A Righteous Non-Profit in San Francisco House Sitting Services

One of our contributors, Tyler Tafelsky, has recently unveiled a new business model offering San Francisco house sitting services. The non-profit seeks to provide homeowners in San Francisco with trusted house sitting and pet sitting services while they're away on vacation, business trips, and so on.

With years of past experience as house sitters and pet sitters, Tyler and his friend. are seeking a more affordable solution to reside in San Francisco. With their new website, SanFranciscoHouseSitting.org, they are promoting their services with a personal touch.

As righteous and unique concept created by Tyler, the two hope to land house sitting gigs in San Francisco and throughout the bay area of California. Because they both have flexible careers and are willing to travel and relocate on-the-fly, they hope homeowners will learn more about services as house sitters.

And unlike other house sitters in San Francisco and throughout the bay area, Tyler offer their house sitting services free of charge. In addition, they know the in's and the out's of pet sitting and house sitting. Whether be keeping the house tidy, the plants watered, or taking care of basic home maintenance and repairs, these experienced house sitters in San Francisco are willing and capable to handle it all.

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