Walz Scale Releases Dynamic Dimensional Scanning & Weighing Equipment

Walz Scale, the company popular for industrial weighing solutions such as heavy duty weighing equipment and truck scales, has introduced a new line of highly dynamic dimensional scanning and weighing systems designed for shipping and distribution centers. Walz new dimensioning products range from static package scanners for simple needs to dynamic cubing systems for high-volume conveyors.

The new dimensional scanning and weighing equipment from Walz is suitable for many different applications that demand efficient and fluid dimensioning and cubing. The line-up of dimensioning systems make scanning, weighing, and overall cubing processes much more efficient while still keep the equipment affordable.

Below we discuss the new dimensional weighing systems from Walz. They are all sustainable for applications spanning from high-volume logistics and distribution companies to local shipping centers and bring value to all relevant operations.

In-Motion Package Scanner (IMPS)

As indicated in its name, the in-motion package scanner (IMPS) is a dynamic system that is good for conveyors. As one of the top high-speed cubing systems, it provide real-time package dimensions and metrics. The industrial-grade design of the IMPs allows shipping and logistics operations to incorporate this system directly into their existing conveyor systems. It uses field tested, efficient laser scanning technology to achieve high accuracy dimension data at high conveyor belt speeds.

The system operates either as a standalone dimensional weighing system or as an integrated part of an existing conveyor system. It fully-automate shipping and manifest systems, which focuses on maximizing on efficiency and throughput so as to minimize cost while maximizing output.

Pallet & Large Freight Dimensioning

These are high-end dynamic weighing solutions suitable for clients that need accurate dimensioning system for pallet and large freight operations. These systems are popular for their ability to provide some of the fastest and most accurate measurements in tough conditions and are simple to operate.

It includes data management functionality that enable the system to be easily integrated into existing warehouse management systems, which make it a turn-key for setting up a fully-operating and highly automated system.

Like the IMPS, the pallet and large freight dimensioning systems by Walz include scanners that generate accurate dimensional data at instant time. They are designed for advance dimensional weight data without necessary stopping the pallet. Furthermore, these dimensional weighing scales are available for indoor and outdoor operations. It only require the user to choose the right machine depending on the specific application.

Static Package Scanner (SPS)

The Static Package Scanner (SPS) is a perfect dimensioning and cubing system suitable for warehouse and shipping operations. They are also good for POS desk and other organizational dimensional weighing operations. It is a unique weighing solution that is available at affordable price, is reliable, efficient, and include easy to use unit.

The SPS include industrial-grade sensors that ensure accurate package dimensions. Unlike the conventional dimensioning systems, the engineering and design behind the SPS allows for continued operation in rugged industrial applications and high-volume shipping stations. Apart from the above, Walz has also realize other advance cubing dimensional weighing systems that are custom for a wide spectrum of needs. They have tailored their products and service programs to fit for projects at hand.

Learn more about these and other cubing and dimensioning systems at WalzScale.com.

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