An Inside Look at the Turnkey Automation Systems from CASI

Cornerstone Automation Systems (CASI) is the foremost automation solutions provider in the entire industry. It is known to offer, intelligent and innovative automation for the purpose of order fulfillment operations. Below is the list of top products from CASI.
CASI Automation Systems

CASI Conveyors

CASI Transmaster conveyor is a from a modular line of basic 24 volt direct current roller type conveyer systems that can be customized and adjusted for a wide variety of functions, such as the belt over roller, the zero pressure accumulation as well as belted curves and the low profile.

Each part of the conveyor is a plug and simply play method and can enable casters to install it in a very easy way. Moreover, the machine has a system of built in logic, and power rollers, to completely eliminate, the requirement for there to be separate cabinets, for the purpose of electrical controls.

CASI IBOD Case Opener

The fully operational, automatic case opening machine comes with a programmable feature which is ideal for warehousing activities and processes. The mechanism is available in two options, The Single IBOD intelligent and smart box opening design and it is capable of removing up to 500 case tops per hour.

The specially designed IBOD Duo is capable of removing up to a 1000 cartons within one hour which is truly impressive. However, the actual speeds of case cutting will be dependent on the size of the boxes and the different variables, which will create alterations on the cut time.

CASI Picking Systems 
 CASI Picking Systems

The picking products are all differentiated from each other. The decision regarding the method of picking order depends on a number of methods. These are the various features of the products actually being handled, such as the total pickups per order, the quantities per pick, the number of picks per SKU, the total number of SKU’s, private labeling.

Also, if you are working with full pallet load picks, piece picks and case picks, CASI picking systems are some of the best in the industry. In many scenarios, a combination of many picking methods is required to adapt to different product characteristics.

CASI Dimensioners

CASI produces a cubing and package dimensioning system for many applications. These cubers and dimensioners are an integral part in the process involved in warehousing. In essence, Solidcube is sold along with the best CASI in motion scaling device in order to completely and perfectly record and calculate package weights and dimensions. It is a great and useful device for the quality control and the rate shopping.

CASI Sortation Systems

CASI manufactures a wide range of case and carton sortation systems as a part of its impressive, intelligent automation systems. These advanced sortation systems are used for the purpose of order fulfillment processes.

CASI offers systems for the large cartons, parcels, mailers, as well as item level sortation. The most typical applications involve reject systems, zone routing, sort to order and many more. As with any type of sorter machine, the rate of parts per minute totally depends on the lengths of the items, the conveyor speed as well as the perfect gapping between all the products.

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