Top 3 FQHC Billing Companies in Review

For over 50 years, Federally Qualified Health Centers or FQHCs have been providing quality and comprehensive primary health care services to deserving citizens across the US. One of the major challenges that FQHCs have faced over the years involve effective and efficient billing, and getting patients to fulfill their medical bills in a timely manner.

To help FQHCs establish an effective and efficient billing systems and comply with all legal requirements when it comes to billing, most FQHCs outsource these functions to FQHC billing companies. The value in working with an FQHC billing company has led to the growth of numerous FQHC billing service providers around the US. With many FQHC billing companies available, it might be difficult selection the best one. Here is a review of some of the top three FQHC billing companies.

Practice Management

With several years of experience in the health sector, no other firm can match the level of professionalism and service provided by Practice Management. Know for being the best FQHC billing company in the US, Practice Management has helped numerous health centres streamline their billing process to improve revenue and payment turn around.

They mainly specialise in improving revenue collection efficiency and to this end have developed custom revenue management solutions for each of their clients. They have also developed software programs that help health centres be able to see all patient details and billing history. This is important in enabling a seamless workflow in the billing process and enhancing efficiency.

Practice Management is a reputable FQHC billing service company and offers specialized services in pediatrics, family practice, cardiology, internal medicine and numerous other areas. Practice management has expert and experienced staff who offers professional services in FQHC billing and other essential services like helping their customers comply with all FQHC legal and ethical regulations.

One other advantage that Practice Management offers is its professional team of customer service representatives who are bilingual and able to respond to any query or clarification that one seeks. You can get more information about FQHC billing company at MaximizedRevenue.com.


Visualutions is one of the top three FQHC billing service companies. In addition to providing normal FQHC billing services, its main specialization is in providing health centers with overhead cost reduction and revenue maximization solutions. To achieve this, Visualutions concentrates on staff training to equip staff with knowledge and skill to effectively manage FQHC billing services. They offer both classroom and hands on practical training.

Synergy Billing

Synergy billing is one of the top FQHC billing providers that has been in operation for several years now. In fact, it has been rated as being the best biller in terms of collection rates. Besides offering billing services that aim to maximise revenue collections, Synergy also offers FQHC staffs training to enable billing staff understand how FQHC billing system works. This aims at reducing over reliance on FQHC billing companies. Synergy also have regular informational webinars with FQHC staff to enable them maximize revenue collections.

Synergy also specialise in account receivable recoveries for FQHCs as they diagnose the problems resulting in A/R balances and follow up on each open account.

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