Don’t Include that Cute Puppy Video on Your Business Page

When you find something cute, interesting, or fun out there on the World Wide Web, it could be tempting to share it with everyone you know, including your customers. However, this could be a very big mistake. Yes, those images may be cute, but what do they say about your business? Think about the following and you just may change your mind before you post that video of a puppy howling “hello”.

Your Business Should Always Remain Separate from Your Personal Life

The cardinal rule of good business is to remember that your business is not your personal life. When you set up a business webpage or social media page, these presences should be related to business and business only. If you want to share personal information, make sure you are sharing it on your own personal pages instead.

When you muddle the lines between your business and your personal life, you are creating a situation that can be detrimental for your company, and it is a situation that can be very hard to get out of.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Before you post anything on any of your business pages, there are questions you need to ask yourself. When you answer them, you can help determine if what you are about to post is business related or not.
  • Does this have anything to do with my company?
  • Does this reflect a professional business?
  • Why do I want to post this?
  • Would this be better posted on my personal page?
  • Will this post help my clients in any way?
Always make sure the things that you post are directly related to your business in some way or another. You should not post things that will cause your company to look unprofessional.

Put Yourself in Customer Shoes

Think about a time when you saw something cute, whimsical or silly on another business page. Even if you thought that post was funny or amusing, you probably immediately changed your opinion of that company. Most likely, your first thought was one wondering why that company thought the post was something that should be included on a professional page. Make sure you use all professional methods to represent your company, including WordPress themes, social media pages, and more.

There are so many cute, funny, silly, and whimsical things floating around out there on the Internet, and you can be quite tempted to share them with everyone. However, this kind of content is not appropriate for your business page. Posting unprofessional things will cause customers to seek out more professional companies.

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