile phones because it is easy to use most social apps. Therefore, helping your friends to tweet and share your info is easy.

3. Short-tail keywords – think for a while of when you want to search content on your cell phone, for instance. You will, most likely, select the autosuggestion because you will find it strenuous to type those tiny letter keys. As an organization, you need to presume that your users do the same thing hence you should keep away from those long tail keywords that most people will find it hard to type in their phones.

4. Local search – Like other types of print advertising, yellow pages continue to take a back seat in the Internet and the main reason is the advancement in the use of local search. Local search is becoming popular because it is offers faster, easier, and better results for businesses and users. Local SEO entails optimizing the local map listings to help people locate your company and find step-wise directions from the company location.

It also entails organic SEO and local directory submissions that help your organization to rank well in search engine results. Therefore, you should optimize your mobile content such that users can search about your company locally. You should use mobile local search because it is less expensive, it is targeted, and easy for users to search your business online than flipping through the yellow pages.

5. Mobile apps - In 2013 and beyond, mobile platform is going to make use of apps. Many users continue to use apps like Shazam and UrbanSpoon to help them access information quickly through a medium designed specifically for cell phones. This means if you want more visibility, you should consider creating the app on your website. If you do this, you simply target the many users of these apps. To include an app on your website, you can find an mobile SEO company that does that.


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