Best Websites to Find Solid IT Jobs With Reputable Tech Companies

The Information Technology (IT) industry offers wide range of opportunities, but finding a desirable job in IT can be a challenge. In addition to defining your niche in the IT profession, it's not easy pinpointing reputable IT companies that are locally-based in your area, in addition to hiring young talent.

IT graduates that are willing to relocate have a greater chance of finding an IT job, and one that will keep them happy. Regardless, it's important to know where to look. Whether you're seeking a gig in business IT support, corporate IT consulting, strategic computer networking, or on-site IT staffing, below we highlight three great websites that maintain regularly updated job listings from some of the most reputable IT companies in the industry.


TechCareers.com is a highly-acclaimed, community-based website that enables prospective IT employers to connect with job seekers. The community aspect of TechCareers.com helps facilitate networking opportunities while building quality relationships.

IT job seekers can search the website's constantly updated database to discover precise opportunities spanning from IT consulting, business solutions, and IT support. Users can also connect with IT employers that are focal to engineering and niche topics not directly defined as "tech companies." What's also neat about TechCareers.com are the "Career Portfolios" - which allow job seekers to showcase their professional achievements.


As one of the most popular websites to find a wide range of IT careers available, ITJobs.com contains a wealth of information about various jobs available in the IT profession. The website's simple user interface makes it easy for IT job seekers to browse with ease. Users can browse opportunities by job category, which is broken-down into specific areas of the IT support and consulting profession, such as: network systems, client/server, Internet/intranet/extranet, applications consulting, and software testing, to name a few.

Other handy features found at ITJobs.com are the site's Post Resume option, which makes it easy for IT companies to find potential employees that meet their needs. The Links section of the website is also robust with many different resources and businesses spanning from local computer repair shops to other job listing websites. This can help job seekers do some outreach to relevant companies that spark their interests.


Although ITJobsWeb.com is still be erected and has yet to reach its fullest potential, the website showcases a full spectrum of IT careers available for recent graduates with little professional experience. In the left hand navigation, you'll see that you can search IT jobs by type, making it easy to pinpoint the niche you want to pursue.

ITJobsWeb.com also enables job seekers to post their resume for potential employers to check out. Additionally, you can search for IT jobs with companies based in certain geographic areas. So whether you're seeking an IT staffing agency in New York, a local computer repair company, or an IT consulting company in Bloomington, this site makes it rather efficient to do so.

Do you know of any good website to find jobs and careers in IT consulting, support, computer repair, and more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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