An Inside Look at Bly Family Chiropractic of Bloomington, IL

Bly Family Chiropractic of Bloomington, ILChiropractic care has been proven to be a safe and effective way to restore spinal mobility and realize lasting postural correction. Bly Family Chiropractic has for over 25 years been offering specialized and professional chiropractic services in Bloomington and the greater central Illinois area.

Bly Family Chiropractic of Bloomington, IL combines the use of advanced technology and equipment with the latest chiropractic techniques to better ensure patients realize full spinal mobility and improve postures. The wide variety of services offered at Bly family chiropractic center include:

Cold Laser Therapy 
chiropractic cold laser therapy

It is also known as low laser therapy. It can be applied to relieve:
  • Inflammatory conditions like epicondylitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, bursitis and Planter Fasciitis. Is produces excellent results.
  • Pain for the cervical neck pain, thoracic pain, fibromyalgia myofascial pain and pain in the lower back.
  • Disorders in the connective tissues such as tendonitis, sprains and tendon ruptures.
  • Disorders and injuries in the joints such as dislocations, TMJ disorders, osteoarthritis and ligament injuries.
  • Injuries and disorders in the muscles such as contusions, muscle bruises, muscle shortening and ruptures.
  • Neurological injuries and disorders like prolapsed disc, herniated discs, neuritis, crush injuries and headaches.
Low laser therapy has shown significant biological acceleration and enhancement of natural defense and ability to repair the body when injured. Low laser works by relieving pain and reducing damage and loss of body function. It also facilitates stronger healed tissues after injury.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression treatment is very effective at relieving bulging discs, pinched nerves, herniated discs, radiating arm pain, sciatica, facet syndrome and headache.
Spinal Decompression

Lower back pains are handled by the patient lying on the back with padded straps placed round the waist and lower chest. Neck pain is handled by the rubber pads being put behind the neck. A computerized system is used to slowly and gently pull on the body to relax the muscles around the spine. It designed in such a way that it pulls and stops for a computerized period of time to allow relaxing of muscles.

The pulling action works by gently separating the vertebrae to create space between the compressing discs. The created space (vacuum) sucks the disks off the nerves and produce a drastic relieve results. The pulling also initiates pumping of nutrients into disc from the outside to facilitate healing of the degrading and torn discs.

Active Release Technique

Every session includes examination and adjustment. During examination, hands are used to feel the texture, movement and tightness of muscles, tendons and ligaments. A scar that usually prevents proper movement of soft tissues can be detected with ease. It causes reduced motion range and if there is tingling, numbness or pain, then a nerve tissue is probably trapped. Adjustment is done by applying precision pressure while the patient makes certain specific movements.

Pulstar Spinal Adjustment

Palpating a spine is checking joint fluidity, rigidity or/and motion. The pulstar can be used to detect if the vertebrae is moving too fluid or too rigid. The pulstar is a special tool because it measures the level of motion to precision. It uses precise oscillating force with steady motion to “unstick” the joints. This is the most advanced chiropractic tool in existence

Dr. Timothy Bly is a graduate of palmer college of chiropractic recognized for largest student practices in the institute. Bly is a certified acupuncture, which he studied in china. His clinic was amongst the first to incorporate the pulstar in Illinois.

Bly Family Chiropractic
2501 E College Ave. Ste. C
Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: (309) 661-1155

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