6 Tips for Writing Compelling Blog Titles

Blogs form an integral part of any good Internet marketing campaign. Blogs are key to keeping loyal consumers and readers informed and engaged with your brand.

Quality and relevancy of your blog content is crucial. However, before users get to read the great content you have on your blog, you have to attract them to it in the first place.

In order to achieve this, you must have a catchy, compelling blog title that makes users want to read what is in the blog post. There are several ways through which you can write blog titles that will attract many readers to your post.

Below we offer 6 tips for writing compelling blog titles:

1 .You should be precise, clear and to the point. From the title, the readers should instantly know what they are going to get when they read the content of your blog. If the title clearly captures what they are looking for then they are definitely going to read that blog post.

2. People will always be looking for blog posts that tell them how to accomplish something. By using a title that tells the readers how to solve a certain problem or achieve something, they are more likely to read your blog post because they want to learn from the information you are offering.

3. Your title should tell people that the information you are sharing is new and they need to know about it. People are always looking for new products or new ways of doing things, so if your blog title gives this impression, it is bound to attract a lot of readers.

4. The use of numbers and lists in your title will also help in attracting readers to your blog post. It breaks down the article in a way that readers will find easier to read. It also sets expectations for what is in the post. For example, if your title is '6 tips to writing compelling blog articles', the readers will come to the blog posts expecting exactly that.

5. You will also be able to attract a lot of attention by being sensational or even controversial with your title. Readers will be immediately curious to read more once they see a title that challenges the norm and general expectations.

6. Using the right keywords in your title is also very important, as this is what the readers will use to find the blog through search engines. If you get the keywords right, your blog will have a better chance of ranking in the SERPs and readers will be quickly attracted to it since they will see that it talks about what they are looking for.

These are just some of the things you can do to attract more readers to your blog with your title. Remember to also write high quality blog content and give the readers what you promise in your title.

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