The Basics of Facebook Advertising for Righteous Businesses

Facebook advertising is an option with seemingly endless advantages for businesses. As one of the top social media platforms, Facebook can be used to not only increase the number of 'Likes' to a webpage, but also for generating highly-qualified leads and increasing sales volumes.

The popularity and, therefore, power of Facebook makes it an avenue for business marketing that must not be ignored. Some have been able to enjoy amazingly high click through rates from the ads placed on Facebook. However, experiencing results like this require the right approach.

Learn To Measure Campaign Success First

Many of those who fail at Facebook advertising do so because they fail to establish the Key Performance Indicator, or KPI, for their campaign first. Your KPI is basically the goal of the campaign, which varies greatly between businesses, but can be accomplishes such as, earning more 'Likes' to a webpage, getting more squeeze page opt-ins, or simply obtaining more new customers. Once established, the KPI will serve as the foundation of your Facebook advertising campaign and dictate the presentation and purpose of each ad.

Use Only Highly Targeted Ads

Facebook is not only a great advertising outlet because of its popularity, but also because it allows marketers to target their ads with a remarkable amount of precision. This is because a great deal of info is provided on demographics and user interests, insight which has proven to be a very powerful tool for businesses. Although it is true that the more refined ads are the less impressions they get, highly targeted ads on Facebook generally have higher conversion rates.

Avoid Side-Column Facebook Ads

Some marketers look at the side-bar ads on Facebook and think they present a prime advertising opportunity. However, it is a well-established fact that these ads suffer low click-through-rates. This is because Facebook users log on to socialize and are not interested in shopping. The low clicks these ads get, along with the fact that there are more effective ways to advertise on Facebook, make them an utter waste of time.

Soft Selling Proves More Effective

Since users of Facebook go there to advertise and not to shop, hard selling is not a good approach to use. It is much easier to gain the attention of the audience with insightful copy that has real meaning for them. Earn their respect by positioning yourself or your company as a knowledgeable authority. Think about the benefits you can offer your audience and use that information to get noticed.

Use Facebook's Power Editor to Fine Tune Ads

Once your KPI is ready and your soft selling copy is done, it is time to fine-tune the ad so that it can be as effective as possible. Facebook's Power Editor is the best way to accomplish this. The tool can be found on the left side of the Facebook Ads Interface. Simply click on it, and then click on 'download'. All of your ads will get migrated to the interface, allowing you to easily manage just about all aspects of your ads.

Use Facebook Feed for Advertising

Side-column ads might prove to be highly ineffective, but advertising in Facebook feeds gives the highest click-through-rates. This is the option that you should select for posting your soft selling, fine-tuned content to Facebook if you want the greatest marketing success.

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